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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 46

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Episode begins withs.. 


Sejal asks riddhima to speak to vansh regarding sia and virat.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, it’s already late. I need to go. Directly, I came here from airport.. So.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, you go now. But, come early tomorrow.. I need you. I wish everything get solved.. 

SEJAL: Don’t worry.. I’ll be there when you need me.. You don’t have to say.. Just think about me, I’ll be there.. 

Saying so, she hugs her and goes.. 

Riddhima waits for vansh to come. The time passess but, vansh has not yet arrived.. Riddhima unknowingly falls asleep.. 


Riddhima wakes up and looks at the time.. 

RIDDHIMA: My God! When did I sleep? 

She looks for vansh.. 

RIDDHIMA: I think vansh haven’t come home, last night.. Let me call him and see.. 

She takes her mobile to call vansh. Just then, she notices a voice message from vansh which was delivered last night.. 

VANSH: Sorry riddhima.  I have a lot of work.. I can’t come home.. So, take care. Bye.. 

Riddhima reads the message. She thinks of sia. Still she didn’t notice the message sent by virat.. 

Riddhima goes to sia’s room and looks through window. She finds sia sleeping.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, what will I do.. Today is her marriage. I have promised her that I’ll take care of everything. But, I’m helpless.. What will I do now? 

Just then, Uma comes out of her room.. 

UMA: Riddhima, didn’t you sleep? 

Riddhima turns and sees Uma.. RIDDHIMA: Mom, I woke up just now. Mom, are you going anywhere? 

UMA: Yes riddhima.. Actually, I am going to temple. There is a special puja, today.. So,  I’m going there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ok mom.. 

UMA: Riddhima, take care of sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: You don’t worry mom.. I’m here.. 

UMA: Of course, I don’t have to worry when you are here.. 

Saying so, she goes.. 

Riddhima feels guilty.. 

RIDDHIMA: No, even mom is not here.. What will I do? I have to stop this marriage.. I have to talk to vansh. But, what will I do? Sejal.. Where are you? 

Just then, sejal come there.. 

SEJAL: I’m here.. 

Riddhima sees her and gets happy.. 

Riddhima hugs sejal and asks her to give any idea.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, don’t mistake me for asking this.. Do you have any idea of getting sia married to virat, without bhai’s… 

RIDDHIMA: Not at all.. Till now, I’m feeling very guilty for hiding that I know about their love earlier.. Moreover, I don’t want vansh and mom to face any insult.. I support sia and virat’s love because it is true and pure. But, I won’t support this.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, virat is your enemy.  Why are you supporting him? I mean, why do you trust him? 

RIDDHIMA: Even, I had his question.. But, I didn’t get the answer.. I saw his love for sia in his eyes.. At the same time, I saw his fear of losing sia in his eyes at the hospital. For the first time, I have seen him like that.. May be that’s the reason, I think.. I don’t know why I’m supporting him.. But, my heart is saying that he is not bad.. 

SEJAL: And you are following it.. Okay.. But, if vansh bhai comes to know of it.. How will you handle it? 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know. I hope that nothing should go wrong. But, I’m feeling that something bad is going to happen.. I don’t know why.. 

SEJAL: Don’t worry.. We’ll handle it.. 

Just then, riddhima receives a call from an unknown number.. 

She picks it. It was vansh’s voice.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, whose number is it? What happened to your mobile? 

VANSH: Actually, my mobile got switched off. This is my friend’s number. Just listen to me.. Ask sia to get ready. Bring her to xyz temple.. Make it fast.. Bring her within an hour.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, when is the marriage? 

VANSH: Stop questioning me.. Do what I say. Already, I’m so tensed. 

Saying so, he cuts the call.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I don’t think that we have enough time.. 

SEJAL: What happened? 

Riddhima informs about vansh’s call to sejal.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll speak to him at the temple. First, we have to go there. What is he thinking of himself? 

She goes to sia’s room and sejal follows her.. 

Riddhima thinks of opening the door but, just then she remembers that the key is not with her.. 

RIDDHIMA: This vansh has gone mad. He is having the keys.. 

SEJAL: Call and ask him.. 

RIDDHIMA: He’ll again scold me. He asked me to bring her to temple. Let’s break the door. He’ll repair it.. Anyhow, it’s his mistake.. He did not give the keys to me. He did not even mention about it to me while speaking. So, I won’t call him.. 

She breaks the lock and asks sia to get ready.. 

Sia gets ready. Meanwhile, riddhima gets restless.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, what happened? 

RIDDHIMA: Nothing.. 

SEJLA: Riddhima, if you are not well, let’s go to the hospital.. 

RIDDHIMA: No.. No.. I need to speak to vansh. I should not let this marriage happen. This is important. I’m feeling as if something wrong is going to happen.. I’ll come, wait.. 

Saying so, she goes to the in-house temple and prays.. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t why I have a feeling as if something wrong is going to happen. Till today, I haven’t done anything wrong. Even today, I’m just following my heart. I don’t want any wrong to happen with sia. All this is happening according to your wish, right? So, today you have to give me the strength to speak to vansh..  This marriage should not happen.. Please, stop this.. 

