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A reporter and a Business tycoon . A Twinj ff-. Episode -11

11- Things are changing for better.


Twinkle Pov-

“This year’s best news’ channel award goes to ‘F NEWS CHANNEL’ ” announced host.

“let’s give a big round of applause for Twinkle Sarna – CEO of ‘F NEWS’ CHANNEL ‘ ” completed host.

I got up from my seat and headed towards dias. Everyone were clapping for me. I advanced my hand to collect my award. I took it. Woah! Is it for real. Host asked me to speak few words. I took mike.

“It was my all time dream to collect this award and finally I got it after my hardwork. I’m here because of my employees’ hard work and most importantly my husband’s support, without which it wouldn’t had happened.” All applauded for me. I thanked before exiting dias and went to Kunj.

“thankyou Kunj. I lov….”

“Twinkle wake up.” I tried to ignore the voice.

“Twinkle wake up.” groaning I opened my eyes only to look at Kunj. He gave me a small smile.

“good morning.”

“good morning Kunj.” I huffed.

“seems like your mood is grumpy. Did I do anything?” he asked.

“yeah.” I looked at him and noticed his amused expression.

“will you enlight me with it?” he asked still looking amused.

“huh. Well, listen.” saying I grabbed his arm and made him sit comfortably beside me.

“so. Yeah. As usual I dreamt of winning best news’ channel award. And unlike other times, this time I took my award and thanked everyone, which is surprising because my dream always gets break at the correct time I’ll be receiving award. But, this time luck is on my side. Then I thanked everyone like my employees and then you. I got of from stage and came towards you and I said “I love” but before I can complete it, you woke me up.” I ended taking a deep breathe. I looked at him who is looking at me shocked. I furrowed my brows. I know I’m not so good looking when I woke up from my bed but it doesn’t mean that he will stare me like that. I again remembered my dream and ofcourse smiling like an idiot. My smile dropped the instant I registered everything. I just said him “I love you.” I glanced at Kunj who is still in shock. I cleared my throat and he came back into his senses.

“umm. Kunj I need to fresh up.” I said and literally ran inside washroom.

I placed my hand on my heart which is beating so rapidly. I looked at my face which is in pink colour. I closed my eyes again in frustation. I forgot my clothes out, which means me going out. It indirectly means facing my husband. Taking deep breathes, I opened door and peeked my head outside. I looked at Kunj, who is smiling like a teenager which brought a smile to my lips. He ran his right hand fingers in his hairs. I came out and took my clothes. Kunj tried to avoid me and I found it best. But, guess what? Seems like whole world is against me.

“Kunj.” I called out.


“I’m joining back office today. I just want to inform you. ” he nodded his head and I went inside.

“What’s wrong with me?” I mumbled to myself.

“you like him.” answered my inner self. I ignored it.


I reached my office. I’m little nervous. I know, it is the same office then what’s the problem? The problem is, I’m coming here after my marriage for first time. As a Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna. I enetered inside and greeted my boss. He congragulated me and same goes with my other colleagues. Rest of day went in blurr.

I reached home by 6:30pm. After changing, I went into kitchen and helped Pinni aunty. I got to know that in this house only breakfast is done together but not dinner and lunch. Kunj is still getting cold shoulder from mom and dad. I hope they will understand that he is not at fault, soonly. I found it wierd. It’s 9:30pm and still Kunj not reached. I sat on couch and switched on TV. Don’t know, how switching through channels, I drifted into sleep.

End of Twinkle Pov

Kunj Pov-

I reached office and greeted all my other employees. They all congragulated me for my marriage and I thanked them. After entering my cabin, I opened file, which I should re-check.

Within 30 mins, door got open with thud and there stood UV.

“good morning.” I greeted him. He looked at me like I had grown two horns on my head.

“what?” I asked him as he is still busy in staring me.

“woahh. Man. For first time in my life, I’m seeing you this happy. What’s the matter?” he asked.


“common. You can’t hide anything from me. Spill.” he demanded. Instead of answering him, I rolled my eyes.

“fine. Don’t. Let me guess.” he said.

“because of Pinni aunty?”


“because of Riya? “



“What? Can’t I be happy?” I asked him.

“nah. But I want to know the reason behind this good mood and that stupid smile of yours.” he said and continued.

“Is this because of bhabhi?” he asked expectantly and I smiled, cut the word, I blushed remembering morning incident. What? Everyone doesn’t gets a chance to hear I love you from their wife specially to a person like me. Though it’s not intentional but it felt something, something special.

“oh my god! You are blushing.” yelled Uv. I looked at him startled.

“oh my god ! oh my god! I never witnessed this side of yours Kunj. Wait! Are you even Kunj? or you are someother disguised in the form Kunj.” he said to which I rolled my eyes. Uv at times can be over dramatic and see his drama doesn’t stop here.

“god. Where were you in these days and why did you send bhabhi so late in his life?’ I got up from my seat and smacked his head.

“oww. What was that for?’ he asked.

“for embarassing me on my wedding night.” I said.

“but, I found it funny.” and here, I again smacked his head.

“god! You have became so wild after your marriage.” here I raised my hand and he held his hands up in surrender.

