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Reunion to love- RiAnsh OS

Hii everyone!! Hope you all are doing good. I am better than before. Sorry I am not able to read or comment on everyone’s FFs and OSs. Pardon. 

This is veryy long. Sorry for not breaking it.

This is very long. Sorry for not breaking it.🤧 It’s not according to storyline.

She was standing infront of me, I was just looking at her angelic face. The face which had no charm left in it. Just some marks of dried tears on her cheeks, and eyes red due to heavy crying.

“Riddhima is proven guilty, and hence, she would have to sign the divorce papers leaving Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania and this city..” The judge announced his final decision.

She deserved it, why do I care? She betrayed me. My heart was just a paper for her which she had torn in thousand pieces. Riddhima broke down, weeping and hiccuping heavily. She looked at me with pleading eyes.. I wanted to hug her, and wipe all her tears… But she…just betrayed me…

I was the reason of her tears, but what about the pain she gave me? She was the one I loved after my mother, she proved it to me. That love is not my piece of cake. I don’t pay a damn to her past. She betrayed me when she was with me! What about the love I have her? The care I had? Didn’t she just used my feelings? To get close to me?

I left her weeping, she called me, her sobs increased, I didn’t want to look back. If I did, I would never be able to forget her… I put on my shades to hide my tears and left from there.

2 years later

“Sejal…. You go I will come later!!” Riddhima said to Sejal combing her hairs.

“I won’t leave you alone now! Itni mushkil se I have got you!” Sejal said hugging her.

“Oh… Meri cry baby. I can’t handle two little babies at a time.” Riddhima said.

“Mumma meow meow!” A little girl came stumbling, looked like she had learnt walking recently. Riddhima sat on the floor and opened her arms, letting her in as she hugged her back.

“Aww Riva baby, you shaw a meow meow?” Riddhima asked speaking in her tone.

Mumsi..meow…meow…shhhhhhRiva tried to tell her.

Riddhima giggled at her daughter, and kissed her forehead.

“Mumsi shushed the meow meow away?” Riddhima asked and Riva nodded.

Mumsi hatt… hatt” Riva imitated Sejal and she laughed holding Riva.

“Your mumsi shushed the meow meow because it would have hurt you baby.” Sejal took Riva from Riddhima.

“I will be back taking the groceries. Take care of Rivu ok Rivu ki mumsi?” Riddhima asked and both giggled.

“Mumsi and Rivu will go to the park!” Sejal said and Riva clapped her hands.

Pallk!” Riva jumped in Sejal’s arms.

“Bye Rivu… Bye Sejal.” Riddhima bid both of them and left from there.

Riddhima’s POV

It’s been 3 months, I am back to Mumbai. My childhood has been here. How can I leave this place? Mut now, the same mumbai haunts me. My Riva is my only hope to live. I can’t loose her. She is my everything.

I called a cab and said the driver to leave me to the CCD, I have to meet him. At last he is sorry for what he did. I will tell him about Riva. I looked out of the window to see a familiar place… How did I come here.

“Where the hell have you brought me!?” I shouted and the driver.

“It was a strict order mam.” He said and stopped the car.

No, I…I will not go back… I can’t…

I stepped out of the car to run the other side but someone pulled me with full force and I collided, it was him.


Pov ends

Riddhima looked at him with horror and he smirked, pulling her inside the house.

“Vansh leave me!!” Riddhima said trying to free her hand from his tight grip.

“I have left you long ago sweetheart, just wanted to know. You are leading a happy life or not. And guess what (pulled her with a jerk) you arre. And that is not fair.” Vansh finished pushing her in the grave of the garden.

“That’s your problem Vansh. Nor you want to let me live peacefully neither you will yourself live peacefully. Itna pyaar hai toh chhoda kyu mujhe?” Riddhima answered back.

” It’s not love… It’s hatred. It’s hate!!” Vansh screamed.

“What will you do? Kill me? Or torcher me to death? Huh? Say? Do whatever you want to.. I don’t give a damn now.” Riddhima came out herself.

