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Shakti 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Shakti 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena talking on the phone and tells that the guy whose photo she has seen, will not tell them Heer’s info, but will send her to Pataal. She asks the person on call to send her 20 lakhs fast. She turns and sees Harman, Virat and Soumya standing. Soumya gets furious and holds her neck, asking what did she think that only she can know acting. She says you are trapped in your own trap and says I know you well, you can’t change. I will not leave you as you have conspired against Heer. Harman asks Soumya to leave her. Soumya asks Kareena to say who is responsible for this conspiracy. Virat says we shall take her mobile and check. They ask her to give the mobile. Soumya is about to pick the mobile before Kareena, but the goon comes there, whose pic Kareena had shown to Soumya and picks the phone.

Chintu asks Kishan Lal, why did he throw his mother out of the house. He says you couldn’t throw your son directly so threw his wife out. He says then I was remaining as orphan. He says when I saw Dad, he is dead. He says Dad called me and said that he got everything, house, cars, properties and everything and he wanted to unite the families. He says but that Soumya has killed him and says now he will meet her. Preeto looks on shocked seeing his hatred for her. Harak Singh asks him to talk nicely with Soumya, as she is his wife. Chintu says she has ruined my life, and you are asking me to talk to her nicely. He says I am coming to your house as the new owner of the property and not as your grand son. They get shocked. Chintu walks out.

Kareena asks the goon to kill three of them. The goon asks her to run and says he will handle them. Soumya asks Virat to run behind Soumya. Virat runs behind Kareena. Harman beats the goons. Soumya calls Inspector to come behind the basti. Virat is about to catch Kareena. She comes to the dead end. Virat asks Kareena to give her phone to him and says until I come to know who has done this with Heer, I will not be quiet. Kareena says you will not leave me even after getting the phone. She says she will throw the phone in the gutter, so that he can never know who has taken his Heer. She throws the mobile in the gutter. Virat couldn’t catch it, as it falls. Kareena smiles.

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