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Kkb episode 43 (Love of Life)

The same day.
After the mehndi ceremony was over everyone heads towards their respective rooms… Sunny bids farewell to Kiara and the whole family. After this Kiara goes to meet Aryan.

In Aryan’s room.
Kiara knocks the door, Aryan who was sitting on his bed lost in his own world, notices Kiara and asks her to come in. Kiara enters the room and sits beside Aryan.

Kiara – So what’s your decision?
Aryan – Which decision dii?
Kiara – About your marriage.
Aryan – Ohh so you are still stuck there, dii I have accepted the truth.
Kiara – It means you won’t try anymore?
Aryan – No.
Kiara – That’s good.
Aryan – What?
Kiara – I am really happy for Shahana, now I know you don’t love her truly and Shashank does so I am happy…You see after explaining you so much you are on the same path which proves your love isn’t true. And Shashank, I have seen love in his eyes for Shahana which is clearly visible. I was wasting time in helping you so now I won’t.

There was a silence of few seconds, Aryan was sad while Kiara was hoping for a miracle to happen and Aryan would say “Dii I need your help in stopping the marriage” but this hope didn’t last for a long time as Aryan spoke something unexpected.

Aryan – Dii I am also not interested in marrying that Shahana, I don’t know how Shashank agreed.. Shahana is egoistic and I know after marriage she will be fat and I don’t like such girls, Mishti is perfect for me.

Kiara grew angry on this statement, unknown to both of them Shahana who was passing from there heard the last part of their conversation (what Aryan spoke about Shahana that only). She gets sad on hearing those words and rushes towards her room.

Kiara- Aryan you are mad, talking like this about your love, I didn’t expect that from you and now I won’t even help you.

Saying this Kiara leaves from there while Aryan was sad .

Aryan’s POV.
I don’t know wether my love is true or not but I know this much that I can’t live without Shahana anymore. Don’t worry dii I will not let my Shahana marry that Shashank in any condition. This marriage will be stopped for sure. But what will I do, think Aryan.. Think..

While on the other side.

Shahana’s POV.
Aryan thinks that about me but I love that idiot… After a few days there is my marriage and I am still thinking about him, he loves Mishti, Shahana he doesn’t love you so just stop thinking about him… No but I can’t because I love him and my love is true. I know I can’t see him getting married to any other girl but for his happiness I can. His happiness lies in Mishti and don’t worry she will always keep your Aryan happy so just be happy but I can’t stop myself from loving you, I will always love you Aryan Khanna just as moon loves the sun.. Though we will not be together but I will still love you..

Her chain of thoughts were I interrupted by Rhea who enters her room.

Rhea – Shahana come with me, I have something for you.

Saying this she holds Shahana’s hand and takes her to her room. Shahana was totally confused but moves with her. Shahana and Rhea reach her room. There was a beautiful dress which was lying on the bed.. It had matching jewellery with it.

Rhea – How’s it?
Shahana – Beautiful!
Rhea – So wear it!
Shahana – What?
Rhea – See I bought it for you.
Shahana – But why?
Rhea  – Today is your haldi, sangeet so that’s why.
Shahana – But what was the need.
Rhea – Do you consider me your sister?
Shahana – Yes I do but..
Rhea – What but, it’s just a token of love wear it, no excuses..

Shahana was taken away on seeing Rhea’s love she goes in and gets ready… (Little fast forward⏩) All the ceremonies were over and day of wedding had finally arrived..All were getting ready the guests were arriving and the pandit started to  chant the mantras.. Shahana was in her room dressed in a bridal attire, her eyes were moist, she was sad she looks at Aryan’s name on her hand and caressed it and then kisses it.. She sits there sadly.. While on the other side Aryan was getting ready with his mind full of Shahana.. Kiara was just passing through the corridor when she sees Aryan lost in his own  thoughts she was about to enter in when she remembers something and leaves from there… She goes down stairs and heads towards the Srinivasan mansion, Sunny who had just entered also goes behind her as she seemed worried.. Disha straight away goes to Pragya and meets Abhi and all other family members.. Rhea also comes  down and greets Disha and hugs her.. While in Prachi’s room.. Prachi gets ready and goes to meet Shahana.. She gets emotional on seeing her and hugs her.. They both have an emotional talk and after sometimes Prachi leaves from there..

Simultaneous scenes..

