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Mere Sai 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai protects Jhipri and Latika

Mere Sai 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopika tells Jhipri not to come there from tomorrow. Her husband objects but she reasons that she has a right to say so as his wife. She takes him inside. Tejasvi warns Jhipri to maintain distance from her husband or she will throw her out of here. Ladies begin to speak against Jhipri as well. There must be a reason if her husband threw them out like that. Jhipri hid it from us. Unable to take it anymore, Jhipri leaves with Latika. Tejasvi and the maid smile.

Baizama asks Sai why He has become so emotional. Sai gives example of gold. It is full of virtues and is very precious yet it must burn in gold to prove its worth. This plant is like that only. It will become a tree tomorrow and provide shade and fruits to everyone. It has to bear all these hurdles for that today. May Ram ji give it courage to fight everything!

Jhipri comes home and notices neighbours lined outside her house.

Sakku Tai tells her son that they accepted a girl from low caste. She isn’t smart to beg me for a chance. She is so arrogant. She wont be able to save herself after the trap I have laid for her!

Sai is on His way to Jhipri’s house.

Jhipri asks Asha Tai why they are blocking her way. Is everything fine? Asha Tai says we asked you a similar question when you came back but you dint say anything. Another lady says we know that your husband has abandoned you. You cannot hide such things.

Sai is walking quickly.

Neighbours tell Jhipri that her MIL has told them everything. They refuse to let Jhipri stay here. Sai is on His way. Jhipri holds her ears and asks them to stop. That was a lie! Asha Tai asks her what the truth is. Jhipri shares that she is the one who left her husband. They are shocked.

Kshav comes home and calls for Tejasvi angrily. His father reminds him this isn’t Dwakarmai where he can shout. Rukmani asks him why he is so upset. Keshav tells her that Tejasvi defamed Jhipri. Tejasvi says it means she finally complained against me. Keshav says entire village is talking about it. Why does she need to say anything? Tejasvi says it is truth. Your Sai teaches everyone to be honest as well. Keshav says motive behind it matters as well. Arent you ashamed to speak about a woman like that? Tejasvi asks him how he can compare her to a lowly woman like Jhipri. She was thrown out by her husband! Keshav says she left that house on her own. She did it for her self-respect.

A man says it is worse. Married woman leave their house only after their death and you chose to leave your husband behind! What will our girls and DILs learn from you? It will break the society norms!

Tejasvi calls Jhipri worse than she thought her to be. No good woman can leave her home like that. Only a foolish woman can do that! Keshav shouts but Sarkar supports Tejasvi. Jhipri left her husband so she is a stain on the name of womanhood. What good will she do when she couldn’t handle her family? Keshav reasons that Sai wouldn’t have supported her then. Sarkar warns him not to take Fakir’s name in front of him. He loves taking care of the scrap but villagers know it better. He doesn’t let Rukmani say anything when she tries and tells her to be quiet. Keshav tells him that such a society needs to be changed. Sarkar says your Fakir’s words wont change the society. I am the one who sets rules in Shirdi even today. I will see how she will stay here. Keshav tells him to try. Sai is with Jhipri. You have always lost to Sai whenever you have tried to go against Sai! He leaves. Sarkar accepts the challenge. I will see how Sai will win this time.

Villagers are against the idea of letting Jhipri stay there. Jhipri refuses to leave her mother’s house. I will see who can throw me out of here! A man decides to teach her a lesson and advances towards her. He is holding a stick in his hand. Jhipri covers her face. Sai is the one who gets hurt instead. The guy drops his stick and begs for forgiveness. I dint hurt you intentionally. Sai says you have still hurt me. All of you have hurt Ram ji too. I am not speaking about this wound. Ram ji gets hurt when an innocent person gets hurt. Asha Tai asks Sai how a woman can be innocent when she leaves her husband and his house. Sai gives her an example. Jhipri did everything to save her dignity and self-respect. She asks Sai what their daughters and DILs will learn from Jhipri. Sai assures her that Jhipri’s struggle will set an example for everyone. Why did you have to hear about Jhipri me or anyone else? She is the same Jhipri whom you all loved dearly once. Was your love so weak? You all trusted an unknown woman and are refusing to believe the one you know. A lady says we can accept your words but we are from a low caste. Society does not accept us anyways. We will not be able to live peacefully when Sarkar will find out that we are supporting her? Sai reminds them that Jhipri used to look after all those who fell ill when she was unmarried. She used to fight for others. She thinks about others before herself. Don’t you remember how hard she tried to make sure you all celebrate Diwali? You all are backing off when she needs you today. It is okay if you don’t support her but don’t stop her from going inside her own house atleast. You may or may not be with her but I support her fully. I am taking her to her home. I hope you wont stop us. Sai takes Jhipri and Latika to their home.

Tejasvi thanks Sarkar for supporting her. He smiles. You are mistaken that I supported you. Jhipri is trying to cross her limits as a woman and is challenging the society norms. Every woman must look after her husband. That’s her duty but she is trying to go against it with Fakir’s help. I supported you for that reason. You should remember that you are also a woman. You are the DIL of our house. Don’t forget or cross your limits. Don’t let your freedom go waste. You are throwing stones at the mud but be careful of getting stains in return. She assures him that she will do things right and better than him. You are used to failing anyways. She leaves. Sarkar is sure he will be able to control her once he defeats Fakir.

Sai is cooking food for Jhipri and Latika. Latika blows onto Sai’s wound. Is it paining? Sai says I am feeling better. Latika is confused. Aayi says she doesn’t feel hungry when I eat and you said that it doesn’t hurt anymore as I blew onto your wound. Am I a magician? Sai calls her an angel. Angels have the power to push all the problems away. Latika and Sai take food to Jhipri. Sai asks Jhipri to eat khichdi. She sits there like a stone. Sai asks her how she will fight if she wont eat. How will you give a better life to Latika? She eats from Sai’s hands.

Precap: Sarkar is furious that all villagers are approaching Dr. Pillai for treatment. He tells Santa and Banta he has a plan to deal with Dr. Pillai. Santa and Banta go inside Dr. Pillai’s clinic stealthily at night when someone opens the door. Sai is watching everything in the dhuni.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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