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Opinion – Is ITV biased towards it’s so-called best Bahu”s?

There are a lot of interesting shows on television and most of us might agree that the shows are primarily matriarchal in nature.

Shows like Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, Imlie, Anupamaa among other shows have showcased show the female protagonist, the ‘ideal bahu’ of the house is always appreciated if she does something good. But then there is too much expected out of her. And one thing which does she does not do or the situation she might not be responsible for, she is held responsible and not only that, she is bashed left, right and centre for it!For example, in Anupamaa, she was always told that she is illiterate but when she upped her skills and won battles on her own the family felt nice and proud. She brought the family together and gave strength during their weakest times but now the family is not standing for her.

Let us see what the audience has to say: 

Heena Parmar said, “Well, the bahu once enters the house, she is not only limited to the kitchen as we see in majority of homes where women have no say or aren’t working. Here, the bahu is shown to be working around the kitchen and at the same time fighting battles for the family for which she gets blamed, accused and wach time is like a test which she has to pass to maintain her respect in the family. It might look like the family loves the bahu but if I watch the show practically, that is how I see it!”

Amisha Thakkar shared, “Yes, it is true that a log is expected from the daughter-in-law and somewhere the way it is seen also raises the expectations of mother-in-laws who might be watching the show!”

Hiral Vaidya mentioned, “Look, I feel the bahu is shown like a goddess at times and at times, she loses that every once of respect if she does not stand up to her level.”

Rinku Thakkar expressed, “I feel the way the daughter-in-laws are projected in shows is very progressive. I enjoy watching the shows.”

Puneet Motwani believed, “No, I feel the character is designed such that they have to or have passed the ‘ideal bahu’ test”

What are your thoughts on the same? Mention them in the comments below!

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