Vansh was staring at her face, which had lost his charm. Riddhima brushed her clothes and walked away from there glancing Vansh for the one last time, hiding her tears.

“Mamu.. lesh do” A little girl came to him and held his hands.

“So where will my Grisha go today?” Vansh asked picking her. Trying to forget what happened

“Palk” She replied.

Vansh made her sit in the car and drove the car, and the whole way, Grisha danced on the beats of the song playing on the radio.

” I know Kabir. But I can’t do anything.” Riddhima said stirring her coffee, while Kabir just sat looking at her in astonishment.

“You have a life Riddhima…why don’t you move on?” Kabir asked.

“I and Vansh have a child, our daughter. Riva.” Riddhima said and Kabir choked on his coffee, the waiter came with a glass of water and Kabir drank it.

“Really? I want to meet her! How old is she?” Kabir said with happiness.

“She is just one. Little and grumpy like her father.” Riddhima smiled and said.

“Shit…does Vansh know?” Kabir asked realising the matter.

“I don’t want to tell him. He will snatch her from me, and I can’t afford that.” Riddhima said “we have got some gaurds who are at work from tomorrow, we will manage.” Riddhima finished her coffee.

Riddhima and Kabir were standing on the street, Kabir stopped and auto for Riddhima.

“Take care Riddhima. I am always ready to repent what I did. Call me when you need.” Kabir sent and turned back, and the auto moved forward.

WohooRiva came down from the slide and laughed cutely. Sejal picked her in her arms and made her sit on the bench next to her.

“Are Sejal!” An old lady came and sat next to Sejal. They both started talking, and Sejal didn’t realise that Riva had carefully left the bench with her sponge ball in her hand.

Slowly stumbling, Riva reached the little sand area and threw her ball, giggled and ran stumbling, picked her ball and come back to the same place.

After 4-5 rounds with the same thing, Riva lifted her hand in the air to throw the ball, but having no energy left, the ball slipped backward.

Oh! lLivu…ball!” Riva ran towards the direction of the ball, focusing only at the ball, which rolled over and broke a small sand castle.

Riva looked up to see a girl older than her, who had tears in her eyes and lips trembling as she was about to cry. Riva slowly went ahead, and sat next to her.

“Livu..sholly..” Riva apologized but that didn’t seem to work, she started crying scratching her eyes.

Vansh came running to her, took her in her lap and shushed her. He looked at Riva who was standing with a ball in her hand, her head bowed down and the she was looking at the broken castle.

“Shh Grisha. Don’t worry. We will make a new one, Ok?” Vansh kept her down and looked at Riva, who squeezed her ball in fear.

Riva looked at Vansh, her eyes full of tears, lips trembling.

“Sh…o..lly..” she said with her croaky voice.

Vansh was totally melted, by her innocence, how can a little girl be so kind? Riva slowly peeped to see Vansh, who was still looking at her.

“What’s your name?” Vansh asked and Riva flinched back. Maybe his voice was that loud to make her scare? Vansh was a little startled. He wasn’t so good with little kids. He extended his hand in order to hold hers but she took few steps back. A tear fell from Riva’s eyes down on the sand.

“Hey” Vansh tried to talk to her but that was of no use, Riva took more steps back, stumbled and fell down, in result to a cry.

Sejal’s talk was broken when she heard the familiar cry, she stood up looking for Riva and found her sitting in the sand and crying. She ran to Riva picking up in her arms fully not noticing Vansh.

Vansh never met her, but had always heard from Riddhima. Grisha came back pulling Vansh and he picked her in his arms. Is Sejal her mother? But she doesn’t resemble to her at all. She looks… familiar, but how is it possible?

“Stop crying baby… Did you get hurt? Mumsi was distracted, solly, don’t cry. Mumma will not like to see you crying.” Sejal patted her back and wiped her tears.

“Rivu…ball…o…tut..cry…” Riva tried to explain with her broken words, but it was beyond the world for Sejal to understand.

Sejal looked here and there and saw Vansh. Who was standing with his wide eyes looking at Sejal. Sejal went from there ignoring his gaze from her.

