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Lamp of love Episode-9: Anirudh is confused about his feelings

The episode starts with Tapur asking Som why he heard the conversation between her and Bondita without their knowledge. Som gets shocked and tells that he was just passing that way, that time he heard about this and gets panic. Tapur laughs and says why are getting this much tensed and teases him, he looks confused seeing her laugh. Sampoorna tells Som that it was Tapur who told her that both Anirudh and Bondita has some feeling towards each other. Somnath asks Sampoorna why she didn’t tell him about this. Tapur says it’s not Sampoorna di who didn’t hide this from him, she says, actually I said that we have to first find whether it is real or just our imagination. Som tells so Bondita has feelings towards Anirudh, now we have to find about Anirudh dada. Sampoorna tells that it is tough because we couldn’t get any clue regarding this. Tapur says, yes but we have to do something to find this.

Anirudh comes to Bondita’s room and knocks the door. She opens and asks him to come inside. They both sit. Bondita tells that she is getting ready to meet the school administrators and combs her hair, Anirudh looks Bondita. She tells that after speaking with them, she will speak to village people about sending their daughters to school, then will proceed further and asks him if this is good idea. Anirudh still looking at Bondita and lost in thoughts, she calls him Sakha babu, he comes back to reality and asks her about her plan. Bondita with puzzled face asks what Sakha babu just now I told about everything, or you daydreaming? Anirudh says, no Bondita I was just thinking something, he tells her to get ready and leaves from there.

Anirudh comes out and thinks why he is feeling like this, he recalls seeing Bondita, and thinks why she is looking so different for him, he walks thinking the same and hit KSj. Ksj says Anirudh what happened to you? You would have made me to fall, what are you thinking and walking. Anirudh says nothing kaka, I was just talking about today’s plan with Bondita, so I am thinking whether everything will be good. Ksj asks him about campaign area which he is planning for Bondita. Anirudh tells that the work is almost finished. Ksj says okay and asks him to be with Bondita as this path is difficult. Anirudh assures him and leaves.

Bondita reaches the place where Anirudh has made every school administrator to assemble. Most of the administrators are English people. She greets them, they congratulate her for this Campaign. Bondita thanks them and asks them is there any problem in admitting girl student in Vidyalaya? They say there is no problem, actually they are expecting girls to get educated and welcome her motive too. Bondita tells them that she is very happy after their response. Bondita tells them that villagers have certain issues in sending their girl child to school, She asks them shall we discuss about that and tells them she have only few points to address now and tells them she will clarify other things after meeting villagers. They say okay and asks her about the issues. Bondita tells them most villagers don’t allow their child due to gender discrimination, they don’t want their daughters to study along with boys, the administrators looks at each other and discuss something. Bondita asks them what they are discussing, they tell her that if needed we can make separate classes for them, Bondita tells that is good idea and tells them she will speak to villagers and ask about their issue without bringing this discrimination, if they don’t consider this much then we will make both study in same place. Everyone nods and thanks her and leave from there.  Bondita thinks, now I have to speak to villagers and ask about their decision.

Anirudh reads the case paper of Vibha, he comes to know that Vibha’s sasural members have hired a Barrister to defend for them. Bondita reaches haveli and goes to meet Anirudh in study room. Sampoorna sees her and asks her how her work was, Bondita says, “Till now it is fine and asks her where Thakumaa is? I haven’t seen her from morning”. Sampoorna tells that Thakumaa has went for some emergency work to nearby village. Bondita says okay and leaves to meet Anirudh. Tapur comes there and asks Sampoorna shall we? Sampoorna smiles and nods.

Bondita knocks door thrice, Anirudh gets nostalgic and asks her to come in.  He asks about her meeting with administrators. Bondita tells him about everything happened there. She tells him that next they have to meet villagers and ask about their decision and issues if any, Anirudh nods. He tells her about Vibha’s case and informs her that a barrister is hired by Vibha’s sasural members to defend her. Bondita tells fine, we will fight for justice till it is served. Anirudh tells her that, they have to collect some evidence to strong their side.

Tapur comes without noise and lifts the carpet that is placed before study room, she keeps some ball shaped small marbles in the floor and covers the carpet above that. She signals Sampoorna and Som, they both sit near study room pretending to do some work. Tapur gives thumbs up. Bondita gets up and tells Anirudh that she will rest for some time and will meet him later. She walks from their and keeps her leg in the carpet and slips, Anirudh sees this and catches her but they lose their balance and both fall on the sofa near them. Tapur, Sampoorna and Som looks at them and smiles seeing each other. Anirudh and Bondita looks at each other, Anirudh takes away the hair that hides Bondita’s face, and looks straight into her eyes she blushes, Anirudh looks at her mesmerizingly. KSj comes there and see them. KSj asks what is happening here. Sampoorna, Som and Tapur comes there. Bondita and Anirudh realize the mess they were in and gets up. Anirudh says, kaka Bondita slipped when I was trying to help her, we lost balance and it ended up like this. KSj asks Bondita how did she slip is there any water spilled their? Bondita tells no KSj actually I felt something rolling. Tapur and Sampoorna gets panic. Bondita checks down and also by lifting the carpet, but sees nothing there. Som smiles and thinks, Dada you were busy looking at Bondita and I took away the marbles. Som turns to Tapur and Sampoorna and shows the marble in his hands, they both get relived. Ksj asks whatever, he asks Bondita to rest.

The village head and some important people reach RC’s haveli. KSj and Anirudh greets them and asks what made them to come here. They say a women cannot stay in someone’s house without their identity as daughter, Bahu or sister, this rule is applicable for everyone. Ksj says yes right, and asks why they are saying this. The village head asks then how Bondita and Tapur can stay here. Ksj and Anirudh gets shocked. The villagers demand to send Bondita and Tapur away as they are not related to their family. A voice says, “Who are you to tell this, to send my family away from my house”.

To be continued…

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