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College Wala Love #Riansh TS Chapter – 1

Hii,,, I hope you all remember me very well☺☺☺. Let me start with the TS first. 

” College Wala Love “

It is a pretty morning. A girl is standing in the balcony of her room with a coffee mug in her hand. She is adoring the morning view of Manali. Her dreamland!!  From childhood only she loves hilly areas. And this makes her attract to Manali.

The suns rays are falling on the hills, making the view heavenly. Sounds of hilly birds can be heard from the nearby forests. Some animals are playing beside the waterfall. All of the peoples are busy in their own respective works. Tourist cars are passing from the road.

The girl is standing wearing her night dress. A blue colour shorts and red sleeve less top. She is also wearing a multi – colour shrug over it.

She quickly finished her coffee and goes inside her room. The room is very big and it is full of her pics in different poses on all the walls. The bed is placed on the right side with two bed side table beside it. Opposite side of the bed there is the cupboard. In the middle of the cupboard there is the dressing table attached with it.

She goes in washroom and gets fresh. She comes out from the washroom wearing a towel and stands in front of the mirror.

Girl says with smile of proudness , ” Have you ever seen such a beautiful girl?? No right? Mirror just say who is the most beautiful girl in this world? Yes of course it’s me “.

Saying this she goes towards the cupboard and selects a dress.

She says with a smile, ” Blue is my all time favorite colour and today also I will wear blue. And this is my favorite gown. “

Then she wears the gown and gets ready. She applies some kajal and lipstick. Then leaves taking her bag and car keys.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After a journey of 15 – 20 mins she finally reaches her destination. While coming she was adoring the view of Manali.

On the top of the gate it is written ” Lifeline Clinic “. She parks her car and head towards her cabin. While going in her cabin, her eyes fell on an old couple who are sitting among other patients. She feels like she knew them from before but didn’t remember clearly who they are.

Brushing off her thoughts she went. After five minutes she starts to check patients. She is psychiatrist in profession. After 3 – 4 patients the same old aged couple came and sits in front of her.

Her eyes are examining them from top to bottom and trying her best to remember who they are but in vain.

She finally says, ” May I know what is the problem?? And who is the patient?? “.

” Patient didn’t come as he is not in any condition to come. Actually he is facing with mental illness. He forgets everything about past and acts in a very weird manner. Please save my son doctor “, the lady replies with a pleading eyes.

The girl assures, ” This is my duty mam. Don’t worry. You son’s well being is now my responsibility. But do you have any picture of him. Then it will be very helpful for me. ”

The old man replies, ” Yes I have “.

He takes out his phone and shows her his pic.

She is shocked to the core to see the pic. She immediately gives back the phone.

” Excuse me “, saying this she rushes to the washroom.

The old lady and the man leaves from there. 

In the washroom :-

She is crying without making any sound. She is pouring her out. She lifts her head and watch herself crying on the mirror.

The girl says with a choked voice, ” When I start my life again then what was the need to come back??? Though my revenge was incomplete but now I will take it. You have dig your own danger. Now you have to face it. “

She removes her dress in the washroom and sees her back in the mirror. It has numerous spots of wound. It seems she is hurted a lot. There are marks of stitches also.  

Naraz tumse hu par,,,

Saza sabko de raha hu….

(This shayri is given by Ayesha )
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Next day a girl gets ready to meet with someone . After she reaches there, she immediately goes to his room. But what she saw makes her numb.

She see the room was full of someone’s drawing. She is a very beautiful lady, maybe more beautiful than that word. Even looking more beautiful because of the artist. Vansh is also sitting holding a picture of that girl. He was speaking in his own mind with the frame.

She finally calls him in a low voice, ” Vansh…”

Listening her Vansh turns his head. He was shocked at first. Then he composed himself and went with the flow.

Vansh replies, ” Yes I am Vansh, but may I know who are you?? “. 

” Won’t you say me to sit also?? Am I looks too bad?? “, the girl complains.

” It’s nothing like that. Please take your sit.”, says Vansh politely.

She says, ” Now I should give my introduction right. So I am Zara Rastogi. I works in a publishing company. I have heard about your drawings a lot so thought to meet with you. Even I saw it also. All of them are just breathtaking  “.

Vansh says shyly, ” Thank you so much. I am glad you like them “.

Zara says, ”  I also heard you draw on some stories, like if I tell you about a story. Then you can draw on that also “.

Vansh replies, ” Yes. I am famous for that only “. 

Zara says with a lump in her throat, ” I want you to draw upon a story. And I will tell you about the story myself. Do you want “.

Vansh says cheerfully, ” Yes, why not “.

Zara says, ” Ok, so come with me. Actually it is a real life story. And it will be more thrilling if it starts from the same place from where it actually starts “.

Saying this Zara leaves. Vansh being confused leaves with her getting no other option.


Soon they reach a college. It is a very big college. Outside the campus it has a very big parking area. After that the campus starts. In the campus there is a big ground with canteen and garden. It was may be a holiday so it is empty. Zara tooks Vansh to a room of the college.

Zara says, ” How are you feeling “.

Vansh sees everything and says, ” Can you start the story “.

Zara replies, ” Sure but one condition. I will say the boy’s name as Vansh and the girl’s name as Riddhima “.

And the story starts.

Flashback Starts :-

It is a beautiful morning. Sun is shining brightly. A boy wearing a red sweater is cycling with a bag on his back. He is adoring the view of Manali.  Soon he reached his college. He comes in the parking area and parks his cycle. He might took 2 or 3 steps when he heard a crashing sound. He turns and saw his favorite cycle is broken by a foreign car.

