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Ladai (One Shot on RiAnsh)

Riddhima kept standing in the garden, unfazed by the light raindrops falling on her.

The sky turned into a darker colour, as the clouds blocked the sunrays and the drizzle soon turned into a heavy downpour.

Chirping of birds dancing in the rain got replaced with sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning.

But, she was least bothered. All she could think of was...him.

O jaan waleya

enj chhad ke na javi

(The one who owns my life, don’t desert me like this)

She felt abandoned, forgotten.

Kite vaade sare

oh torh nibavi

(All those promises you made, at least fulfill those)

He had made countless promises. He had assured her that they would fight this battle together, get through this, together.

But here she was, all alone. Fighting for her survival in this world, where one’s own shadow couldn’t be trusted.

Galan ishq di kitian

sang ratan kadia

(We spoke of love, spent nights together)

The moments of togetherness they had shared, the forehead and cheek kisses, the cuddles, the tickling, the immense love his eyes held for her…Everything flashed in front of her eyes.

Oh bhull na javi

meinu chhad na javi…

(Don’t forget them, don’t leave me)

A teardrop rolled down her cheek, which got washed away by the rain.



He had left her. Without him, she was miserable and lost. The path seemed blur, the destination was not clear. She did not even know which way to go.

Mera yaar sajjan tun

dildar sajjan tun

(Lover, you are my love)

He loved her more than himself, no doubt. And she too, was always ready to put her life at stake for him.

Meinu kol luka le

gal sine la le

(Just hold me close and embrace me)

He was her drug, and she was addicted to him. His mere presence was enough to cure her.

Ghar aja mahi

fer na ja mahi

(Come back home lover, and never leave it again)

Tere tarle pava

teinu kinj samjava

(I’m at your feet. How shall I make you explain?)

Ik wari aja

ghar phera paja

(Come visit our home once)

Koi labh ke liade

mere dil da ranjha

(Someone get my Ranjha back)

She did not want him. She needed him. Without him, she’d die.

Rabb teri khudai

mein deva duhai

(I pray before God)

She prayed before god, day and night. But, to no avail. All her pleas were put to deaf ears.

Oss bekadre nu

meri kadar na aai

(That careless person, never realized my worth)

Needless to say, she didn’t care about god. But, what about him? Even he never understood her feelings. He would disappear every now and then, risk his life, without letting her know of his reckless actions.

Bahan kangna pake

hathe mehndi lake

(Adorning my arms with bangles, my palms with henna)

Kanni mundra pake

hun kehnu dikhava

(Earrings on my ears, Whom do I show this now?)

Chann edi charia

tun ghar na mudia

(You just left and never came back home)

Rava tak tak teria

akhaa rondian meria

(My eyes, fixed on the path you took, cry)

Ve tun samj na paia

man ishq machaia

(You never understood, the love in my heart)

Ve mein ho gai challi

rovan beh ke kalli

(I have gone crazy, I cry alone)

She chuckled at her state. Here she was, alone, crying in the rain, so that nobody could know.

Ve mann le kehna

dukh hor ni sehna

(I tell myself I won’t take any more pain)

She had to live, live for him, for their child.

Deva dil nu tasalli

rova beh ke kalli

(I console myself as I sit alone)

Kinj badal gia tun

dil khed gia tun

(Why did you change? You played with my heart)

He played with her feelings.

Hasse hasia de vich

dil tod gia tun

(Over jokes and laughter, you broke my heart)

Ve jan walia

enj chhad ke na javi

(The one who owns my life, don’t desert me like this)

Kite vaade sare

oh tod nibavi

(All those promises you made, at least fulfill those)

Galan ishq di kitian

sang ratan kadia

(We spoke of love, spent nights together)

Oh bhull na javi

meinu chhad na javi…

(Don’t forget them, don’t leave me)



She heard approaching footsteps, that broke her trance. Her heart skipped a beat.

It was him. She knew it was him, for she could feel his presence. His scent that was mixed with the earthly frangrance of the wet soil.

A smile formed on her lips and she ran upto him, taking him in her embrace.

After ten minutes, he tried breaking the hug, but she refused to let him go, and instead clutched his shirt more tightly. Finally, he gave up and let her do whatever she wanted.

After she was satisfied, she cupped his face and peppered it with kisses.

She had had enough. Enough of fighting. She wanted a break from all this, so that she could heal and return back with much more power. She was a true fighter, but it was time to take some rest. So, she lost herself in his embrace.

The rays of sun falling on her face broke her beauty sleep. She quickly glanced at the bed, to check whether he was really there, or she had been hallucinating all along.

And to her relief, there he was, sleeping like a kid, holding her as if she was his teddy bear.

A small blush crept on her face when she realized that she was wearing a different pair of clothes. Last night, both of them had got drenched and she became unconcious in his arms.

‘What a caring husband’ she thought to herself while admiring his innocent face.

She slowly entangled her legs with his, and buried her head in the crook of his neck.

He stirred in sleep, acting as if she doesn’t know that he is awake.

But she, completely aware of her husband’s traits, patted his chest and whispered, “So jao, Vansh. Hum donon thak gaye hain. Ab thoda aaram kar lete hain. Mushkilen sirf tali hain, abhi ladna baaki hai.”

Both of them smiled, and cuddled to sleep.

Je hove ijazat

teri kara ibadat…

(If I have your permission, I want to pray to you)

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