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Pratigya 2 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Adarsh accepts Komal’s love

Pratigya 2 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratigya tells Krishna that it saddens me that Samar has turned out like this, we can’t be silent anymore, I can’t see another Shakti in making. Krishna says you are right, we have to punish him. Kesar comes there and says he is a kid, let him be. If he goes to jail then he will hate me forever. Pratigya says but he needs to come on the right path. Kesar says I don’t want Samar to become like this father, he tried to kill me but I can’t lose my son. I will try to change him as a good mother. I should get a chance to bring them on the right path, I want to be there for my kids. Pratigya says fine, we will give him another chance for you. Samar hides and hears all that.

Sumitra sits in her room and recalls Krishna giving her 24 hours. Samar comes there. Sumitra says they will throw me out of the house. I will finish this house before they throw me out. Just see what I will do now, you just have to be with me. Samar looks on.

Komal sees Adarsh packing his stuff and asks if they are going on honeymoon? Adarsh says you thought I would remain silent if you don’t divorce me? I am leaving you forever, to hell with you. Komal says have you gone crazy? She burns his clothes so he can’t leave. Adarsh says I will still leave you. He starts leaving but Komal starts hitting her head on the wall. Adarsh says don’t be stupid and stops her. He says life and death is above love. There is nothing to live for in our relationship. Komal says I will die if you leave me. Adarsh stops her and says come with me.

Krishna decorates their room with flowers. Pratigya comes there and says I am sad, what if Amma does something? Krishna says don’t worry, we have given her a deadline. Pratigya says she is burning in anger, she can do anything. Krishna says I am free from her motherly love, she won’t be able to do anything. Just focus on us. Pratigya looks around and is surprised to see the decorations. He comes near her but they hear Kriti crying.

Adarsh wipes Komal’s wound on the head and says you are crazy. Komal says you can’t leave me, I am not a weak lover, promise me that you would never leave me. If you try to leave me then I promise I will kill myself. I will write a suicide letter and hold you accountable for my death. Maybe you need to go to jail again to understand my love fully. Adarsh glares at her.

Scene 2
Krishna and Pratigya come to Kriti’s room to find a cockroach there. Pratigya screams and is scared too. Krishna teases her. Garv says it’s fake. Krishna hugs Pratigya and asks her to calm down.

In the morning, Adarsh brings breakfast for Komal in bed with a rose. Komal asks if she is dreaming? Adarsh says I am sorry, I was so blinded by my revenge that I couldn’t see your love, I was destroying our lives but now I know nobody can love me like you. Komal hugs him tightly. Adarsh says let’s go to the mandir today to renew our vows. He gifts her a bridal dress and says today will be special. I feel light today, I promise to give you happiness only. Komal hugs him and he hugs her back.

Krishna wakes up in the morning and sees Pratigya sleeping besides him. Krishna caresses her face. She wakes up. Krishna romances with here. Pratigya tries to leave but he pulls her back. Krishna kisses her.

Pratigya is getting ready. Krishna makes her wear jewelry and kisses her hand. Oh rangrez plays.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Krishna asks where is Kesar? Pratigya says she went to mandir. Garv and Kriti tease Krishna. He plays with them. Krishna tells Sumitra that your 24 hours will be up soon. He says I am going to work. Pratigya says it’s Sunday so where are you going? Krishna asks them to guess. Kriti says he is going to get Pratigya’s tattoo on his hand. Pratigya says you can get it later on. Krishna says people have snatched a lot for me so I will take it back, he leaves the house. Sumitra thinks he won’t be able to see his kids now.
PRECAP – Pratigya gets a call that Krishna had an accident. She rushes to the market to see Krishna fine, she hugs him. Otherside Sumitra locks Kriti and Garv in a room and pours kerosene there, she says I will finish them before Krishna comes back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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