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Tu Aashiqui Review: Recycled concept with fresh faces

Colors’ Tu Aashiqui stars Jannat Zubair Rahmani and Ritvik Arora in lead roles. The show is a musical romance drama. The story revolves around a difficult love story of Ahaan and Pankti. Ahaan is not aware that his love is actually tortured by his uncle JD, whom he loves and trusts more than his own dad. Pankti is bounded by time and fate, but will get freedom by her love. The story will unfold much drama when Ahaan takes a stand for his love, by getting against his beloved uncle.

Main Characters:


Ahaan is a good hearted and simple guy. He always keeps his family alongside. He is much emotional. He gets aggressive at times. His problem is his straight forward talk, which people don’t take well. He is a helpful person. He can help anyone by going out of his boundaries. He can’t see any stranger in difficulty. He believes in fulfilling his family’s expectations. He is depressed over his career. He wants to dream and achieve big. Ahaan aspires to become a singer. He believes in destiny. He idealizes his uncle Jayant.


She is sweet and innocent girl. She doesn’t socialize much. She is grounded at home by her mum. She doesn’t have any friends. She just obeys her mum. She has no thinking of her own. She wants a support to become a singer. She sings well and also pens some songs. She is much simple and down to earth. She has some dreams in eyes. She wants to become a singer. She doesn’t have much expectations from life. She regrets that she is not getting love and support from her family. She doesn’t want to become a toy for Jayant. She fears to fight for her freedom.


Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Pankti Sharma
Ritvik Arora as Ahaan Dhanrajgir
Gauri Pradhan Tejwani as Pankti’s mother
Sachin Sharma as Manav Dhanrajgir
Dolphin Dubey as Aparna Dhanrajgir
Rahil Azam as Jayant Dhanrajgir/JD

Story So Far:

Ahaan is seen performing in a concert. He is surrounded by his fans. As the story goes two years ahead, Ahaan is seen singing at a small pub with few fans. Some guys tease him by calling names. Ahaan doesn’t get provoked on being called a loser. He continues his performance and leaves from the pub. The guys follow him to anger him further. Ahaan doesn’t react. The guys order him to sing, post throwing some bundles of cash on him. Ahaan refuses to sing for them.

He politely asks them to revisit the pub tomorrow to catch his performance, but the guys try to scare him by pulling out a gun. Ahaan doesn’t agree. He fearless walks to the guy. He asks him to shoot. Ahaan belongs to a rich and influential Dhanrajgir family. His family is introduced. Ahaan is taken to police station. His dad gets informed and comes to bail him out. Ahaan refuses to take his dad’s help.

Ahaan gets some selfies clicked with his newly found fans in lockup. His dad asks him to enjoy the company and stay there till he gets help the other way. Ahaan doesn’t regret to teach lesson to the wrong guys. He expects his uncle Jayant to bail him out, which actually happens. Ahaan then spends some time on the roads with his friend. He sees a girl falling out of a car, which splashes dirt on him. Ahaan helps the girl. He gets mesmerized at her sight.

The girl Pankti manages to get on her feet. She gets horrified when Ahaan holds her. She sets herself free and runs back. Ahaan gets her broken bangle. He gets thinking about her. Pankti is ill treated by JD. She recalls the moment when JD forcibly celebrated the anniversary with her. He orders her to jump in the pool, to which she refuses. JD reminds her that he has bought her from her mum, and gave their relation a name of convenience. JD takes revenge for his insult by insulting her in public. Ahaan gets surrounded by media questioning him about his career. He tells the media about a great example of love and trust, which gives a meaning to his belief in marriage.

He believes his uncle Jayant Dhanrajgir a lot. He doesn’t know JD’s dual face. Jayant turns too caring towards Ahaan. Pankti is seen bearing the tormented life, because of her mum, who believes Pankti is not her daughter, but just her investment. Pankti feels sad when her mum doesn’t care for her fever and asks her to get well before JD comes to meet her. Pankti doesn’t want to spend time with JD. She has to obey her mum, as she has not realized her individuality. On the contrary, Ahaan has a supportive and loving mum Aparna, who encourages Ahaan towards re-establishing a successful career. She predicts Ahaan will soon meet the love of his life, which will change his fate for good.

Our Take:

The show is a musical entertainer. It has all basic elements like drama, romance and action. The show lacks in concept. It is not too novel. The episode doesn’t surprise, except the twist that Pankti’s tormentor is Ahaan’s uncle. Leads struggle a lot on their fronts. Their love story would not be a merry one. Ahaan will be fighting for his love. Coming to portrayals, Ritvik who plays Ahaan has to brush up his skills to convey the right emotions. Jannat may be expected to surprise viewers in coming episodes.

Gauri Pradhan is experimenting with the negative role. The fictional touch goes way too ahead. Pankti’s mum is totally negative. She is ambitious and is obsessed with money. She gets in the shoes of the character. She looks much mean as the character demands. Rahil Azam plays a natural in his evil character of JD. He is dual faced, like a sweet poison. JD is an ideal husband and family man, but lives like a creep man outside his known circle. Ahaan and JD’s bond is strong initially. As the story progresses, Ahaan will be seeing JD’s true face. It will be interesting to see how the young lovers stand against powerful evil. The show has a good title track. It will have more soothing songs according to the track needs.


The show might be a good watch for musical romantic drama lovers. Leads are fairly okay. Viewers can get a change from Colors’ long running shows. Tu Aashiqui serves an old concept on a fresh platform. It may get better with time.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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