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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nikhila accepts Aashi

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nikhila says I want Aashi to wear this shoe. Ramila says come in. Nikhila says can’t Aashi come out? Nikhila says she’s taking show. Nikhila says I want her to wear this shoe. Raila says let m make tea for you. She’s coming. Ramila says to Gopika hurry upp. Make the shoe. Nikhila says why is it taking so long for Aashi to shower? Gopika is making the same shoe of Aashi’s size. Nikhila goes towards the room. Ramila is scared. Ramila spills tea on the shoe. Nikhila says what did you do? Ramila says let me wash this. She goes inside adn replaces it with the one Gopika made which is of Aashi’s side. She says go Gopika you won’t come out. Ramila says to Gopika you won’t come out.

Aashi wears the shoe and it fits her. Rani says the girl you were looking for is also liked by Saksham. You like her right? Nikhila is confused. she says I said the girl who fits this shoe will become my DIL. Ramila says touch your to-be MIL’s feet. Kamila says wait. Touch Rani’s feet first. She touches her feet and Nikhila’s feet. Nikhila touches her hair and realizes it isn’t the same who saved her. She touched her head when Gopika was saving her. Nikhila says why does my heart say she isn’t the same?

Scene 2
Jignesh’s men tell him the guy is Saksham Modi. He’s very rich. A lot of girls wanted to marry him. Is he here for Gopika bhabhi? He says Gopika is only mine.

Gopika’s door is locked. Rani says couples are made in heaven. Ramila says to Gopika stay quiet in this room. Gopika says should I make the other shoe? Ramila says stay inside. Nikhila says what’s happening? Ramila says nothing. Was just shutting the door. Ramila says is it done? She brings sweets. Nikhila asks Aashi tell me the truth. Did you save me from fire? Ramila says she is very brave. She is the best DIL. She saved your life. Is it done? Nikhila says I don’t back off from my vows. The ritual would be tomorrow. Rani says tomorrow? how will we prepare? Ramila says it’s okay we can manage it. Nikhila says you will have to sing the bhajan. Ramila says yes she will sing it. They leave. Ramila is very happy.

Scene 3
At night, Jignesh jumps in Gopika’s room. She says Jignesh bhai.. He says don’t call me brother. He holds her hand. She says mami.. Ramila teaches Aashi how to sing bhajan. She says you sing so bad. Aashi says how can I sing. Ramila says you have to assure Nikhila you are best for their house. Jignesh says to Gopika wear this. My mom wore it when my dad kidnapped her. Gopika says kidnap? He says yes that’s our ritual. Now you wear it. We will get married and go to EU for our honeymoon. Gopika runs out. She says mami ji. Jignesh came to my room. she says wow you see him everywherenow. So in love? Gopika says he’s actually there. He held my hand.. Ramila says he’s your husband-to-be. Who else would. Go back to your room.

Scene 4
Tejal says we found that girl. But she isn’t that fashionable. Rani says that girl is Aashi. your and mom’s choice is the same. Mr. Modi says she’s the same girl who accepted that condition and you accepted her? Chiragh says what condition? Nikhila says it’s between elders. Mr. modi says it’s about the whole family. how will my Saksham get his heir. He might become childless like his mom. Saksham says Mr. Modi.. I have my mom’s manners in me even if I have your blood. I don’t want to follow you. Nikhila says Saksham.. is that what I taught you? To talk to your dad like this? Say sorry. He says I didn’t say sorry. She says I want to see them now. he says sorry Mr. Modi.

Scene 5
Gopika sees he dream of her dad’s murder. she screams. Mama ji comes and asks did you see that dream again? She says whenever I am scared I see that dream. When something bad is going to happen. Who killed papa? He says I spent years trying to find that out. I am like your father. I am with you in everything. What are you scared of? He will kidnap me and marry me tomorrow. He will kidnap me. I don’t want to marry him. He says in his heart I have to take her away if I want to save her. He says I am with you. I won’t go anywhere.

Scene 6
Baa comes to Nikhila and says if you’re so tensed, the bangles would hurt you trying to take them off. Nikhila says you understood? She says I can see it. Nikhila says something is wrong.. Aashi isn’t that girl. Baa says you will find a way out. God will be with you. The right girl will come to this house.

Gopika draws her dad’s sketch. She says I don’t have anything related to you, papa. Just that moment and memory when you left me alone forever. I wish I was as courageous as you. Saksham does arti in front of he dad’s photo.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ramila says to Gopika you will sing and Aashi will sync. Sit at a place where no one can see you. Nikhila says Aashi will sing the bhajan now. Aashi does lip sync while Gopika sings. Nikhila sees Gopika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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