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Made for each other..(Part- 32) #IMMJ2

(RECAP: The boys were punished by girls for losing the bet and they had to satisfy their hunger by just one plate of curry rice.The girls also talked about going on a trip with their best friends Jay and Veeru.The boys decided to know about Jay and Veeru by themselves,after the girls refused to tell them.)

Riddhima and Sufia were having their lunch.Vansh and Angre were sharing their food.

Vansh: Angre,vaise this curry rice is really very tasty.

Angre: Exactly!!….even I loved it.

Vansh: Yess…maybe it’s because we were really hungry and everything…

Vansh was cut in between with a sound of flash.They looked at front,only to see that Riddhima had clicked their picture.

Angre: Riddhima yaar…what is this?..why did you click our picture?

Riddhima: What’s wrong in it?…you both were looking so good together.So I clicked your picture.

Sufia: And now we are planning to post it on social media,with the hashtag…. #VanGre.

Angre: Haha…Nice joke.

Riddhima: It’s not a joke Angre…we are really planning to do this.

Sufia: And just imagine you two becoming the hot top topic of college….The Perfect Guru of the college in relationship with his best friend….oh Angre,just look at the picture once,you both look so good together.

While Sufia was speaking,Riddhima was busy on her phone.

Riddhima: And…the work is done.(And she patted her back)

Angre: What do you mean??…what did you do?

Sufia(checking her phone): Arey waah Riddhima,caption badi shi likhi hai tunne….I’m impressed haa.

Vansh(facepalmed himself): Ohh no!!

He immediately took his phone out and opened instagram.

Vansh(while scrolling his phone): Riddhima have you gone nuts??….you know right that in college,such things spread faster than the fire.

Riddhima gave him an I-don’t-care look.

Riddhima: Whatever…vaise I’m excited to see the reaction of other students on this post.

Angre,who was also trying to find the post,spoke,

Angre: But I can’t see your latest post Riddhima.

Vansh: Even I couldn’t find it….did you hide it from both of us?

Riddhima: Huhh….agar koi post hogi,toh hi dikhegi naa….hainaa Sufu?

Sufia: Aur nhi toh kya!…jab koi post hai hi nhi,toh tumhe kya,kisi ko bhi nhi dikhegi.

And she gave a hi-fi to Riddhima,who reciprocated.

Sufia: Well played Riddhima…just look at their faces…Aise lag rha hai jaise inki dulhan shaadi ke mandap se bhaag gyi ho.(and she left a chuckle)

Angre: Yaar aisa mazaak kon karta hai?….bilkul mazaa nhi aaya.

Riddhima: But hume toh bohot mazaa aaya.

Vansh: But you did click a picture…Toh woh kiski picture thi?

Riddhima: We clicked two pictures….ek tumhaari,aur ek Angre ki.

Sufia: Wanna see them?

Vansh: Obviously.

Sufia forwarded her phone towards the boys.When they saw the picture,they couldn’t stop laughing.

Angre(laughing): Yaar this picture is damn good….(laughing)…Vansh just look at’s damn funny!!

Vansh: Indeed it’s funny….and Angre,just have a look at your face,aisa lag rha hai jaise tumhe kyi dino ke baad khaana mila ho ..(laughs)….yaar hass hass ke pet dukhne lag gya…oh god(laughing)

Angre: Ridhdima,send this to me afterwards…Vansh ke birthday waale din story bhi toh daalni hogi…this picture would be perfect.

Riddhima: Who said that I’m gonna share the picture?….It’s exclusively for me and Sufu.

Vansh: You guys are too much at times…but I love it.

While they were talking,a volunteer came near them.

Volunteer: Excuse me guys,you order is ready.

Riddhima: Thank you so much…we’ll just come to collect it.

After the volunteer left,Riddhima and Sufia got up from their seats.

Riddhima: Angre,you sit here and Vansh you come with us.

Vansh: But what did you guys order?

Riddhima: Can you not come without asking any questions??…You’ll see when we’ll reach there.

Vansh: Fine!!…I’m coming.

After they left,Angre was left alone.So he took out his phone and started scrolling.He then received a notification.

Angre(to himself): So finally it’s here….I can go with Sufia to collect it after lunch.

After sometime,the trio returned back.They were carrying dosa plates with them.Angre got up and helped them to keep the plates on the table.

Angre: Woww,you ordered dosas for us as well….Perfect!!

Vansh: Absolutely….though the curry rice was tasty,we still were not satisfied with it….we were still hungry.

Riddhima: Arey yaar,we are all friends…how did you expect ki we’ll not let you enjoy the dosas.

Sufia: Whi toh….maana ki tum dono nikkame,pagal,bewakoof kism ke ho…but jaise bhi ho,ho toh humaare dost….aur tumhaare liye hum itna toh kar hi sakte hai….kyun Riddhu?

Riddhima: Bilkul.

Angre: Tareef ke liye shukriya…but can we start having our dosas now??….Inko dekh ke hi mooh mein paani aa gya.

Sufia: Haa haa…shuru karo.

