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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 47

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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima and sejal sees vansh and uma and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, I just need answer for my 3 questions.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

VANSH: Just three answers.. Do you know about virat and sia’s earlier itself? Just yes or no.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. Listen to me once.. 

VANSH: Yes or no.. 


VANSH: Were you supporting their love? Just say yes or no.. 

RIDDHIMA: Yes. But.. 

VANSH: Not even a word.. 

Riddhima stays silent.. Sejal tries to speak but vansh stops her..

VANSH: Last question.. Did you break her room door and got her to the temple? 

Riddhima stays silent.. Riddhima looks at sia.. 

VANSH: (shouts) Answer me.. Was it you? Yes or no.. 

Everyone gets shocked.. 

Riddhima noda her head.. The very next moment uma comes forward and slaps riddhima. She falls down.. Sia comes running to lift her. But, riddhima stops her. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, listen to me once.. Please.. 

UMA: Don’t call me mom.. Today, you have proved that you are just a daughter in law.. And you have no rights to call me like that.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I don’t know what you both understood. But, I’m sure that whatever it is, it ja a misunderstanding. Just give me a chance.. Listen to me once.. 

UMA: Am I a fool to still listen to you.. I trusted you. But, you deceived me.. Do you have any idea of the pain which I’m undergoing right now? No.. You won’t understand it.. If you have thought about it atleast  once.. Then, you wouldn’t have done this.. Today, you have totally broke me.. 

She goes to sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: And you.. Being my daughter, how can you do this? I don’t even want to see your face. Don’t ever think that you have a mom.. You have killed her by your actions.. 

She was about to go.. But, riddhima holds her hand and stops her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I didn’t do this.. Believe me atleast once. Please.. 

Uma again slaps her.. 

UMA: I told you not to call me mom.. More than sia you have hurted me.. Because more than her, I trusted you.. And even you know that.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I didn’t do this.. 

VANSH: Then, what about this.. 

Saying so, he throws her mobile at her.. 

VANSH: Virat has texted you that he’ll go as per your plan. You called him. Don’t tell me that it’s not virat’s number.. Or don’t tell me that you didn’t call him.. 

RIDDHIMA: No.. I called him and it was his number.. But.. 

VANSH: I think today you have taken your revenge.. 

RIDDHIMA: Revenge? 

VANSH: I know that you don’t like me. I know that you married me for your bhai’s sake.. But, no.. Actually you have married me for your revenge, right? Today, you have fulfilled it.. I haven’t seen such a cheap like you.. Even I don’t like you.  But, still I accepted you as my friend. Because, I thought that I was wrong. Of course, I was wrong.. Because, you are more cheaper than what I thought.. I supported you at all your odd times.. But, you have betrayed me. Whenever, I spoke about sia you were betraying me. And I thought you were supporting me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh you are misunderstanding me.. 

VANSH: Not a word.. You have totally lost the right to speak because of your actions.. Actually, your father was right.. You are arrogant.. You are cunning.. I haven’t met such a person like you in my life.  And I don’t want to meet.. Because, my life’s biggest mistake is my marriage.. Today, you have used my sister for your revenge, right? 

SIA: Bhai, listen to me once.. 

VANSH: Don’t call me like that.. You have gone against your bhai for a man like him.. I don’t have any relation with you.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, from today you’ll be my biggest enemy. I won’t sleep until I destroy you. I’ll give you the same pain which you have given me.. I’ll snatch everything from you.. I’ll make you fall on my feet.. Mark my words. I’ll break your arrogance.. I’ll make your life, a living hell. From today, you won’t even get a peaceful sleep in your life. I’ll go to any extent to destroy you. You’ll get the life’s biggest punishment for betraying vansh raisinghania.. 

Saying so, he takes Uma and goes.. 

Riddhima cries thinking of Uma and vansh’s words. Sejal and sia too cries.. While, virat looks at riddhima.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, get up.. Don’t cry.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, you know right.. I didn’t do anything. They are not ready to believe me. What will I do now? 

SIA: Riddhima, I’m sorry.. 

Riddhima looks at sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: Why did you do this? I supported you.. But, you betrayed me. Both mom and vansh are thinking that I deceived them. But, the truth is you both fooled me. Why did you do this to me? More than vansh and mom, I’m undergoing a terrible pain.. Because of you, everyone are blaming me for the mistakes which I didn’t do.. I was searching vansh and you were fooling me and marrying viart. I don’t even want to speak to you. In this whole thing, I’m just happy that atleast you got your love.. 

Saying so, she goes.. Sejal follows her.. Sia sits down and cries… 

SIA: I know that what I did with you all was wrong. But, I have no other option. More than everything, what I did with riddhima is a sin.. She trusted me.. She supported me.. But.. 

VIRAT: Sia, don’t cry.. Let’s go to your house.. 

SIA: My house? 