“Mamu…hungly” Grisha said breaking his thoughts. Vansh took her back to the car, and opened her small hello kitty backpack, only to find it empty. Vansh sighed and called Ishani.

“Ishani… Grisha’s bag is empty.” He said on the phone.

“Oh bhai..I forgot to keep her juice. Why don’t you both get back home?” Ishani suggested.

“Yeah… We have to now.” Vansh said and declined the phone moving to Grisha.

“We will be going home now” Vansh said tieing her seatbelt and himself sat on the driving seat.

Here, Riva kept weeping silently reminiscing the bearded scary man she met with.

“It’s ok Riva. Now he is not here. Tell me..did he hurt you?” Sejal asked her feeding her a small sandwich.

Riva opened her mouth, and slowly chewing it, as it was big enough to make it tough for her to eat. She nodded in no wiping her tears from her knuckles with a small sad pout.

MowaRiva said with the big bite in her mouth. Sejal chuckled and closed the tiffin keeping it back in her hand bag.

“Right… Let’s go or your mumma will eat us in the dinner.” Sejal tickled Riva to make her laugh and took her in her arms leaving back to their home.

Here, Riddhima was having 3 big polythene full of groceries in her hand, and she was trying to stop an can or auto for herself and again, a cab stopped.

“Not a cab” Riddhima murmured and denied to go in the cab.
After a lot of standing, an auto finally stopped. She stuffed all the polythene and sat.

Moving ahead, the auto stopped and driver left from there into the crowd. Riddhima descended the auto to see the auto driver helping up other to take the man to hospital. She peeped more to see a little girl crying. It was Grisha.

Riddhima opened Grisha’s seatbelt. Taking in her arms she patted her back to make her stop crying.

“What is your name?” Riddhima asked smiling.
“Glishaa” Grisha cried and Riddhima again tried to shush her.

She saw the auto driver and asked her where did he take him and asked to take her to the hospital first.

Reaching the hospital, Grisha entered holding Riddhima’s fingers, but left and ran to a lady who was sitting and crying. Riddhima was shocked to see Ishani.

MummaaGrisha said and Ishani pulled her into a bone crushing hug and kissed all over her face.

Riddhima saw Angre staring at her. She became shocked and started running from there and Angre followed her.

After a lot of running, Riddhima finally reached home with the groceries. She rang the bell only to hear her little baby’s cries.

Sejal opened the door and Riva hugged Riddhima’s legs crying. Riddhima picked her up handling the polythenes to Sejal and entered closing the door with her leg.

“Mumma..joga babba” Riva hugged her tightly. Riddhima smiled confusingly and looked at Sejal.

“She saw Vansh.” Sejal exclaimed and Riddhima’s eyes widened.

..sholly….joga..bad.bba..” Riva tried to explain but it was too hard for Riddhima to understand a single word.

“When I saw, she was sitting with he ball in her hand and crying and Vansh was looking at her being startled.” Sejal said taking a seat.

“Is she stating Vansh as joga baba?” Riddhima thought for a while and both laughed.

Rivu he is Dadda..not joga baba…” Sejal told to Riva and she clutched Riddhima. Riddhima tooka shawl and covered herself to feed Riva.

“Yes..but she has to stay away from her.” Riddhima told Sejal. Sejal gave a ‘why’ look.

Riddhima told Sejal all things that happened today. Her meet with Vansh, then Kabir.

“Now?” Sejal asked.

“I will do night shifts, so I can be with Rivu.” Riddhima left a sad chuckle, seeing Riva asleep, she slowly placed her on the bed and slept next to her. Sejal covered both of them with a duvet and switched off the lights.

There was a sudden knock on the door, Sejal peeped through the doorhole but no one was seen. She opened the door, and saw Vansh standing with a smirk.

“Could you please get a side?” Angre asked her.

“No…Vansh you can’t to do this to her..” Sejal understood what was going to happen.

“Boss there is a small girl inside.” Angre came from inside.

“How did you enter!!” Sejal screamed and Riddhima was awake by the convention. She closed the door of the room and got scared seeing Vansh.

