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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu Seeks Rajesh’s Help To Curb Amma’s Addiction

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma feeling uneasy craving for alcohol and thinking nothing will happen if she drinks a drop of alcohol. She hurriedly searches her alcohol bottle in cupboard and thinks where did it go. Dada ji says it flew away. Amma scolds him to return it or she else will twist his lemons. He says some does and he has to pay for it. She asks what does he mean. He says their bahu Rajesh took it away to help her fulfill her promise. Dadi cries that bahu took her small bottle, whole family is behind her. Dadaji says family saved her from dying, he had already warned her that she will come to him if she drinks more and says she will not get a bottle, so if she agrees he can hug her to divert her attention and fulfill his wish. She says its lust and not wish and says she herself will make her arrangement. Dadaji says he will not let her go. She warns him that she will pull off her moustache and 4 hair tresses. Dadaji afriad moves aside and thinks she is preparing to come to him.

Dadi hurriedly rushes out of house when Rajesh and Chamchi return from grocery shopping and ask where is she going. Amma says she has some important work. Rajesh says Darogaji/Happu will drop her. Amma says she can’t wait for long. Chamchi asks if its so important. Rajesh asks where is she going. Amma says she is going to her friend’s house for keertan. Rajesh says she had gone just last week. Amma says she is going for jagran. Chamchi says they serve yummy prasad and hence wants to accompany her. Amma denies. Rajesh asks to take Chamchi along. Daadi says she has kept ice cream in fridge and Hrithik may finish it if Chamchi accompanies here. Chamchi says she will stay back then and asks Amma to bring prasad for her. Rajesh asks her to call Darogaji if she gets late and ask him to pick her up. Amma praises her and says she cares for her so much and leaves.

Kat in her broken English asks Kamlesh if he is ready to to know his mistakes in English. Kamlesh says he is ready dhadadhad with a list. Malaika asks her to teach a good lesson to this kavva/crow and tear his eardrums. Kamlesh warns her to zip her mouth. Kat says it is his first bad habit which is her good habit that he always come in Malaika’s talks. Kamlesh in his broken English says Malaika angers her and boils his blood. Malika says she will boil his blood and overflow it. Malaika and Kamlesh broken English complaints against each other continues. He says she makes mistakes and doesn’t accept it. She says he is wrong. Malaika says didi is always right and he is crowing like a crow. Kat says Malaika is right. Kamlesh says she always comes in Malaika’s talks. Malaika says he needs to be taught a lesson and slaps him repeatedly. He says it is her bad habit.

Amma brings alcohol home and drinks it hiding the bottle in her pallo/veil. Dadaji stops her and says she is habituatal alcoholic. She sings Mujhe To Lat Laggayi and says she loves tonic/alcohol. He says she loves taunting bahu. She says he is right. Their nok jhok continues when Happu calls Amma and walks in. Dadaji asks her to hide alcohol bottle. She hides it in cupboard hurriedly. Happ gifts her sari. She asks him to bring a gift every month. He asks her to wear it now. She says she is feeling sleepy and tired. He says its alcohol withdrawal symptoms and she must be feeling groggy and frustrated. She nods yes. He says he will keep her sari in cupboard. She tries to stop him. He opens cupboard and seeing alcohol bottle asks what is chota/mini chetan doing in cupboard. She asks him to ask bada chetan/Dadaji. Happu scolds Dadaji and takes away alcohol bottle asking Amma to wear her new sari in the morning.

Happu then walks to his room and informs Rajesh that he had brought a sari for Amma. She asks where is her sari. He scolds her and asks not to change the topic. She asks him to continue. He says he found alcohol bottle in Amma’s cupboard. She says Amma went for satsang in the evening and didn’t take her puppet Chamchi. He says Amma is out of control now, she should give an idea to stop amma’s alcoholism. She murmurs idea in his ears. He happily hugs her. In the morning, Happu walks to Amma and asks if she is having tea. She jokes. Beni walks in and asks Happu to return his 20000 rs. Happu asks him to relax and have some tea. Amma asks what is happening. Beni says he took loan from someone and gave it to Happu, now he wants his money back to repay his loan. Happu says he doesn’t have money. Beni holds his collar and warns to return his money. Amma scolds Beni for fighting with Happu and asks him to reveal what is happening. Beni says Happu took loan for gambling. Amma says Happu has gone on his father and doesn’t have bad habit. Happu says he gambles occasionally. Beni says his gambling habit will ruin Happu, its difficult to leave any bad habit. Happu angrily shoos him away. Amma asks what is she hearing. Happu says he just gambled 20000rs and will not sell his house, so she need not worry.

Ranbir and Hrithik fight for money and tear it. Daadi asks what is happening. Hrithik says Ranbir stole money from papa’s pocket before he could while he had suggested him to play game, earn some money and return papa’s money. Dadi scolds them for stealing Happu’s money. They both apologize. Chamchi says they both steal money 2-3 times in a week and are habitual offenders. Hrithik says even dadi drinks tonic and she is not habituated. Daadi sasys she is not and warns them not to steal again. Chamchi says they will not change. Hrithik throws pillow on her. Daadi says Chamchi said right.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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