And they all started having their dosas.After they were done with their lunch,they left from food court and came in the main ground.

Sufia: Guys,now that we are done with lunch,what should we do next?

Riddhima: While we were coming here,I noticed that some new stalls with new games are installed in that area(pointing towards stalls)…shall we go there??

And before anybody could speak,Angre spoke,

Angre: Umm,guys…me and Sufia need to go somewhere…can you please excuse us?

Sufia: But where do we have to go Angre?

Angre: I’ll tell you on the way itself…come fast or we’ll be late.

Vansh: Okayy…you both can enjoy your time…me and Riddhima can check out those stalls.

Riddhima: Yeahh….you both go.

After Angre and Sufia left,Riddhima and Vansh reached came near the stalls.


Vansh and Riddhima were walking towards the shooting range.Upon reaching there,they took their tickets from the volunteer and stood near the range,waiting for their turn.

Vansh: Riddhima,are you really planning to go on a trip with Jay??….I mean WE both can go on a trip as well.

Riddhima: Why you wanna go on a trip with me?

Vansh: Because I noticed that when we first mentioned about the trip,you and Sufu looked so happy and excited….but me and Angre,spoiled your mood….so to make up for it,I wanna take you to a trip…and Angre would take Sufia.

Riddhima: Vansh,I appreciate your idea,but,I really wanna go with him…we can go together some other time…Promise.

Vansh: Okay.You can go with him….But before that can I meet him?….like he’s your friend..maybe we can both can become friends as well…Even I’d want to make more friends,you know!!

Riddhima: Whoa,The Great Vansh Raisinghania,who never liked making friends,wants to make more friends….kya baat hai!!

Vansh: umm…actually..the thing is….Riddhima,when you suddenly mentioned about this bestie of yours,I was curious to know about him,because you never mentioned about him earlier.

Riddhima: Ohh!!

Vansh: Yess…and also I need to meet that great person,who was able to befriend and become bestie of Riddhima Bansal….afterall you are a tough person to handle….toh mujhe uss mahaan insaan ke darshan toh karne hi padenge naa jisne tumhe itne saalon tak jhela….so he can give me more tips to survive your tortures(chuckles).

Rddhima: What do you mean by this Mr.Raisinghania….you think that I’m a tough person to handle??(raising her eyebrows)…vaise you are right…I can be really difficult to bear sometimes.(flips her hairs proudly)

Vansh: so when can I meet him?

Riddhima: I’m sorry,but it’s not possible Vansh.I don’t think that I’ll ever let both of you meet…Actually he’s quite possessive when it comes to me…so if he’ll see that I have made a new bestie,he’ll get jealous and then I think we both will be on our journey to hell.

Vansh: Hell??

Riddhima: Aur nhi toh kya…after the kind of sharaarats we have done together,I think we’ll not even get place in hell.(giggles)

(A/N: Here ‘we’ refers to Vansh and Riddhima.)

Vansh(facepalmed): Riddhima here we are doing some serious discussion and all you can think about is your PJs….Acha hai!(chuckles sarcastically)

Riddhima: Vaise Vansh why are you asking all this??…Are you jealous of Jay??(raising eyebrows)

Vansh: Nhi Riddhima,I’m not jealous of Jay.It’s just my curiosity that made me ask you all this.

Riddhima: Phir theek hai.(smiles)

Vansh: But still I’d like to meet him once.

And before the conversation could go further,they were called by the volunteer.

Volunteer: Vansh,come…the range is available now.

Vansh: Coming Rishabh….(to Riddhima)Let’s go.

They came near the shooting range.Rishabh gave them a rifle and told them the rules.He was then called by his partner to help him set the range for next set.

Ridhima: Vansh,since we have just one rifle,who among us would go first?

Vansh: Isn’t it pretty obvious that it’s me who’ll go first!!…Like com’on man, I’m the elder one among both of us.

Riddhima: Since I’m the younger one,shouldn’t I be given this chance?(puppy eyes)

Vansh(while aiming at the board in front): No…you should listen to your elder Riddhima.

Riddhima: Huhh…you know what mera Jay tumse laakh guna acha hai…atleast he always prioritized me.

Vansh: Arey yaar,ek toh tum baat baat mein Jay ko beech mein le aati ho.

Riddhima: Kyun,tumhe kya?…he’s my bestie afterall,woh bhi forever waala(proudly)

Vansh: Riddhu,tu toh gussa ho gyi yaar…umm..chal aisa karte hai,hum stone paper scissors se decide karte hai ki kon pehle jaayega.Theek hai??

Riddhima(excitedly): Yess….so the one who wins would go first.

Vansh: Done.

(A/N: Hey guys,I hoped you liked this episode.First of all,I’m really sorry for being this late.But I so messed up with my studies that I couldn’t concentrate on writing.And I’m sorry in advance because I’ll not be able to post next episode soon.I actually have my entrance exam on 12th sept.So I won’t be able to post before that.But I’ve one chapter in my drafts.So if y’all want,I can post it in a day or two.Till then take care and enjoy!!!)

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