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You are not alone, Forever yours (Episode 4)

Ep 4

Hey guys  I m back   hope u all like the last episode  so now without any chater pater let’s go onnnnnnnn

Everyone  reached the spot and was amazed  seeing  the site

It was so beautiful  😍

The professor  said we will start from tomorrow  so today night  u will be free go get fresh and come out for dinner 🍽😋

The sequence  in tent was like ,ranbir  aryan ,

Shahana Prachi

Rhea ,divya

And others

So at night  after the dinner  the decided  to play games

The game was like there were two bowls 🥣  withe the chits on name one of girls  and one of boys so chits were picked and pair were selected  and given  a task to do if not done so they need to do a dare

So time passed  this time from boys the name was of ranbir

Divya: so let’s  see who is the lucky  girl to be paired with ranbir  oooohhhh hooooo

And the name is  prachi !

Everyone  got shocked  they were asked to dance but they got in debate

Everyone: e what yaar !what is this! Do dance or dare

Prachi ,ranbir: ok dance

So the music  🎶  started

Yeh jo ho raha hai pehali data hai walahhh ……

They went to 💤😴🛏

Next morning 🌄

Professor; hello my dears so today we are going  to  do tracking so see those mountains ⛰  we are going  there

They reached there

Time passed suddenly  rhea slipped  down  the cliff

Prachi hold her hand and pulled  her up  but herself  got hurt on head and fainted

Ranbir picked  her up in his arm and made her sleep in her tent

Prachi shouted and woke up saying  no

Rhea : what happened  di and hugged her

She said I had a nightmare ma and dad were crying  for a girl who failed from a cliff

Professor: how are u feeling  prachi now

Prachi ,fine mam

Professor, u r really a brave girl prachi

Ranbir,and chichkhi how r u now

prachi u don’t  dare to call me chickchik Mr headache

They got into a argument

Everyone  watching  this  started laughing 😆😂🤣😄

So that’s  for today hope u like it leave a comment  below what u think 🤔   see u tomorrow

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