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Love Finds its Way: Part 6 SS on Riansh by Parita

Hey guys I’m back with the 6th part of the ss. I’m  really sorry for the delay.

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Starts- Meeting

3 weeks later

Vansh was seated on his office chair in his Manali branch. He had a photo frame in his hand and he adored it with a few tears welled up in his eyes. He caressed the picture gently and looked up when he heard a soft knock. He pressed a button near him that led the door to open wide and Angre entered. He walked up to Vansh who was once again engrossed in the picture.

Angre: Boss, we’ve stayed here more than a week but we didn’t seem to find her. I think the sources were wrong.

Vansh: Angre, she’s here. I don’t want to argue any further, tell your team to search further. My heart accepts she is here.

Angre: Ok boss and we’ve found a person who’ll cater for all our meals.

Vansh: Hmm

Vansh once again got engrossed in the picture he held after all it was his love’s picture. He smiled seeing her face and now wanted to see her live and hold her in his arms. Angre watched over from the door and sighed remembering how Vansh had been so devastated when he had informed him about the accident and Riddhima missing.


Vansh hearing the news scattered everything in the room in a fit of anger. He broke everything hurting himself for not being able to protect Riddhima, for not being able to save her. He cried for days and had sleepless nights reminiscing her and his moments together. He used to hug her dupatta tight, inhaling her scent that convinced him of her presence near him.

Ishani, Angre, Dadi and Siya felt extremely bad watching him in that condition. They knew how important Riddhima was for him. He hardly ate anything, he hardly had any life within him……it was as if he was half dead. He caged himself in his room with her belongings and her diary that he read day and night, drowning himself in the guilt of not giving her the happiness and peace she deserved in her life.

One night he sat on the window sill, with still no information related to Riddhima and her disappearance. As the heavy rain poured in the city, he missed his Riddhima’s talks.

Katt gayiyan yaariyan bewajah
Ya raja koyi
Tutt gayi ni jodan di
Dass de khuda kya hai dua koyi

Ohnu taan khabar nahi
Oh tan chhad gaye nahi
Le gayi meri jaan

Ungliyon pe reh gaye
Challon ke nishaan
Ungliyon pe reh gaye
Challon ke nishaan

Hum jo roye to
Roya aasmaan
Ungliyon pe reh gaye
Challon ke nishaan
Ungliyon pe reh gaye
Challon ke nishaan

Tears rolled down his face, remembering everything about Riddhima. Angre arrived and with a smile told him the news that he always wanted to hear after he had assigned Angre the task of finding her.

Angre: Boss, my people have said that she might still be in Manali with some locals.

Vansh: Really! Let’s go to her!

Angre: But Boss…. (interrupted)

Vansh: Not a word, I’ll come there to get her myself. (hopeful)

Flashback Ends

Angre left his cabin and headed for the entrance where the caterer was waiting for him. He entered the reception where he saw two ladies seated on the sofa with two huge containers. He went up to them.

Angre: Are you from Kritishti Caterers?

Kritika: Yea, myself Kritika and she’s Drishti.

Drishti: Hi…umm you? Ang (murmuring)

Angre: I’m Angre, PA of VRS.

Drishti: I’ve seen you somewhere…..(getting faint flashes) Angre, I’ve heard this name many times. (thinking)

Kritika: Drishti, don’t put a lot of pressure (whispering) We’ve brought the food for you to taste and let us know if you’re giving us the order. (to Angre)

Angre: Sure, come with me. (in his mind) Feels a connection with her, as if I recognize her voice.

Angre directed them to Vansh’s cabin. He knocked and they were let in. He quickly wiped off his tears and plastered a straight face. He took a glance at the two ladies when his heart beat faster. He felt a different feeling overpowering him, just the way Riddhima had an effect on him. He tried bringing a smile on his face and welcomed them.

Vansh: Have a seat

As they sat down, his nose caught a familiar scent that had now circulated in the room. His Riddhima’s scent that he could recognize even if she was miles away. He sighed and came back to the present.

Drishti: Thank you for this order, actually I’m really excited to work with such a big company.

Vansh: (in his mind) She sounds so familiar, it feels as if we both are attached. (looking at Angre) He’s looking at her strangely too. (to Drishti) I’ll be glad to collaborate with you.

Kritika: Here, have some so we can finalize. (handing over the dishes, she opened) Drishti is really excited, she’s made the food for the first time and don’t worry there won’t be any difference in my taste and hers, she’s learnt from me.

Vansh: Sure.

As Kritika handed over the food items to him, he continuously stared at Drishti who was stealing glances at him, feeling something weird and strange arise in her. He took a morsel of Paneer Makhni and he felt as if he was in heaven. He closed his eyes as he chewed it, the flavors captivated his taste buds giving him the taste he longed for. He opened his eyes and saw another dish kept in front of him.

Meethi Bhaat, his favorite and something that made him remember Riddhima once again. The taste seemed similar and when he took a spoonful of Meethi bhaat, it enhanced the sweetness in his mouth, directing him to Riddhima’s taste and cooking style. His eyes had tears remembering her, and he looked up to them. He got up and headed for the door when his hand brushed off with Drishti’s.

He stopped in his tracks, while she looked up to him. Both of their eyes were widened and breathes hitched.


Is it her?

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