She goes to sia’s room. 

RIDDHIMA: Sia, are you ready? 

SIA: Yes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sia, don’t worry.. I’ll take care.. This marriage won’t happen.. 

The three goes.. Riddhima by mistake forgets to take her mobile.. 

Riddhima, sia and sejal are in car. 

SIA: Riddhima, I’m sorry.. 

RIDDHIMA: For what.. 

SIA: You are suffering a lot because of me, right? 

RIDDHIMA: Nothing like that.. I’m totally tensed.. I want to speak to vansh.. Don’t worry.. 

The three reaches the temple.. 

Meanwhile, vansh reaches the raisinghania house. Uma too comes there.. 

VANSH: Mom, where have you gone? 

UMA: I went to temple.. 

She calls riddhima.. But, she doesn’t get any reply.. 

VANSH: I think she must be sleeping.. 

UMA: No, she woke up early. Before going to temple, I spoke to her.. 

VANSH: I think she must be in the room. I’ll go and see.. 

Vansh goes to his room. But, he doesn’t find riddhima there.. 

He comes out and finds sia’s room door open.. 

VANSH: How is this door open? The key is with me.. 

He goes inside and searches sia. Vansh gets angry and comes down.. 

VANSH: Mom, both riddhima and sia is not here. I have searched everywhere.. They are not in the house.. 

UMA: But, how can sia go out? You have locked her room, right? 

VANSH: Mom, the lock is broken.. It means someone has broken the lock from outside and got her out.. 

UMA: Who it can be? 

VANSH: Even, I don’t know.. 

Just then, he sees riddhima’s mobile on the table.. 

VANSH: Mom, this is riddhima’s mobile. It means, is she in any danger? 

Vansh takes her mobile and checks it.. Just then, he sees virat’s message.. 

VANSH: Whose number is this? He calls virat.. 

Virat picks the mobile and before vansh could speak, he speaks

VIRAT: Sia, where are you? Have you and riddhima reached the temple? 

Meanwhile, at the temple..

SIA: Riddhima, where is bhai? 

RIDDHIMA: I thought he’ll be waiting outside for us.. But, he’s not here.. I’m sure he must be inside. Let’s go in.. 

SIA: Riddhima you and sejal search for bhai. I’ll go and pray.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. Don’t worry.. You go.. 

Sia goes.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima you go that side. I’ll search here.. 

Riddhima goes.. Riddhima and sejal searches for vansh and Uma.. 

RIDDHIMA: Where is this vansh? Let me call him.. 

She opens her purse but doesn’t find her mobile.. 

RIDDHIMA: I think, I must have kept it at home itself. Let me call him using sejal’s mobile.. 

She comes back and searches for sejal.. 


Vansh cuts the call.. 

Vansh remembers riddhima supporting sia. 

VANSH: Mom, riddhima has taken sia to temple. This is virat’s number. He has messaged riddhima. It means she is supporting that virat. They all are one team. She must have broken the lock and took sia to temple. She did all this. She was acting like as if she is supporting us.. We believed her. But, she deceived us. How dare you, riddhima? I won’t spare you for this.. 

Mom, let’s go to the temple.. 

UMA: But, how will we know in which temple they are? 

VANSH: Let’s check mom.. 


Riddhima meets sejal.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, did you find vansh? 

SEJAL: No… bhai is not there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Give your mobile to me. I forgot mine and kept it in the house.. 

Sejal gives her mobile to riddhima. She calls vansh’s number. He doesn’t pick the call..

RIDDHIMA: He is not picking the calls.. What’s happening? 

SEJAL: Riddhima, you told that he called you from his friend’s number. Because his mobile was switched off. But, now how come the call is getting connected? 

RIDDHIMA: May be he might have charged his mobile.. 

Riddhima thinks.. 

SEJAL: What happened? 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know why.. I’m not feeling comfortable.. Wait.. Sejal, did you notice any difference in sia? 

SEJAL: What do you mean? 

RIDDHIMA: I mean, comparing to yesterday.. She was fine today.. But, today is her marriage.. She must be tensed, right.. Even when I asked her to get ready she got ready without even asking any question to me. 

SEJAL: Even, I too found it weird.. 

Riddhima thinks of all the incidents. 

RIDDHIMA: Her behaviour changed from yesterday night.. Even when, I met her last time.. When she asked my mobile, she was so worried.. Then, I went.. Vansh and I came in.. 

Just then, she realizes something.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, is she planned something or is she hiding something from us. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, in that case.. 

Riddhima runs and searches for sia. Sejal too runs behind her.. 

Meanwhile vansh searches all the temples one by one. Finally, he comes to the same temple where sia, riddhima and sejal are. 

Riddhima and sejal finds sia. But just then, virat makes sia wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor on her forehead. Riddhima and sejal stands shocked. Just then, vansh and Uma comes there and gets shocked.. 

Vansh and Uma misunderstands riddhima.. 

Vansh gets angry and looks at riddhima. While riddhima looks at sia and stands shocked.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima accepts that she knows about sia’s love earlier.. Uma slaps riddhima.. Riddhima cries.. 

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