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Bepannah 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya accepts her feelings for Aditya

Bepannah 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya tells Zoya that seems that this ring wants to stay with you only. It is my wedding gift to you. It will stay with you forever. Shall we? Zoya holds the ring dearly. Aditya holds her hand again and makes her sit down in her rightful place for the nikaah. Arshad looks on. Arjun is all emotional. Aditya begins to go but her dupatta gets stuck on his jacket. Both Zoya and Aditya are in tears as he steps back to free the dupatta. Everyone’s eyes are glued on them. Arshad’s father asks Wasim if he will say something or not. Wasim taunts Aditya for being shameless. Leave now if you have even a bit of shame left! Aditya only smiles a little for Zoya and walks away.

Roshnaq sits next to Zoya. Wasim asks Maulavi Sahab to begin. Arshad also sits down. Aditya is standing right behind Zoya. Noor

looks at him helplessly as he passes by from her. Noor goes to stand next to her sister.

Maulavi Sahab asks Arshad if he accepts the wedding. Arshad says Qubool Hai all the 3 times. Maulavi Sahab turns to Zoya next. Aditya stops at the exit. Everyone is waiting for Zoya’s answer. Maulavi Sahab asks her for the second time. Aditya’s words / questions haunt her. You are right Aditya. You matter a lot to me! Maulavi Sahab asks Zoya to answer. Do you accept this wedding? Roshnaq looks at Wasim. Arshad’s parents are tensed. Arshad wonders why Zoya is taking so much time to answer. Maulavi Sahab repeats his question. Zoya thinks of Aditya’s gift. Arshad looks at Zoya moving his sehra aside. Wasim asks Zoya to answer to Maulavi Sahab. Arshad shouts Aditya’s name just then. Aditya stops in his track.

Arshad walks up to Aditya while Noor stands next to her sister. Arshad makes Aditya look at her.

Harsh asks Anjana what has happened. Will you tell me something? She shares that Aditya’s phone isn’t reachable while Arjun isn’t picking my calls. The diya blew off in temple today. I feel something is going to happen. Do something. I want my both sons back. Harsh tells her to stop it. Let me try.

Aditya begins to talk when Arshad warns him not to utter a word. Till date you have been talking and I have been listening. Today I will be the one talking and you will listen. Roshnaq asks her husband to stop Arshad but Wasim tells her only Arshad has a right to throw Aditya out of the house!

Arshad tells Aditya he has never harmed him. I never plotted against you but you dint leave me. I only disliked you earlier but I hate you now! It is only because of you that Zoya cannot become mine! He raises his hand angrily worrying Zoya but stops himself. He removes his sehra and offers it to Aditya. Wasim looks shocked. Arshad says maybe she will be able to say (yes) now. Arshad’s parents question him as to what he is doing. Wasim also joins them. Arshad tells his parents not to intervene. i am doing the right thing. Maulavi Sahab asked Zoya thrice but she couldn’t say those 2 words which I was yearning to hear. She could not say Qubool Hai but I am handing over the sehra to Aditya now. I guess she will be able to say it now. He asks Zoya if he is right. His mother asks him if he is in his senses. Wasim also calls it a misunderstanding. Zoya might have gotten afraid of Aditya so she took time. It does not mean anything else! Arshad denies. I was in a misunderstanding since so many days. I have come to see things clearly today. Aditya was telling the truth all along. You and I have been wrong here. Zoya does not love me but Aditya! Wasim refuses it but Arshad shares that he thought he met his soul when he met zoya. It was the most beautiful day of my life. Being a doctor I see truth and pain everywhere but these eyes started dreaming after meeting Zoya. I thought we will have a house, a life together. Sadly, my dreams made me ignore the truth. The love that I saw in her eyes wasn’t for me. It was for someone else! Love had already knocked on her door. She is already Aditya’s. How can I make her mine? Wasim tells him he is getting emotional. Don’t take any decision which will hurt anyone later. Arshad reasons that his decision is for that very purpose. Wasim tells him not to say such things. Zoya has no feelings for Aditya. Believe me. I will just prove it to you if you don’t believe me.

Wasim walks up to Zoya and brings her to where Arshad and Aditya are standing. Tell the truth to everyone without any hesitation. Tell everyone what you had told me. Tell everyone that you want to marry Arshad and not Aditya. Let everyone know the truth. We will then complete the wedding. You do not have to worry. Zoya and Aditya look at each other. Wasim asks Zoya to say it. He kind of insists upon her and she looks extremely scared.

Aditya tells Wasim she wont be able to say this. She wont be able to say the truth as she will hurt you again if she says what’s in her heart. She does not want to hurt you again which is why she is lying to herself as well. Wasim angrily warns him to be quiet or he will slap him. Everyone gets tensed. Wasim adds that outsiders are not allowed to meddle in their family affairs. He again asks Zoya to tell Aditya she does not love him. Zoya is in tears. Wasim thinks she might not be able to say it in front of all these people. Say it through gestures. She looks at everyone’s faces. Say it that she does not love Aditya! Zoya ends up saying that she could not understand when or how it happened. I tried a lot but failed in front of my heart. Aditya’s eyes well up while Wasim is stunned into silence. Almost everyone else is in tears as Zoya repeats that she tried a lot. Wasim pushes Zoya towards the door. Aditya holds her in time. Zoya cries.

Precap: Aditya comes home. Anjana is happy to see Aditya. I wont let you go away from me forever. Is Zoya married? He keeps mum. She asks him to answer her. Aditya extends his hand and Zoya enters.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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