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RadhaKrishn 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Parvati Gives An Ultimatum

RadhaKrishn 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohasur disguised as a sadhu/saint tells Radha that he heard a lot about Ganesh and wants to meet him. Radha says Ganesh doesn’t want to stay back in Dwarka and she cannot stop him here with a sadhu’s help, he belongs to Devi Parvati and should return to her. Mohasuri thinks he needs to increase infatuation/moh for Ganesh in Radha’s heart and tells her that she loves Ganesh like a mother and can order him to stay back at Dwarka. Radha asks what about devi Parvati. He says he cannot leave Dwarka without a mother’s order and with his black magical powers increases Radha’s moh for Ganesh. Radha says he is right, she will not let Ganesh go. Devi Parvati thinks whom she trusted is betraying her, Ganesh should return to her as his task in Dwarka has finished. Mohasur asks Radha to take him to Ganesh.

Ganesh remembering Krishna’s stories thinks they are built up stories to stop him at Dwarka and thinks even Radha is hiding so that he shouldn’t return to Dwarka. Jamvati shows immense love on Sam and asks where was he, she will feed him from her hand today. Sam asks what happened to her. He further sees Radha walking with a brahmin ignoring him and thinks she never did this before, something is really happened today. Krishna seeing Mohasur says be it brahmin or monster, everyone are welcome in Dwarka and if someone tries evil act, they will repent. Radha asks him to stop disturbing them as she is searching Ganesh. Krishna asks if he is disturbing her. She says her motherhood is forcing her tell this and walks away with Mohasur. Balram noticing this asks Krishna how can Radha rudely behave with him. He says the person with Radha is an asur Mohasur and she is hypnotized by him, now Radha and sister Parvati will face each other and fight for Ganesh. Balram asks him to do something then. Krishna says only Ganesh can solve this problem.

Radha takes Mohasur to Ganesh and smilingly watches seeing Ganesh sleeping peacefully. Mohasur insists Radha to wake Ganesh up. Radha warns him to behave and asks who he really is as he doesn’t seem to be a saint. Mohasur gets into his asur form and says he is born by devi Parvati’s infatuation, came to take Ganesh with him, and will keep him as a child forever. Radha says if he came here to take Ganesh along, she will not let him do that. He shouts at Ganesh and orders him to wake up. Radha says a child will wake up only with mother’s loving voice and not his harsh voice of hatred and she will not let him wake up Ganesh. Mohasur gets adamant. She says though he has devi Parvati’s powers, she cannot let him take Ganesh. Mohasur tries to attack Ganesh with his superpowers. Devi Parvati emerges and stops him and asks Radha to stop arguing and send Ganesh with her. Radha says let Ganesh himself decide where he wants to stay. Devi Parvati says if she doesn’t send Ganesh by sunset, she will destroy the whole Dwarka. Radha pleads her to let Ganesh stay there and decide himself. Devi Parvati warns her again and leaves with Mohasur. Radha pampers Ganesh and says she cannot force him to go from here. Ganesh thinks both mothers are fighting for him, he needs to inform Krishna Mamasri about it. Mahadev meets Krishna and asks him why he said Ganesh should solve this problem. Krishna says Ganesh’s abilities will improve and its time test Ganesh’s prowess.

Precap: Devi Gauri orders Mohasur to attack Radha when Ganesh doesn’t return to her. Radha gives her promise to Krishna and asks him to fight with Mohasur.

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