VIRAT: Sia, I married you because I don’t want to lose you. At the same time, I don’t want you to lose your family. Let’s go to your house now. We’ll stay there until we solve all the problems. After everything gets soughted out, well go to out house with your mom and bhai’s blessing. Sia, I know the value of a family.. I don’t want you to feel guilty.  I even don’t want to start out life with this guilt.. So, we’ll go to your house… 

Saying so, he takes her.. 


Riddhima comes to the house and sees Uma and vansh sitting.. 


UMA: Don’t call me like that. Next time, I’ll hurt myself.. Whenever I heart that word from you, I’m ashamed of myself.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

Just then, sia and virat comes there.. 

The three gets shocked seeing them.. 

SIA: Mom, I know that you won’t like me coming here.. But, I’m going to stay here along with my husband until all the problems get solved.. 

VANSH: How dare you both? 

He was about to slap sia but Uma stops him.. 

UMA: Vansh, leave them.. I don’t want anymore drama. Please.. All this is happening because of this riddhima.. 

Saying so, he goes.. Uma too leaves.. 

Sia tries to speak to riddhima but, she ignores her.. 


Riddhima is in her room.. She cries thinking of Uma and vansh’s words. 

RIDDHIMA: What wrong did I do? I don’t know anything.. But, no one is ready to believe me.. But, I’ll surely speak to vansh. I haven’t done anything wrong. He is angry. Let him calm down. I’ll wait until that..

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

Riddhima looks at him.. 

Vansh looks at the doll which he presented to riddhima as a rememberance of angre.. 

Vansh takes that doll and goes out. Riddhima follows him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what are you doing? 

Vansh throws the doll in his garden. He takes the matchbox from his pocket.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, have you gone mad.. Don’t do this.. 

Riddhima tries to stop him. Vansh pushes her and burns the doll. Riddhima cries seeing the doll.. 

VANSH: This is just a start… There is a long way for you to go.. Wait and watch.. I’ll give you the same pain which I’m undergoing.. 

Saying so, he goes.. 

Riddhima cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: Why am I getting punishment for the mistake which I didn’t do? God, give me the strength.. 

Riddhima wipes her tears and goes.. 

Riddhima takes food for Uma and goes.. 


Uma angrily looks at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry.. You didn’t have anything till now. Please.. 

Uma throws the plate.. 

UMA: Stop your acting.. Till today, I haven’t seen a liar like you.. The one and only person whom I hate in this whole world is you.. I won’t forgive you.. Just get lost.. This must be the last time I’m seeing you.. If you again come in front of my eyes, then I won’t stay in this house. I can’t ask you to leave his house. If you want me to be here, then don’t ever come in front of my eyes.. 

Riddhima cries and leaves.. She comes out and cries. Virat sees her crying.. 

Riddhima goes to her room. She finds vansh sleeping on the bed.. 

Riddhima sleeps on the sofa.. 


Angre and ishani comes to raisinghania house. Uma and vansh welcomes them. Vansh tells everything to angre and ishani. Just then, riddhima comes there. Riddhima looks at angre. Her eyes was filled with tears. She comes running and hugs angre… 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened? I know you won’t do this. Don’t cry.. 

Riddhima cries and hugs angre.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you trust me right? everything

ANGRE: Of course, I do.. If not me, who will trust you.. I know you.. But, what happened? 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’ll tell you everything later. You trust me right. That’s enough for me. Thank you so much bhai.. Today, you have proved again that you are the best.. 

Angre turns towards vansh.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, I won’t say anything now. I trust whatever you said. I also trust my sister. 

VANSH: How can it be possible, angre? Either you should trust me or you should trust riddhima.. But, I have a proof. And both can’t be true.. 

ANGRE: It can be.. I don’t know what happened. But, the moment I saw riddhima’s tears I understood everything. I don’t need any other proof. At the same time, I trust you too. Because, I know that you won’t lie. But, there can be a misunderstanding. I won’t say anything. But, one day the truth will come out. On that day, your misunderstanding will get clear. Vansh, I know you are hurt. I know that you love your sister, a lot.. But, try to understand. If not, atleast atleast try to find the truth and clear your misunderstanding. Because, I know that you won’t believe others. Before doing anything, think twice.. I’m saying this not as riddhima’s brother. As a friend.. 

Saying so, he goes to riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, dad and mom.. 

ANGRE: They don’t trust you riddhu.. And even you know this.. Riddhu, I know you are hurt. But, try to understand.. Even vansh is hurt… 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I know.. That’s why, I’m still here.. You know me.. I don’t like when people blame me for other’s mistake.. But, I’m here because I know that vansh is doing all this is anger. I’ll handle it.. You don’t worry. But, bhai.. Thank you so much for trusting me without any evidence.. 

ANGRE: I don’t need it.. I know my riddhu won’t do any such things.. I know that you’ll think of others before doing anything.. 

ISHANI: Bhai, this time I too trust riddhima. Try to understand. 

Vansh goes.. 

Riddhima hugs ishani and cries.. 

PRECAP: Shwetha informs riddhima about the loses. Riddhima gets shocked.. 

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