Prachi leaves after meeting Shahana while she was passing through the corridors she notices a string of decorations was hanging down… She goes near it so as to adjust it but fails as it was at a height..She looks around and on finding nobody she takes a stool from the corner and climbs on it and fixes the decoration.. A few children who came running from stairs collided with the stool and the stool shakes and Prachi loses her balance.. She was about to fall when our hero comes and saves Prachi.. Prachi looks at him and was lost in his eyes, they both share an intense eye-lock… After few minutes getting back to reality she straightens herself, looks at Ranbir who was looking damn hot.. She couldn’t get her eyes off him , Ranbir on noticing it snaps his fingers in front of her eyes to bring her out of her dreamland..

Ranbir – Where were you lost?
Prachi (without realizing) – You..
Ranbir (confused) – What?
Prachi (stammering) – You saved me so thank you..

Saying this she turns around and was about to leave when Ranbir holds her hand and stops her… Prachi turns back to see..

Prachi – What happened Ranbir,do you want anything?
Ranbir – Prachi you are looking very beautiful today.
Prachi (blushes and gives a smile) – Thanks and you are also looking good.
Ranbir (faking anger) – Only good.
Prachi – Okay very good.
Ranbir – Like really very good?
Prachi (laughing) – Then maybe worse.
Ranbir (angry) – Prachi… You just wait..

Saying this Ranbir starts chasing Prachi.. Prachi was running holding her lehnga.. She was looking back to see Ranbir who was chasing her at a high pace but suddenly she collides with someone and falls in the arm of that person.. She looks at the person and the broad smile on her face changes into a small one..

Prachi – Ishaan…
Ishaan – Prachi sorry actually I was busy in my phone so I didn’t see you..

Prachi was still in Ishaan’s embrace when Ranbir reaches there he was completely fuming in anger and jealousy on seeing Prachi in his arms.. Without delaying he goes near them and say something to get them back to their position..

Ranbir (faking smile) – Hey Ishaan how are you?

Hearing this statement both of them gets back to their normal position.

Ishaan (smiling) – I am fine bro what about you.
Ranbir (feebly mummered) – I was fine but now you came then how can I be fine.
Ishaan (puzzled) – I didn’t get that!
Ranbir (faking smile) – I was saying I am fine.What are you doing here by the way?
Ishaan (remembering the real reason for his arrival) – Ohh.. Actually I came to give this to Prachi.

(He takes out a box which had two beautiful heavy bangles (kangan) in it).

Prachi – To me but why?
Ranbir – Yes why will you give this to Prachi?
Ishaan – Actually this is a gift from me and amma said it to give it today, I forgot to give it on the day of engagement and after that I was really busy so I thought this is the best day to give it.

Saying this he takes out the bangles and makes Prachi  wear them.. Ranbir was fuming in jealousy on seeing them.. Prachi gave a smile on the face on noticing Ranbir and remembering Pallavi’s word..

On the other side.
Kiara reaches the Srinivasan mansion followed by Sunny.. But instead of the main door she goes to the backyard which shocks Sunny, he also follows her. She takes a ladder and supports it by keeping it against the balcony which shocks Sunny… Sunny recognizes it be Shashank’s room and then goes back to the main door and enters the mansion while Kiara climbs up the ladder and enters Shashank’s room..Shashank was getting ready and looks at her with suprise..

Shawshank (surprised) – Dii you here, and why did you come from balcony..
Kiara – Calm down Shashank, I came here so that nobody sees me..
Shashank – Is there something important?
Kiara – Yes, Aryan.. You know what he said me yesterday, he said that he is not interested in Shahana and will marry Mishti, he has completely lost his mind.
Shashank – What? Dii sorry to say but your brother is the biggest stupid. I mean how, how can he see his love marrying some other guy in front of him.
Kiara – That’s what I am saying, but what will we do if he doesn’t stop the wedding?
Shashank – Don’t worry dii this marriage will be stopped for sure.
Kiara – But how?
Shashank – Either by Aryan or me.
Kiara – Listen this all mess was created by me so I will only clean it, you don’t need to become bad.
Shashank – Dii don’t worry.
Kiara – But Shashank.
Shashank – Believe me everything will be sorted.

Saying this Shashank hugs Kiara, Sunny who just enters there was left heartbroken on seeing both of them (unaware of their relationship) and hides . He was burning in jealousy.

