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Ishaan comes out and remembers Rhea’s decision. Tears which he had been trying to prevent to flow starts rolling down his eyes.

“ Ishaan…” saying this someone from behind lays hand on his shoulder.

Ishaan quickly wipes his tears and turns towards Rhea.

“ it’s fine. It’s ur life, ur decision.” Saying this Ishaan was about to leave but Rhea holds him back.

“ Ishaan listen to me, I am sorry….” Rhea gets stopped by Ishaan.

“ Sorry? That’s all. U took the decision just thinking about urself. What about me? I want to spend rest of my life with u, Rhea Mehra. Please don’t leave.” cries Ishaan holding her hands.

Rhea frees her hands from his clutches and wipes his tears. She holds his face.

“ ur the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, Ishaan Srinivasan. If u wouldn’t have come into my life, then I would have probably been that stubborn, bad, corrupt, murderous girl. U changed me Ishaan. U taught me to love. U made understand what true love is. And trust me, I really want to spend every moment of my life with u, and I will, I promise. But, before that I want to end the previous part of my life so that I can start a new one. And I have such an ugly past which is impossible to just forget and move on. If I do that, every moment I spend with u, my past will torment me that I don’t deserve this happiness. For the first time in my life, I am happy to get punished. And trust me after this atonement, I will be completely ready to start a new life. Will u wait for me?” asks Rhea to which Ishaan nods.

They share a tight hug. Rhea breaks that hug and  sticks her forehead to his and closes her eyes and gets emotional.

“ And promise me, u will always keep smiling even when I am not here. I like it when u smile.” Says Rhea to which Ishaan nods and kisses on her forehead.

Someone watches their conversation.

In Pallavi and Vikram’s bedroom

“ Prachi, please forgive me for whatever I have done to u. I insulted u to such an extent that I don’t deserve ur forgiveness…..” Pallavi gets interrupted by Prachi.

“ no aunty, don’t say that. U always loved me like ur own daughter. Do u remember? When I joined in Vikram sir’s office, at the beginning u always loved me, trusted me and cared for me. and it’s human’s nature to commit mistakes. If we don’t commit mistakes, then how come we are humans?  And on top of it, I had let go of everything and I think u should also do the same.” Replies Prachi to which Pallavi gets emotional for her words and gets impressed at her wisdom.

“ I would have done really something great to get a daughter-in-law like u.” saying this Pallavi kisses Prachi on her forehead. Ranbhir gets happy on seeing their affection.

“ Prachi, forgive me also…..” says Dida.

“ me too…. ” says Vikram.

Before they could say something Prachi interrupts their talk.

“ Don’t do this. I am really feeling uncomfortable. As I have said I forgot whatever happened. And if u keep on apologizing to me , then I will really be upset.” Says Prachi to which both Dida and Vikram waves their hands signing no to which Pallavi and Ranbhir laughs.

“ well, there is something important I have to do or else ur Baklu will be very angry with me?” says Pallavi.

“ what is it?” asks Prachi innocently.

“ come with me .” saying This Pallavi takes Prachi to the living room and calls everyone.

Everyone comes there.

“ what happened, Pallaviji? Why did u call us?” asks Pragya.

“ well there is something important to announce. I know everybody knows that Prachi and Ranbhir love each other and they are gonna get married but until it is announced officially it would be incomplete, right?” asks Pallavi to which everyone nods.

Pallavi comes to Pragya.

“ do u remember the promise u made to me , Pragyaji? U promised that u will make sure that ur daughter becomes my son’s wife.” Tells Pallavi to which Pragya remembers her promise to Pallavi. Pragya nods in agreement.

“ so today I have come here to ask ur daughter Prachi’s hand for my son Ranbhir Kohli.” Tells Pallavi.

“ If my daughter has no problem, then u can get her married to ur son today itself.” Says pragya.

“ Really aunty?  Prachi loves me. so, can we get married today itself?” asks an excited Ranbhir to which everyone laughs.

“ arey beta, can’t u wait for couple of days, haa? And Prachi u tell me, do u want to get married to this stupid son of mine? this is utr last chance. Answer wisely.”says Vikram to which Vikram gets a beating from Pallavi and a frown from Ranbhir. Prachi nods in agreement. Everyone claps except Alia.

“ Wait, wait, my son has been so excitingly expressing his love in front of everyone one way or the other and u just can’t nod like this. Come on open ur mouth and says that u like to get married to Ranbhir.” Tells Pallavi.

“ wow, mom u r the best.” Saying this Ranbhir kisses Pallavi but gets a frown from Prachi.

Everyone asks Prachi to say.

“ ok,ok. I will say. I agree to get married to Ranbhir, aunty” says Prachi to which everyone claps but Ranbhir stops everyone.

“ no, this is too formal. It’s like this is an arrange marriage and u agreed for the sake of ur parents. I want in a lovely manner.” says Ranbhir to which Prachi frowns again but everyone supports Ranbhir.

“ ok, I love Ranbhir and I want to marry him, aunty.” Everyone claps to her answer including Ranbhir.

“ Well, everything was good except on thing.” Tells Pallavi.

“ what aunty?” asks Prachi.

“nono… again same mistake. U r going to be our daughter-in-law, so what are u supposed to call us?” asks Vikram.

“ sir,that…” Prachi stops as he realizes she did the same mistake again.

“ hmm? Come on call us mom and dad, with the swag like ur Baklu.” Says Vikram.

“ mmm……………, dad.” says  Prachi.

Pallavi gifts ancestral bangles to Prachi and declares Prachi as Kohli’s to be daughter-in-law. Vikram and Pallavi together hug Prachi. Dida also joins them.

“oh my god! U guys forgot me.” saying this Ranbhir makes puppy face.

Pallavi extends her arm and Ranbhir also hugs them.

Except Alia everyone gets happy at the sight.

“ get used to this bhai, after wedding our parents won’t care for us especially our fathers. They care only for their daughter-in-law. I am giving u this advise as an experienced person.” Says Aryan to which Shahana gives him a frowning look and everyone laughs.

“ well, that’s true. But in ur case, not only ur father but me and dida are also gonna be on prachi’s side.” Says Pallavi.

“ what? Anyways it’s fine.” Says Ranbhir.

“ fine?” asks Rhea.

“ yes,  because…” saying this Ranbhir pulls Prachi towards him  and continues to speak.

“ because, Prachi is mine and whoever are her’s will also be mine.” Says Ranbhir.

“ aww…..” says everyone to which Prachi blushes.

“ ok, I have called panditji, he will come tomorrow and fix date for Prachi and Ranbhir’s marriage.” Says Dadi.

Everybody goes to bed.

In Rhea’s room

Somebody knocks the door and Rhea opens.

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