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Shadain Ki Lafandar : A FaTejo FanFic (Episode 6)

Tejo ji.” Amrik peered through the door, “I was heading out, do you need a ride anywhere.”

I nodded, telling him to give me five minutes.

Once we were in his car, he turned to face me, an annoyed expression on his face.


“Be honest with me, please.” He sighed as he started the ignition, “Have Fateh Veer and Jasmine actually moved on?”

“Amrik I-”

He smiled, “That’s all I needed to know.”


“Remember when I asked you whether they moved on the other day, you confidently said they did but today you’re struggling. That means even you know they haven’t moved on.”

I stayed silent not trusting my voice to stay normal but it seemed as though Amrik understood what I was feeling. Then it hit me.

“You like Jasmine.”

He looked taken aback but didn’t deny it. His eyes averted toward the steering wheel as he gripped it, shaking his head.

“I thought maybe she did too but now I feel stupid. She probably just used me to make Veere jealous. What are we going to do?”


“Yes, you can’t just let Fateh Veere do this to you.”

I nodded but said nothing, how could I do anything to the man I loved.

The tapping in my window made me look towards Mahi as I rolled the window down.

“Bhabhi you guys left the room time ago why are you still here? You’re going to be late.”

Amrik started the car, driving out of the Virk House after waving at his sister. We made small talk during the drive, something I never thought Amrik and I would do.

Lost in our talks neither of us saw the jeep nearing us. I laughed looking out of the glass, eyes widening.

“Amrik watch out!”

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