“Ready Riddhima? Take yourself out. This house is going to be broken.” Vansh said.

Riddhima gestured Sejal and she nodded heading to Riva. Sejal came back covering Riva with a scarf, as she was sleeping, she pulled the scarf and it hid her face.

“Why are you doing this Vansh? Isn’t it enough what you did?” Riddhima’s eyes became watery.

“It’s just the start sweetheart, now leave.” Vansh said with a devilish grin.

“You were the one to take me your house, you were the one to marry me without my will, you were the one to leave, you were the one to make me preg…” Riddhima stopped midway.

Vansh gave a nonchalant face to her.

“Preg….what?” Vansh asked.

“Pregnant!” Sejal shouted from behind.

Vansh was silent, and shocked. He looked at Riddhima who was glaring at Sejal.

“Were you pregnant?” Vansh asked calmly.

“Were you pregnant!!” Vansh shouted making Riva cry. Riddhima took her from Sejal, and vansh looked at her.

She was the same girl!!!

Vansh’s mind occupied a thousand thoughts. Riddhima hid her pregnancy? He looked at Riva who wiped her tears from back of her palm, looking at him.

“Joga… Dadda”  Riva pointed at Vansh, and he chuckled. Tears of joy made their way on his face. Riddhima was happy to know, that Vansh was happy to become a father. But masked her expression.

“Mumma!.. joga…Dadda…o….hmph!” Riva tried to explain she had met him before.

“Yes baby…he is very bad…” Riddhima said making Vansh angry. She came out of the house.

“Break it, break it Vansh Rai Singhania! Break the every house which gives us shelter!” Riddhima said to him hiding Riva.


“Don’t!!” Vansh shouted in between making Riva cry. “You have did very wrong Riddhima, you kept my daughter away from me. You kept my own blood hidden from me!” Vansh’s anger was at peek. “But not anymore.”

The fear she had all these months, was coming to reality. Riva was still crying, and Riddhima hugged her tightly.

“Please Vansh…leave us.” Riddhima pleaded as tears escaped her eyes. Riva just watched her mother crying and she was herself hiccuping.

“Momma..” Riva said slowly and leaned on to her chest keeping her head on her shoulder.

Vansh came near her.. and she moved back, Vansh increased his speed and caught Riddhima by her arms.

“Ah! Vansh please…!!” Riddhima squirmed in his hold holding Riva more tightly.

But Vansh, being powerful ‘physically’, it was easy for him to take Riva in his arms. Riva watched everything happening with a scared face and wide eyes with an O shape mouth. Just a second ago, she was with her mom and now she was in the arms of joga Dadda of her.

“Vansh no! Riva!!” Riddhima screamed running behind him, as he turned and left towards his car, Riddhima didn’t see the stone ahead and tripped, causing her in pain.

“Vansh!! No!!! Please…” Riddhima cried sitting on the floor but of no use.

Riva cried seeing herself going away from her mother, she extended her little hand towards her trying to catch her, but she was far away, going more.

Vansh slowly patted her back trying to shush her, but a child can never be happy without mother.

As soon as Riva found her mumma nowhere to be seen, she looked at Vansh, scared of him, she screamed and started pulling his beard, scratching him.

“I know you are angry, but your mumma did very wrong.” Vansh entered the car, and Angre was sitting at the driving seat was shocked to see the baby in his arms.

“Boss you kidnapped her!?” Angre asked in astonishment.

“Shut up Angre!? She is MY daughter! Get to VR Mansion!” Vansh tried to keep his voice low, and Riva, being tired of crying, drifted to sleep.

Vansh wiped her little tears and was now seeing features of his mother, in her.

“Now these tears will never make a way” Vansh smiled and kissed her temple, holding her gently so she wouldn’t wake up.

“Riddhima! Wake up! Where is Riva! Riddhima!!” Riddhima heard the familiar voice of Kabir. She wanted to, but had no energy left to open her eyes. She tried to tell Kabir..about Riva.

“” that’s the only thing she could say before passing out again.

