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Meet 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Meet catches Mannu wearing short dress.

Meet 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet’s mother is explaining her mother in law about Meet’s capability to handle this house’s needs which a son would also couldn’t had done hence to stop cursing Meet & says that one day you’ll also see Meet will get a very good Proposal for her marriage.

Meet Ahlawat finishes his bath & is getting ready standing in front of mirror but sees Meet who is repairing his room’s A.C. hence he gets bugged on her asking how come she is here & in both of their arguments they fall on each other. She shows him the hammer while he twists her hand but his mother comes asking him what he is upto & he says to see how this girl is behaving but his mother asks him from which angle he sees girl in him while he leaves hand & finds he was day dreaming of Meet in a mechanic & the mechanic warns his mother that he’ll complain about her son & leaves.

Meet realizes his mistake of day dreaming & leaves immediately from there while his mother is holding Mannushi ie. Mannu’s photo to show him but in vain hence she hangs it near his mirror assuming he’ll see when he returns.

Mannu is on date with her boyfriend sitting in a restaurant while her sister Meet arrives there to pick a parcel for delivery & Mannu after watching Meet tries to hide herself because of short dress worn & lied of college visit to her mother. Mannu’s boyfriend is panicking asking Mannu what is she upto but she is bluffing him of losing diamond & quickly tries running from there but Meet comes from behind & watches her in mirror reflection of her bike hence catches her & takes her away.

Meet Ahlawat’s friend is joking with him on his construction site about his day dreaming of Meet which he shared with him & Meet says if such situation arises then he’ll suicide & is about to touch the meter box while Meet sees him who had come there for delivery & immediately runs to save him holding a wooden stick hitting him but they both fall on each other. They are arguing with each other again but this time they come across about their names being same hence jokingly Meet tells Meet Ahlawat to change his name while he too tells her the same. Meet Ahlawat’s friend jokes with him about coincidence of their names.

Mannu arrives home & sees Meet also has come home feeling scared while Meet comes near her saying to not to wait till she returns & informs mother about Mannu’s arrival & Mannu is feeling more scared thinking if Meet has disclosed truth & Mannu’s mother is coming towards her also her grandmother too coming but Meet brings a dress asking her mother of facts happening in college days nowadays of girl’s wearing short dresses which should be seen with pure heart & her mother agrees with her thoughts hence Meet shows her the dress which she has brought for Mannu who can wear & after several arguments her mother agrees along with her grandmother too & Mannu feels relaxed but again ignores Meet’s help towards her.

Meet Ahlawat arrives at his house while his all family members have planned some trick towards him to show Mannushi’s photo to him anyhow but his elder sister in unaware wondering what all are upto hence she understands & thinks he will marry the girl only of her choice & takes away the photo from there but another photo falls down near his mirror & after Meet having his bath picks the fallen photo which he is about to see.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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