Shashank (caressing her face) – Trust me everything will be fine.
Kiara – I trust you and I don’t want to ruin your life, stop this wedding .
Shashank – I will don’t worry and leave now if anyone will see us than it will be a big problem.
Kiara – Okay.

And saying this she leaves from there from the same place from where she entered. While Sunny misunderstands Shashank to be the boy whom Kiara loves (she made a excuse of this in one of the episodes). He was little sad and without thinking much leaves from there.

In the Mehra mansion.
Kiara reaches the mansion she finds Disha standing over there and greets her and asks about Sunny who points at Sunny who just entered the mansion. Kiara goes towards him and hugs him.

Kiara – Sunny where were you?
Sunny (rudely) – None of your business.

Saying this he leaves from there while Kiara feels hurt on seeing his behavior she leaves from there with a sad face towards King .

Kiara (hugs King) – Dadaa.
King – What happened princess, you look sad?
Kiara (making excuse) – Dadaa my sister is getting married so I will be sad only.
King – Is this the reason or something else?
Kiara – This only.

Kiara didn’t tell him the truth but went to him because he was the only one who could comfort her the most and understand her best.. This time the same happened but Kiara turned down the topic..

After some more time.
The wedding starts and the pandit asks the girls to bring the brides, Shahana and Mishti come, they both look at their love and getting back to reality looking at the person they were about to get married. They both sit beside their grooms in different mandap.. All this while Kiara looked worried while Sunny didn’t talk to her after witnessing that event.. Aryan was also tensed while Shashank was little nervous… Shahana and Mishti both looked at each other and just smiled… The rituals begin.. All most half of the rituals were done… Everyone was happy but Shashank who couldn’t take it anymore was about to get up when suddenly Aryan gets up, removes his sehra and asks to stop the wedding .. Everyone gets tensed while a smile creeps on Kiara’s face… Mishti, Shahana and Shashank also get up.

Aliya – What happened Aryan?
Aryan – This wedding can’t happen. Aliya – Aryan have you lost it, just keep quite and sit down.
Aryan – No mom today let me speak and I can’t ruin lives of three more people.

Saying this he walks towards Shashank and Shahana’s mandap.

Aryan – Shahana neither I am perfect for you nor you are perfect for me so we should live together.

Shahana gets shocked to hear this while Kiara frowns at Aryan’s statement .

Aryan – I know we are different..I know that there will be fights between us indeed I say we may fight everyday, but you know it’s better if we fight by living together rather than fighting by living away from each other. You know we always say hot & sweet but we never say sweet -sweet or hot-hot..So is the case with us.. Mishti may be perfect for you but I want you, I don’t want my life to be perfect I want it be to be adventurous. So as to make it hot and sweet..

Saying this he kneels down on his knees and forwards his hand.

Aryan – Will you marry me Shahana?

Shahana was happy on hearing this and was about to say yes but she remembers Aryan’s talk..

Shahana – But first answer my these answers.. (She has to think about herself also).
Aryan – Ask.

Shahana – I am little egoistic what will you do?
Aryan (nods his head and thinks) – So I will lessen mine.
Shahana – What if I become fat after marriage?
Aryan – Hmm.. I will accompany you to the gym.. Both of us will go together.
Shahana – I don’t know how to make food.
Aryan – Not a great deal, I will make for you.
Shahana – I don’t like washing dishes.
Aryan – Okay I will wash.

Shahana nods her head.

Aryan – I have nightouts with friends during weekends.
Shahana – Only one day..
Aryan – But..
Shahana – I said one day else forget them.
Aryan – No, no it’s okay, I will manage in a day.
Shahana – Better.
Aryan – Sometimes I drink.
Shahana – Once in three months.
Aryan – What, but..
Shahana – Okay twice in three months.
Aryan (sadly) – Okay.
Aryan – I don’t know…

He was interrupted by Kiara in between.

Kiara – Aryan are you gonna discuss your plans here only without marrying?
Aryan (looks at Shahana) – So will you marry me?
Shahana (happily) – Yes.

Hearing this Aryan immediately hugs Shahana and both of them share a passionate hug.. All were happy on seeing them except Aliya and Pallavi.
After sometimes Shahana breaks the hug.

Shahana – But Shashank..
Shashank – Don’t worry sweetheart I am happy for you and congratulations Aryan.

Aryan – For the first time I am genuinely feeling to hug you.