Here, Vansh gently let Riva lay down on the bed, next to him. He adorded his daughter, all night, and drifted to sleeping keeping one hand on her stomach, so he could feel whenever she moves.

“Rivaaa!!!” Riddhima woke up and shouted, she saw Kabir standing there, along with Sejal, who was hurt on her forehead.

“Riddhima relax! Calm down” Kabir tried to stop her from panicking.

“Noo! I want my Riva! We are going to the police!!” Riddhima got off the bed to leave but a voice stopped her.

“No need, we can talk, alone. For a while Riddhima.” It was Vansh..who was standing, looking a little sorrowful.

Riddhima didn’t care, she went to her and slapped him hard, he didn’t bugde. He stood the same was he was, no expression.

“Where is Riva!!!” Riddhima shouted on him. Vansh pulled her to the other room and closed the door.

She stood wiping her tears and he held her by arms.

“Ek baar!! Ek baar mujhe bataya hota that you are pregnant god damn it tumhein khud se itna kareeb rakhta ki hawa bhi na nikalti beech se!!” Vansh scolded and shrugged her.

(Just once..once you have told me that you are god damn pregnant I would have kept you so close that even air would not pass between us!)

“Tumne suni meri? When? I don’t remember? Tumhein toh bas mujhe ek ‘disloyal wife’ sabit karna tha…so that you can revenge your name getting ruined, apne mann se khichdi paka kar kha li tumne!!” Riddhima screamed back.

(You listening to me? When? I don’t remember? You just wanted to prove me ‘disloyal wife’ so you can revenge your name getting ruined, you made a fuss in your mind by yourself!!)

“Then why the hell did you show the pictures to the police? Why did you let me be in the jail for 3 months! Tell!” Vansh said.

“I tried to prove you innocent!! Those pictures told that Vyom was the one to kill Chang! And you! Busy with your mind, thought that those are against you!” Riddhima shouted.

“What would you have done? If I would have told you I am pregnant, you would have clapped and said you are not the father. Wouldn’t you?” Riddhima asked painfully.

Vansh held her hand, a little loose, as she was crying. Nothing was left for him to say, he sat on his knees holding her hand.

“I was the one to make you break up with Kabir, I was the one to bring you in my mansion forcefully, I was the one who tried to get your love forcefully, I was the one to marry you without your will, I was the one to make you mine forcefully, I was the one.” Vansh said and a lone tear escaped his eyes.

Riddhima sat on her knees and cupped her face.

“You were the one to make me understand what is love, you were the one to make me understand I never loved Kabir. You were the one to become my soulmate, you were the one to cherish my life, you were the one Vansh. The reason of my happiness, the reason of my Riva.” Riddhima smiled at him with tears.

“I failed as a good husband, as a good lover, as a good soulmate, as a good father.” Vansh hiccuped on his words.

“We can mend things.. together. Wouldn’t that be enough to forget our painful past?” Riddhima kissed his forehead.

“I kidnapped and married you, I am sorry.” Vansh wiped her tears.

“You kidnapped and married me, thank you.” Riddhima smiled wiping his tears. “Where is Riva?”

“Come..” Vansh hold her hand taking her out of the room. Sejal and Kabir were Astonished seeing both of them hand in hand.

“We are in the same villa?” Riddhima asked swinging his hand.

“Yes.. the same villa, where we married. And cherished our life.” Vansh smiled “here you go…” Vansh opened the door, to a lavish room.

Riddhima’s eyes watered seeing Riva sitting on the bed and jingling her toys. Angre was standing there, looking at her playing.

“Riva…” Riddhima led out a sob, and Riva turned back, to see her mumma standing for her.

Riva looked at Riddhima, Vansh and then Angre, smiled, and looked again at Riddhima.

“Momma…Dadda…tachulivu…muma” Riva giggled and everyone smiled.

Riddhima picked her up and she as usual leaned on her resting her head on her shoulder.

“Muma…jo..sshhh…” Riva tried to tell something, but it was out of the world.

“Bhai you have a daughter!!” Ishani barged inside, and saw Riddhima standing with Riva.

“What is this girl doing here?” Ishani became nonchalant seeing her.

