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Molkki 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender finds out about Dhwani from Principal

Molkki 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi goes outside to speak to Chandni. Daksh tells Virender that he has fulled all his promises this time. My Dhwani is there (pointing at the corridor). Another girl stands in Purvi’s place as Purvi goes outside. Virender confirms with Daksh if his fiancé is wearing white saree. Daksh nods. Did you like my choice? Virender nods. She is lovely.

Chandni asks Purvi to come to hospital with Daksh asap. Nani had an asthma attack. Purvi agrees. She calls Daksh. He takes leave from Virender. I don’t know why something goes wrong whenever we try to meet but I must go now. Nani is in hospital. We will have dinner some other time. Veer nods. Daksh runs off. Veer tells Virender that Dhwani and Purvi are not same. Purvi ji is not alive. She wont come back. Please accept this truth. Virender agrees. It’s been 6 months. Bawri wont come back however much I want her to. We will leave tomorrow morning.

A teacher tells Manas and Juhi to

Daksh drops Purvi outside school. She is reluctant to go as she is worried about Nani. We can start tomorrow. Daksh tells her that Nani is better now. Even she doesn’t want you to miss your first day. Go ahead. Daksh tells her nott o speak to kids very sweetly. She is confused. Why? He says what if a kid selects you for his or her parent? She calls him mad. You say anything. They both smile.

Some kids tease Manas and Juhi but teacher tells them against it. You will get the same punishment if you do that. The kids leave.

Purvi is headed to her class. Manas and Juhi notice her in the corridor. Their eyes meet. Juhi and Manas call her haathi which puzzles her. They run to hug her. Where did you disappear? We knew you will come back. Don’t leave us again. Purvi calms them down. You must have forgotten your toy elephant somewhere. I will help you two your haathi. Juhi says you are out haathi. We have been looking for you only. Purvi asks them if she looks like a haathi to them. Manas says you are out haathi. I am gainda and Didi is khargosh. Juhi nods. Why did you leave us? We looked everywhere for you! Baba does not speak nicely to us since you left. He does not even love us. He keeps thinking about you day and night. Come and meet Baba. He will be pleased to see you. She asks them where she should go. The same teacher appears again. Did they trouble you? Purvi declines. The teacher tells Purvi what they did last night. Manas and Juhi keep asking Purvi to come with them. She tells them she is not their haathi. I can promise to help you find your haathi though. Go to your class for now. I will go too. The teacher takes Purvi to her class. Manas asks Juhi why haathi isn’t recognizing them. Juhi tells him that she is clueless as well.

Doc asks Nani how she is feeling now. She nods that she is feeling better now. Daksh takes doc aside and asks about her health. Doc tells him that her lungs have become weak because of age. This was a major attack. You must keep her happy at all costs. Daksh is in a fix as to how to tell the truth to Nani now.

Veer tells Virender to pay the bill and leave for Rewari. I have some personal work. I will finish it and come. Virender nods.

Juhi and Manas decide to tell Virender everything before he leaves for Rewari. They see the guard speaking to someone and think of an idea. Juhi cries and cooks a fake story in front of the guard. My brother needs your help. He goes with her. He has left it behind. Manas takes his phone.

Guard asks Juhi where her brother is. No one is here. She offers to find him herself. He was here a while ago. Guard goes.

Juhi dials Virender’s number.

Guard comes back and finds his phone missing. It must be them!

Manas and Juhi hide behind the chairs when they see the guard coming in their direction. Virender notices his phone ringing. Who is calling me from an unknown number? He picks it up and it is Juhi. She asks him to come over asap. He asks her if she is fine. Juhi asks him to come asap. He asks her what happened. Juhi shares that they saw haathi in their school today. We met her as well. Virender is taken aback. Guard snatches the phone from Juhi’s hand just then. I will you you to Principal Sir now.

Virender asks driver to take him to Juhi and Manas’s school. What was Juhi saying? They saw and met Bawri today? How can it be true? I must go there.

Purvi requests Principal if she can leave early today. My classes for the day are over. Daksh’s Nani is not well so I want to be with her. He allows her.

Virender tells driver to drive as fast as he can.

Juhi and Manas pray to Kanha ji. Send our Baba asap please.

Virender reaches school. Kids hug him. He asks about Bawri. They share that she is teaching in class 3rd A. He runs upstairs.

Purvi picks her bag from the staffroom. Virender storms inside class 3rd A and turns the teacher around. Bawri? It is someone else. He apologizes to her. I was mistaken. She nods. Purvi walks past the classroom. Virender keeps peeking inside other classrooms. Purvi heads to the main door. Virender is walking few steps behind her. She leaves in her car. Virender wonders where Bawri could be. He decides to ask the Principal about Purvi.

Veer comes to a jewelry store to buy anklets. He receives Sudha’s call. Have you left from Delhi? He shares that Virender has left already. I will come in evening. I am out shopping. She asks him if he is shopping for her. He says yes. I will bring something for you. Sudha feels happy.

Daksh asks Purvi how she is here early. Is everything ok? She nods. It was first day so the classes were less. How is Nani? He tells her what doc had told him. We cannot give her stress in any way. Purvi assures him about it. They go inside to meet Nani. Purvi hugs her. How are you? Nani says I am fine. My illness disappeared when I saw you. Daksh asks her to get rid of her phone. That will help you get rid of half of your problems. She tries to keep it himself but he insists. He finds the sample of engagement card under her blanket. Purvi and Daksh are taken aback. Daskh asks her about the bills. You have given advance to caterers and even booked a venue. What was the rush? She points out that she has grown old. I just had an asthma attack. I should see your marriage before I die. Purvi tells her not to say so. Daksh tries to talk to her again. This time Purvi holds his hand. She tells Nani that they had seen a hall already. What about that? Nani says use my venue for engagement. Get married in the other venue. I will be relieved to see you two engaged. Purvi tells her to take rest. We will be back.

Purvi tells Daksh that Nani’s health is more important than anything else. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her. this has happened already so let it continue. I cannot hurt her.

Virender asks Prinicipal if he has hired a new teacher for class 3rd A. Principal nods. Why do you ask? Virender asks him if her name is Purvi. Principal denies. She is Dhwani. She is very focused and passionate about her work. She is the fiancé of our trustee, Daksh Singh Shekhawat. Virender shows him Purvi’s photo. Is it her? Principal nods. That’s Miss Dhwani! Epi ends on Virender’s stunned face.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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