The boy shouts, ” Are you blind or what?? Can’t you see my cycle is there??? Getting a foreign car doesn’t mean you have buy whole world “.

From the car a girl comes down. She tooks off her sunglass and blows her hair in air. She is wearing jeans and shirt with a leather jacket over it.

The girl says with attitude, ” So you are thinking you have eyes? Can’t you see this place is for parking cars and bikes not for your cycle “.

The boys again says angrily, ” So where I will keep the cycle in your house? Parking area is for all. I will keep here only. Do whatever you want “.

Then the girl also says with same attitude, ” Even I also don’t care ok? I will also park my car here only “.

Saying this she gets into her car and starts to drive over the cycle. But the boy comes and stand between them. The girl takes out her head in anger.

The boy says, ” My name is also Vansh Raisinghania. If you want to break my cycle then carry on with your work but at first you have to go over me first “.

The girl comes out again and says gritting her teeth, ” And my name is also Riddhima Shah. If I say I will do it then think it is half completed. 24 hours!! In this 24 hours I will break your cycle and make it dust. Save it if you can “.

Vansh says, ” Challenge accepted “.

By saying this both of them turns to leave with a proud and attitude look. Now god only knows what is going to happen.

In the college campus:-

Riddhima is gossiping with her friends, standing near a pillar. They are laughing and having some fun time. Suddenly Riddhima’s eyes fell on Vansh, who was coming alone from opposite side with earphones in his ear and his phone in his hand.

Riddhima says to her friends irritatingly, ” Do you guys know him?? In today morning only I have a fight with him. God knows what he thinks of himself. I want to beat him blue black “.

Neel, one of her friend, says ” How dare he to trouble you?? Now let me show him his place “.

By saying this he stretches his one leg and stands. Everyone is happy thinking that Vansh will not notice it and end up falling down. But to their suprise Vansh walk normally. The twist is that, while walking he puts his foot on Neel’s foot. Not only that he gives his full body pressure on that foot to lift his another foot making Neel scream.

After that Vansh walks away and Neel is giving him death glare.

Riddhima says tensely, ” What happened Neel?? You were supposed to make him fall right? “.

Neel replies, ” Yes, but he didn’t fall instead of that he hurted me “.

Sejal says, ” What?? Let me apply medicine wait “.

Neel replies, ” No it’s fine Sejal. I am not so weak “.

Though he is saying he is strong but his eyes have swell up. He is controlling his tears, which makes his eyes red.

Scene shifts to Vansh who is seeing all this hiding behind a pillar. He remembers seeing Neel standing in that position. So he intentionally press his foot on his foot.

Vansh says ” Miss Riddhima Shah, if you are bad then remember I am your dad!!! “

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

In the class :-

Riddhima is sits sitting alone in a bench. She takes out a book and kept on the table. Then she takes out her phone and starts to chat with her friends.

In the mean time a old fat professor comes with round shape specs on his nose. He has a small moustache which has both white and black hairs. With a big fat book he enters and all the students greet him.

As soon as professor enters Vansh comes running. The professor turns and saw he is late.

He says in a angry voice, ” First day, first class and you are late!! “

Vansh says, ” Sorry sir. I will not repeat it. Forgive me for this day. Please sir “.

He didn’t say anything just tell him through his eyes to sit.

Vansh being relax enters but he saw there is no more sit for him. Then his eyes fell on Riddhima who is sitting alone with her head hung down.

The professor notices it and says, ” Go and sit beside her “.

Not having anymore choice he goes and sits beside her. Riddhima lifts her face with an evil smile and says ” Welcome to hell Mr. Vansh Raisinghania “.

Vansh didn’t replies anything and starts to concentrate in the lecture. But his concentration is disturb when he see Riddhima is drawing a line in the table and bench.

Vansh says irritatedly, ” Now what the hell is this? “

Riddhima says ” Border Mr. Vansh border. I will not go beyond this border and you will also not come. Mind it because consequences will be worst. Any problem “. 

Vansh says, ” I have a problem “. 

Riddhima replies, ” Your problem right so solve it yourself. Be independent Mr. Vansh Raisinghania “.

( Riddhima = 1, Vansh = 0😂😂)

Vansh again tries to concentrate in the class. After few minutes he starts to note down some topics when his elbow goes on the other side of the border.

Immediately he gets hurt and turns his face to see Riddhima pinching him with compass.

Vansh says angrily, ” Have you lost your nuts??? What the hell are you doing? “

Riddhima says flipping her hair, ” I have said earlier consequences will be worse. Thank me because it was not too worse “.

Saying she gets busy in her phone.

Vansh murmurs, ” Now see what I do “. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Precap :- Riddhima gets a befitting reply??
24 hours challenge

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Hello buddies!! I am back again but with this ss update only. Don’t expect any other update from me now. This ss is for stutiabigail. Here is message from Ayesha :- ” Hello Stuti di. 🤗
I know you wanted me to write os but I can’t you know the reason also. U asksomething from me for 1st time so I can’t want to be sad as radhika and me are soul sister so radhia wil write the os. Love u di❤. Thank you Radhika “.

No need to say Thanks Ayesha, friendship me no sorry no thank you😁😁. And guys you have to wait for next chapter, because I need some time. It took me a month to write this chapter only🙄. Pardon me!! Bye all of you. Lots of love…….💘💘💘

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