“She is the mother of my daughter..” Vansh said in the same tome as Ishani’s.

DaaaadGrisha also came behind. She rushed to Angre and he picked her up.

“Yeh Glisha ki unty..” Grisha pointed towards Riddhima.

“Oo wohi hai jishne cashel tola tha” Grisha noticed Riva.

Riva was just staring at the new people she was meeting. She looked at Grisha, and again her lips started trembling.

“Mummaa..livu… sholly…” Riva hugged Riddhima controlling her sobs.

“Ish ok!” Grisha replied smiling, and Riva looked at her, and then at Riddhima.

“She is not angry now, don’t cry ok. Riva is a good girl na?” Riddhima said to her.

“Livu…gll” Riva tried to copy Riddhima but failed miserably.

“ baby is a very good girl” Vansh took Riva in his arms, and her face again turned to horror, seeing herself in his arms.

She looked at Riddhima who was smiling, and looked at Vansh who was also smiling, she also tried to smile, but ended up crying and pulling his hairs.

“Why is she so scared of me?” Vansh argued giving Riva to Riddhima.

“Look at yourself! Such messy face. You should trim your beard and have a hair cut.” Riddhima said patting Riva.

Tilim..tilim..!” Riva pointed her fingers at Vansh moving it up and down making everyone giggle.

“Now it’s time to punish the real culprit.” Vansh said with a smirk, and turned to see Angre smirking too.

“Don’t worry boss, he will surely repent the time you lost.” Angre said.

“He has to, how dare he play such a game with Vansh Rai Singhania… Vyom Raigir, you will repent.” Vansh said and left the office room.

Entering his room, he saw both of his lifelines playing together.

“Dadda… livu…mumma!!” Riva clapped her hands jumping on the bed.

“Yes baby…Dadda must be coming..” Riddhima said folding clothes.

“I am here!” Vansh said opening his hands in Shahrukh style..(haha lol)

“Vansh!!” Riddhima ran and hugged him, and Vansh lifted her in air swirling in rounds as she giggled.

“ angly!!” Both stopped when they heard Riva saying so.

“No baby it’s not…” Before Vansh could complete, there came a soft toy smashing his face.

“Oh my god Rivu no…” Riddhima rushed and started keeping all her toys in a small box.

As Riddhima did so, Vansh again tried to pacify her but it was not that good, she started throwing all her toys at Vansh and he was busy catching all of them.

“Huh…. finally” Vansh sighed, his both hands were full of small toys, various big and small.

AnGGlyyyyyRiva screamed and started pulling her own hairs.

“Riva no please stop now!” Riddhima holds her hands taking Riva in her arms. Swirling in the air keeping up high, Riva started laughing and Riddhima too.

“Would anyone help me?” Vansh asked. Riddhima stopped and looked at him, he was totally drown in toys. Riddhima giggled keeping Riva on the bed. She held the box up and Vansh showered all the toys in.


Riddhima kept Riva on her bed separately and was laying in the bed next to Vansh.

“I want to punish that Vyom myself.” Riddhima said.

“You will just kick him 5-6 times, slap him, curse him and then leave right?” Vansh said.

“I know you won’t be happy. So I thought something more.” Riddhima chuckled. “What about life imprisonment?”

“You want me to take legal action?” Vansh asked.

“Aren’t we di…

“No we aren’t. I never signed those papers. I thought I will use them to trouble you.” Vansh said sadly, and sighed.

“I am still not sure…you can’t believe my words only. How can you change so sudden?” Riddhima asked.

Vansh smiled a little, and looked at her. Riddhima hugged him more close.

“Realisation sweetheart.” Vansh said. “I can’t keep a little child away from mother. And if mother is so beautiful, what to do?” Vansh said and chuckled, and Riddhima snuggled into his arms.

“I think you remembered Ma, and a father never want to give his child a pain you went through. I love you Vansh.” Riddhima thought in her mind.

It was midnight. Riddhima woke as she heard Riva crying. She took Riva in her arms and came back to the bed, and Vansh too woke up.