Pallavi (shouts) – Stop this drama, Aliya just see what your son is doing, he is spoiling my daughter’s life.

Aliya – Don’t worry Pallavi I will talk to him.

Purab – No need Aliya, didn’t you hear he said that he loves Shahana and Shahana also loves him so what’s the problem.

Aliya – This middle class girl, I don’t know what magic she did on my son.

Kiara – Ohh please just keep your cheap mentality with you and how dare you call her middle class, she is our sister so just talk to her with respect this is the last warning. And I don’t why you always use such words, just the worst women I have ever seen. And she hasn’t done any magic it’s all about love which I know you won’t understand because it’s obsession for you.

Aliya (shouts) – You! Bhai did you see the way she is talking to me.

Kiara – Sorry dad but I say what I feel and Mrs. Aliya truth is always bitter.

Pallavi – But Aliya your son ruined my daughter’s life.

Shashank – Nobody ruined your daughter’s life.

Saying this he goes near Mishti.

“Hey, now also you will sit curdling in mouth, won’t you speak anything, why don’t you tell the truth? ” say Shashank while slightly moving Mishti.

Pallavi – Meenakshi ji just ask your son to behave properly with my daughter.
Meenakshi – Kanna what are you doing, just come here.
Shashank -Amma just wait. Mishti just speak the truth.
Pallavi – What truth are you talking about?

“Just ask your daughter , she will tell you everything. ” saying this Shashank takes a water bottle go out of the mandap and sits on a chair comfortably.

Pallavi – Mishti speak something, about what truth is Shashank talking about.

Mishti who was just a mute spectator till now, looks at Shashank who was sitting on the chair comfortably and goes near him.

“What do you think of yourself, if Aryan would have not stop the wedding you would marry Shahana, did you not think about me, how would I live without you, one year I spent sleepless nights thinking about  you.. Wasn’t that enough? says Mishti with tears in her eyes and slightly pushing Shashank.

” Okay now forgive me and what did you think I slept peacefully?.. I also spent sleepless night, whenever I used to close eyes you would come in front of it, it wasn’t asy for me to see you getting married to another guy infront me.. You don’t know how have I controlled myself whenever I used to see you and Aryan.. And what do you think I would let this marriage happen? .. No never says Shashank emotionally.

” I love you Shashank and now just don’t leave me ” says Mishti and then hugs him.

“I love you too and forgive me for whatever happened a year ago. ” Says Shashank.

” I will only forgive you if.. ” says Mishti

“If what? ” asks Shashank.

“If you will marry me. ” saying this Mishti bents on her knees.

“Will you marry me Shashank Srinivasan? ” asks Mishti with a smile on her face.

“Yes Mishti Kohli” says Shashank with a broad smile on his face..

Mishti and Shashank hug each other.

All were happy on seeing them including Pallavi as she always wanted her daughter to be happy (she wants her sons happiness also but Prachi’s impression is set wrong) except Aliya as her plan to become the 50% owner was backfired.

” You cheater you hid this thing from me. ” says Kiara while moving towards Shashank.

Sunny was little sad to know that Shashank cheated Kiara (according to him it’s that).

Kiara goes near Shashank and slightly twists his ear “You were in my team right , I told you everything but you hid such a big thing from me” says Kiara while still twisting his ear.

” Ouchh sorry dii , I will tell you everything but first leave me ” says Shashank in pain.

All were confused after hearing their conversation while among all this wilderness Sunny caught the word “dii”  and was highly relieved on learning that Kiara was Shashank sister not girlfriend, he then recalls how rudely he replied to Kiara and decides to apologize to her.

Shashank tells everything about his and Mishti’s story, how they met and fell in love and everything included.

Aryan – If you loved Mishti than why did you propose my Shahana?
Shashank – It was just a part of plan.

“Plan? ” says everyone in a unison.

Shashank -Yes plan. (He then explains everything to everyone and also tells about Kiara’s involvement in the plan).

Kiara – Sorry Aryan but after seeing your actions I had to do that but this Shashank never told me about Mishti, that’s why I am angry from him, been in my team he never told me anything.

Aryan – I am happy di and it’s all because of you thank you.

Shashank – And forgive me.

Kiara – Forgiven after all you were the one who helped me in carrying out my plan successfully.

” But I am still angry. ” speak four different people in unison. (Guess them).

Precap – Happily married…. Arhana, Rhehaan, Pranbir and Siara scenes.

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