“ok. ok. I promise. I’ll knock before entering your room.” he winked at me. We both bursteed into fits of laughter.

“but truly Kunj. I’m so happy to see you like this. Just be always like this.” I nodded at him. after talking for a while he left.


I reached home nearly at 10:45 pm. I entered inside my room and frowned as TV is playing. I noticed a sleeping figure on couch and as I went near I saw Twinkle. Why she is sleeping on couch? She clasped TV remote in her hand. I went and slowly took remote from her hand. I turned off TV but I lost my balance and remote fell from my hand making thud sound.


I turned towards Twinkle.

“sorry. I was just cutting off TV.”

“When you came back?” she asked.

“just now and I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep.” I apologised.

“hey. Don’t. And I was waiting for you only. Don’t know how I fell asleep?” she said and I looked at her startled. After that incident, no one gave a damn whether I’m home or not, waiting for me is the last thing. Me working in my dad’s company then it is a long story.

“you fresh up. I’ll bring our dinner up.”

“our?” I asked confused.

“yours and mine.” she said indicating to me and her.

“you didn’t have your dinner?”

“No, I was waiting for you.” she said. I looked at her shocked. It’s our second day of marriage and I’m getting too many shocks. In my house, after years I’m feeling like, I’m really at home. And it felt good that there is someone, who is waiting for you, who cares for you. It felt nice. It felt so good.

Twinkle, you are breaking all those walls, that I have built around my heart. Don’t do this Twinkle. You don’t deserve me. I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint you.” I thought looking at her while she is saying something. I remembered Uv’s words. Maybe, I should move on. Maybe, I deserve her. Maybe, this relation can workout.

“Kunj.” nudged Twinkle.


“are you even listening. I said you to go and fresh up. I’ll bring dinner.” I nodded my head absent mindly.


After taking shower I felt relieved. As I came out of washroom, Twinkle is sitting on couch and waiting for me. She noticed my presence.

“Finally, you are here.! Come, I’m starving.” I took my seat beside Twinkle and she served my plate.

“Do you come always this late?” she asked.



“Why did you wait for me? You should have your dinner long back.” I said to her. It’s not that I hated it but, she should take care of her health too.

“Common Kunj. What’s the deal? I hate to have my dinner lonely and top of that how can I have my dinner when my friend is least cared about having his own.” she said. I looked at her shocked.

“how do you know?”

“I know alot about you.” she said with a wink. I smiled at her cuteness. Rest of dinner went with random talks. After completing my dinner, I looked Twinkle. She is still having hers. I noticed small amount of curry on corner of her lips. I raised my hand, Twinkle looked at me confusingly. I rubbed it away slowly looking into her eyes. Her eyes have something which always makes me stare into them and surprisingly, I never get tired of them.

“There was curry.” I said.

“Twinkle, from tomorrow, don’t wait for me.” I said and her face dropped.

“why?” she whispered. If I would have not sitting this close then I would have missed it.

“because from tomorrow, I’ll be coming home early, even I hate to keep my friend waiting.” After listening to this a wide grin took place on her face making me smile.

“Kunj Sarna, today I’m going to sleep on couch.” Twinkle said grabbing pillows from my hand.

“no Twinkle. You won’t be comfortable.”

“look, who is saying? Look at yourself and me. I’m a little petite than you. If a man like you who is 6 feet tall can sleep comfortable and then why can’t I? ” she said.

“because your back will hurt.” I said getting irritated.

“How do you know? Are you a predictor?” she asked.

“because my back hurts like hell.” I said without thinking for once. She looked at me guiltily.

“Kunj I’m sorry.” she said looking down.

“hey, it’s not your fault.”

“fine then, you sleep on bed while I will adjust on couch.” If she is stubborn then I’m not less. I’m not going to backout. In this way, we both started arguing on the topic ‘who will sleep on the couch?’

“fine. I have a idea.” she said getting annoyed. We are arguing on this topic from past 20 mins.


“We will sleep on bed.” I looked at her shocked.

“but Twi…”

“common Kunj you are my friend and I trust you. I know we have spent very little time yet I trust you. And look at the bed size. Two more Kunj and Twinkle can fit easily.” she said.

“still Twinkle.”

“It’s final Kunj. Either we will be sleeping on bed together or I will sleep on couch.” she stated. She folded her hands across her chest and started tapping her left foot.

“Common Kunj Sarna. Time is running out.” Looking at her determined face,I sighed.

“fine.” Twinkle squealed and pulled my cheeks. She is behaving like Riya. A small smile played on my face looking at her childishness.

She climbed bed and patted opposite side for me, shaking my head I too climbed the bed. She slept on the corner of her side and same with me. We both are facing each other.

“good night Mr.Kunj Sarna.”

“good night Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” I replied and she grinned at that. Next second her eyes are closed and in moments she slipped into deep slumber. Maybe she is tired. I looked at her face. It’s so calm and she looked so innocent. Today’s events are not like my daily one’s. Things are getting better but somewhere deep in my heart I’m scared. Keeping all those thoughts aside, I kissed Twinkle’s forehead.

“good night Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” It felt right. I’m happy. God don’t let this happiness fadeaway. With those silent prayers in my heart, I slept peacefully. Things are changing for better.


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