“What happened…” Vansh lazily asked sitting up.

“Don’t know she never cries midnight” Riddhima said being concerned trying tu shush her.

Vansh carefully looked at Riva, and his eyes fell on her arms, which was red, more than usual. He caught her arms looking at them carefully.

“What happened Vansh?” Riddhima asked patting Riva.

“We need to go to the doctor..” Vansh said and got off the bed adjusting his clothes.

“ why?” Riddhima asked and Riva cried more.

“She’s been injected something…come Riddhima..” Vansh said pulling her and they both rushed out of the home.

Reaching the hospital, the doctor took Riva’s blood for the blood test and she had already stopped crying, she was slowly moving into a deep slumber.

“We have to keep her awake .” Vansh muttered and took Riva from Riddhima trying to keep her awake. Singing lullabies, making sounds from her toys, but seemed like nothing worked..even her eyes were barely open.

The doctor gave back and have RiVa an injection, telling Riddhima to let her sleep for a while.

“Doctor what was it?” Vansh asked angrily.

“It seemed like a drug, for pushing jee into a deep slumber. It’s found with most of the child kidnappers and trafficker.” The doctor said and Riddhima gasped covering her mouth with her hand.

“Thanks doc” Vansh said and pulled Riddhima back into the car.

“This Vyom…is not going to let me live peacefully.” Vansh didn’t drive to home, but somewhere else unknown to Riddhima.

It was a forbidden place, Vansh turned on the lights of the room and there he was, Vyom, tied to a chair with ropes and metal chains. He laughed loudly and Riddhima flinched die to loud noise.

“Saved or dead?” Vyom asked..

“You will get to know…” Vansh started punching him on his face, until blood came out if his nose.

“This…for Riddhima’s pain she suffered alone” Vansh said and smashed a wooden log on Vyom and it broke into pieces.

“This…for breaking my home..” Vansh took a hot iron rod and touched Vyom’s hand with it.

“This…for making my daughter stay away from me” Vansh took the boiling water and poured on his burnt hands.

“This…for still trying to hurt my daughter..” Vansh took out his gun, and turned to Riddhima who left the room silently.

“Nah…to much noise..” Vansh took a silencer from his pocket and attatched it to his pistol.. aiming his forehead.

“Vansh…what will you get by killing me?” Vyom muttered.

“Sukoon” (peace) He replied with a smirk, and shot..

Taking out his handkerchief he cleaned his face, and left the gun there moving out to see Riddhima standing and watching the starts.

“What happened Riddhima?” Vansh asked.

“Whatever happened today..” Riddhima stopped and sighed.

“Will never happen again” Vansh replied to her.

Riddhima looked at him, and smiled. She pointed her hand towards the moon.

“Isn’t it lovely?” Riddhima asked and he nodded.

Reaching their home, Vansh came out of washroom to see Riva sleeping next to Riddhima clutching her kurti.

“Isn’t THIS lovely?” Vansh muttered and slept hugging Riva close to him.


When Vansh entered home with Riva, he saw Dadi sitting in the hall. Who looked at Vansh with a stern look.

“Enough Vansh. Forget what happened. Let it be. She will never be happy without her mother. Like you were. Do you think your childhood was happy and good? No. Then why to repeat the same thing? I always said I want Riddhima back. Talk to her son, I am sure she will understand you.”

Dadi left not before glancing at her great granddaughter and kissed forehead. Caressed Vansh’s face, and left.

Flashback ends

“Dadda..mummaa..OoO” Riva said to Vansh and he nodded, not understanding what she wants to say.

“Rivu please sleep and let Dadda sleep” Riddhima stuttered snuggling the pillow.

“Livu..pz..” Riva said and giggled to herself.

“I love you both” Vansh said.

“I love you too” Riddhima replied.

“I..lov…” Riva said and clapped making Riddhima and Vansh giggle…


I know I should have break it in parts but I didn’t find from where should I do. And my brain stopped working after my fever. If it felt you time wasting then sorry, because I wrote half like 2-3 days ago, and then I got fever so I wasn’t able to complete.

Tanvi 💫

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