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Hi guys, here is chapter 24 of my FF hope you like it. Thanks for your comment in last chapter here is its link.

Here it goes…..

Everybody was getting up after finishing breakfast when suddenly Ridhimma fainted and they heard a scream

Voice: Ridhimmaaa…

All turned to find Vansh standing there . Vansh immediately rushed to Ridhimma and patted her cheeks asking her to wake up. He lifted her in bridal style and rushed to her room . All this while Ragini was smirking

Ragini(thinking): finally Ridhimma is out of my way. I mixed a very highly poisonous powder in her juice which will immediately start to damage her vital organs. Till the doctor will arrive she would have already died. I am just waiting for doctor to come and declare her dead. Soon I will kill Anupriya and Vansh and then all property will be mine. (smirks)

Thinking this Ragini went to ridhimma’s room where doctor was already checking Ridhimma. Everyone was tensed thinking what happened to Ridhimma. Ragini was waiting for doctor to say Ridhimma is dead but what she heard next made her shocked.

Doctor: she is fine its just some weakness . I think she did’nt took her meals properly. So there is no need to worry.

Vansh who was scared till now sighed in relief and said

Vansh: thankyou so much doctor. Angre tell driver to drop him at hospital.

Angre: yes boss.

Ragini was shell shocked . She couldn’t believe what just happened . Her plan failed terribly .suddenly Pragya called her out

Pragya: what happened Ragini why are you having a shocked face ??

Ragini: nothing Pragya just was worried for Ridhimma

Saying this Ragini went away while other also left . Vansh sat beside her and held her hand and kissed it.

After a while Ridhimma woke up. She was feeling weak when she saw Vansh entering the room with a food tray in his hand.

Ridhimma: (excited) Vansh you came back.

She was going to hug him when Vansh in a angry voice said

Vansh: silently sit on bed have food first then do anything else .

Ridhimma realized Vansh was angry on her and silently started eating food . Vansh sat down in front of her while Ridhimma was looking Vansh while eating.

Vansh: why you did’nt had your food properly yesterday??(with a angry glare)

Ridhimma: actually I was missing you and was upset that you didn’t call me once since you were gone. So I didn’t have a mood to eat.(making puppy face)

Vansh: if I will not call you then you will irresponsible with your health.

Ridhimma: okay okay I am sorry na Vansh. I will eat properly from next time and not take chances with my health. Now forgive your fiancée na please .

Vansh sat beside and hugged her tightly, Ridhimma also reciprocated and made him more close. It was only two days that Vansh was away but she missed him dearly.

Ridhimma: why didn’t call me even once?? Did you got some other girl there that you forgot me??

Vansh:(chuckling) I was busy with some important work Ridhimma . And to be Mrs. Raisinghania no one can make me forget you as you are my life . How can someone forget his life haan.

Listening this Ridhimma became more happy and hugged him more tightly.

Ridhimma: I love you

Vansh : I love you too Ridhimma

Ridhimma thought to give Vansh evidence against Ragini but then saw him sleeping. Must have been tired thought Ridhimma and she also drifted to sleep. she woke up feeling thirsty and was going to kitchen. Almost all had gone to office Sia to college only she Ragini Vansh and anupriya were at home . On the way she was checking her phone when someone snatched it . She turned to find Ragini there . She was having a evil smirk on her face.

Ragini: this phone has evidences against me right.

Ridhimma was shocked that how she came to know about it. Ragini showed her the voice transmitter which she has fitted in her room .


Ragini after talking to the courier boy who was going to bring poison was about to go to sleep when she saw something unusual under her dressing table . She went there and was shocked to find a voice transmitter.

Ragini: who could have inserted it here. Pragya is new here she must have done this.

She went to Pragya room but found her sleeping so she went thinking when heard Ridhimma talking about proof against her.

Ragini: (thinking) so Ridhimma planned it . No problem after killing her I will also delete the proof also Vansh is not hereto save her.

Thinking this she goes back to her room .

Flashback ends..

Ridhimma: there is no proof what are you even talking about??(acting innocent)

Ragini: oh now don’t act innocent . Wait

Saying this she plays her recording which was stored in her phone. She then throws the phone in water causing damage .

Ridhimma was shocked as she lost only proof she had .she tried to save her phone but its already damaged .

Ridhimma: (angrily) what have you done??

Ragini: nothing just destroyed the proof against me. Now you will not be able to proof anything and I will do my work.

Ridhimma: I will tell Vansh rightaway about you . You will not be able to do anything.

Ragini: you think he will believe you without proof. Never. Even if my plan to kill you failed you will not be able to anything

Ridhimma remembered Vansh and angre talk and got upset . Ragini was right she needed proof which was now gone.

Suddenly she heard Vansh calling her she looked at Ragini who smirked evilly and went . Ridhimma sadly goes to Vansh who was searching for her.

Vansh: where you went Ridhimma?? I was searching you .

Ridhimma: nothing just went to kitchen to drink water(sadly)

Vansh: why are you sounding sad. What happened?? Did anyone said something bad to you I swear I will not leave her or him.

Ridhimma: ( trying to sound cheerful) nothing happened I don’t know why you behave like this at times .

Vansh: because you are mine and no one can dare hurt or snatch what’s mine( possessively)

Ridhimma : (hitting him lightly) stop acting possessive and lets go .

Saying this she pulls him while going Vansh looks back at Ragini room and smirks.


Everyone was sitting in the hall and chatting when Vansh said

Vansh: lets keep a party mom

Anupriya: party ?? But why all of a sudden Vansh ??

Vansh: mom Pragya is here also I got a deal so lets celebrate. I have a surprise for you all in addition to that.

Sia: what surprise bhai( excited)

Vansh : surprise is not supposed to be told Sia I am sure you all will get shocked after all its my surprise

Ridhimma: shocked??

Vansh : just kidding Ridhimma. So we are having a party tomorrow okay

All (unison): okay (happily)

Precap: Shock or surprise??

This is the third last chapter of this FF. I am ending it as I was losing interest in it and also my boards exams are in November so I need to concentrate on that . Thanks for reading my not so good stories and always supporting me. I will continue writing my other FF please support it . Just bear these last two updates .Thanks and love you all

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