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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 2

In the Office Conference Room :

Pragya was shocked to see Abhi after 2 years and also his state from being a company owner and Rockstar to a peon. Also, she was not expecting her encounter with him so soon. She only came back to India to take revenge on him for all that he has done with her and Prachi.

Abhi was also shocked and happy to see his Fuggi alive as all were considering her dead from the scrape of her car that was found below the hill from which she fell.

There was complete silence in the room as Pragya gets up from her chair and move slowly towards Abhi while remembering all their moments and tears in the eyes. in the same way, Abhi starts walking towards Pragya being full of emotions.

Both of them just stare at each other without speaking a word (Allah waariyan plays in the background). Seeing the emotional side of Pragya, sushma understands that the person in front of her is Abhi and tells everyone in the room to excuse them and they will continue the meeting later.

After everyone leaves the room :

Pragya’s chain of thoughts is broken and she turns her back towards Abhi as soon as he comes forward to hug her. Abhi gets shocked seeing her rude behavior.

Abhi – Fuggi, if you were alive then why didn’t you come back to me? Did you know how much I missed you?

Pragya(coldly) – I am not your fuggi anymore call me Pragya ma’am.

Abhi – Are you mad! Why would I call my wife ma’am and please look at me while we talk. I just want to look at you and now I won’t let you go anywhere.

Pragya – First of all, I am not your wife and usually, the owner of any company is called ma’am or sir. Your wife is Tannu.

Abhi(Teasingly) – OHH!! My Fuggi is getting jealous.

Hearing this Pragya turns and she is very angry and Hurt (Abhi senses this and becomes serious).

Pragya – Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra, a Rockstar and a successful Businessman is now working as a peon. You said I am not worth being with you 2 years back and now look what has happened with you. You counted me as an incapable wife and mother but look where you have come and where I reached in these 2 years. I came to India to show you how big I have become after separating from you. But, what greatness to show a person who has become this small.

Abhi (angry and shocked) – So you came here to take revenge on me. For what?

Pragya – Don’t act Innocent. Now I am not that earlier Pragya to easily come under your influence. I remember each and everything that you did to me before 2 years.

Abhi – So what? I also did not forget what you and Prachi did with my rhea.

Listening to Rhea’s name, Pragya gets emotional but controls her emotions.

Pragya – what I did was for the welfare of kids. But what you did can’t be forgiven.

Abhi – what can’t be forgiven? Actually, your staying away from me being alive can’t be forgiven Pragya.

Pragya – Leave it. I don’t want to spoil my first day in India by doing these unnecessary talks.

Abhi(Angrily) – So now conversation with me has become unnecessary for you. Fine, then I am leaving.

Pragya also angrily turns her back towards him.

Abhi’s POV while walking:

I am very much happy to know that Pragya is alive and safe. But, My Fuggi is lost. I don’t know why is she this much upset with me. I should be the one upset with her for this behavior. Why the hell I took the job in this company. It would be better that I stayed unemployed. At least I was happy living in her memories. Now, I cannot tolerate such rude behavior from her.

Flashback :

The night when Pranbir leaves to pack their stuff from the rented house from Kohli Mansion.


Prachi – Ranbir, I think we should tell papa that we found rhea and she is now married to sid. After all, he loves her so much and he has the right to know about the whereabouts of his daughter.

Ranbir – Prachi, Chief won’t be happy at all to see you. Also, I can’t see him or anyone insulting you.

Prachi – He is my father and has all the right to get angry with me. But, I can’t see him in the pain of getting separated from his beloved daughter. I should go and inform him about rhea.

Ranbir – I can’t see you longing for your own father’s love and affection and chief insulting you. I will wait outside only.

Prachi – okay I will go and come.

Prachi stands outside Abhi’s house in chawl and was about to enter when Abhi comes from behind. Abhi(in the drunk state) – How dare you come to my house?

Prachi(getting emotional after seeing Abhi after a long time) – Papa..

Abhi (Angrily) – Don’t call me your Papa. I am not your father. I have only one daughter whose name is Rhea. And I don’t know where is she because of you(getting emotional )

Prachi – Woh actually, I came here to talk about rhea only…

Abhi – don’t take her name from your mouth. You are the reason for what is happening with her and everyone. Just go from here. I don’t want to see your face again.

Hearing this Prachi cries bitterly and becomes very sad.

Prachi’s POV :

I thought by coming here, I will bring father and daughter together. Also, I will be able to lessen his anger on me. But, Papa hates me so much that he doesn’t even want to look at my face.

From inside the house, a voice came which shocked Abhi.

Dadi – Prachi beta, you here at this time? I thought we will meet at the temple so that Abhi won’t come to know.

Prachi became tensed on listening to this as Dadi didn’t know Abhi was outside listening to all this. “This month, there is no need of that much money as you give every month and that you gave for Abhi’s birthday cake” continues Dadi.

Prachi signals her to stop but she didn’t notice that and continues speaking not knowing about Abhi.

Dadi – This is the reason why I didn’t call you this month. But, go from here now. Abhi will come any moment and he should not know that how I manage to save money every month.

Listening to this shocks and angers Abhi and he comes in front. This shocks Dadi and she stops speaking. Prachi leaves from there without saying a word.

Abhi – So all this while money was coming from here. I thought that this is your pension money.

Dadi – I was going to tell you. But, you are very upset with Prachi and you yourself don’t do any work. Beta, money is required for living. And she genuinely wants to help her father. I didn’t ask for money from her. She knows what is right and does work without expecting anything. She loves you a lot beta. Please forgive her now. It’s been 2 years Abhi.

Abhi – she is not my daughter. I don’t want you to even look at her and next time you won’t take any money from her.

Dadi – But…

Abhi – I will find a job and work hard. I don’t work that doesn’t mean that I cannot work.

Abhi’s ego is hurt listening to all that Dadi said and he goes to talk to his friend regarding a job vacancy at his brother’s office (apparently, whose owner is now Pragya) and lends job there.

Flashback Completes

Abhi walks out of the office while thinking this and about Pragya and her behavior.

Precap: Abhi Sid meets, Prachi rhea and SidRhea moments…

P.S.: Sorry guys, as this episode is long, I will include SidRhea scenes in the next episode.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and Do tell me your reviews. HAPPY READING..!!

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