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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 22

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As Isqhaan was getting ready, the decorators were doing their work. The Malhotra house looked beautiful with bright chandeliers. Flowers could be seen at almost every corner which made it look more colorful. The engagement was held in the front yard of their house, but it was beautifully decorated inside out.

Karthik had invited Shefali and was eagerly waiting for her.

“Meri bahu aane wali hai kya” his mom asked

“Ap ne itna sahi guess kaise kiya maa” he said

“Sacch mein?? Kaha hai”

“bus aati hi hogi” he held her hand “I hope you like her”

“Mere heere jaise bete ki pasand bhi heera hi hogi” she puts her hand lovingly on his cheeks

“But mom there is something else which I need to tell you”

“Is that the girl” his mom points to the door

He sees her and she walks to him

“Are you just going to stare or say something” She teases him

“Of course, I am going to, you look great… awesome ….” He comes nearer and bypasses her” Aunty”

Her mom blushes and thanks him

Shefali just smiles, she liked the way her mom reacted. She seemed to calm and enjoy herself when Karthik was around.

He takes them to meet his parents and introduces them

“Haiyee… kinti soni hai mere honewali bahu” his mom says and removed nazar from Shefali

“Mere Damaad se jyada nahi, he is the best” Shefali’s mom says

Karthik and Shefali keep looking from one to another. It was a total misunderstanding, Karthik was sure, but Shefali had yet to take a decision.

“We haven’t decided yet” both blurt at the same time and smile at each other

“Take your time” both the mothers say together and laughed, because they could clearly see how much they liked each other.

“Who is this girl now” Dadi comes and asks

“Hmmm Mummiji” Karthik mom starts

“She is the girl I like dadi, and if she agrees I will marry her” Karthik says boldly

“Where is her father” dadi asks again

Kartik looks at Shefali and her mom, will they be offended if he tells dadi the truth

“My dad left….” Shefali starts

“Her dad was not worthy enough to stay with a beautiful and a great lady” he comes and holds Shefali mothers hand and says directly to her “And someone who is not worthy, we should remove them from our life, else it will harm only us”

“So, you are saying that their father is not with them anymore” dadi says

“yes, they are divorced” Shefali says

“ye badiya hai.. ek bahu ke maa baap nahi hai aur dusri ka baap nahi hai” dadi taunts

“Aree dadii.. mujhe nahi pata tha.. aap ko apne bahuon ki itni phikar hai” Karthik comes and hugs his dadi “ I know you will give them all the love of both of their parents, so no worries at all”

Dadi gets angry and leaves from there

“Please don’t mind my dadi” Karthik apologizes to Shefali mother.

“You haven’t done anything Damaji, and you were right about what you said earlier” she smiles and vows to try her best to remove Shefali’s dad from their lives.

Ahaan gets ready and comes and was looking for Ishiq

“Mujhe dhoond rahe na AVM” he hears a voice and turns around and just gets mesmerized

There clad in a dark blue lehenga was his Isqhi, her hair was set free. She wore lovely big earring and a matching neck piece. She looked so gorgeous. My woman he thought

Ahaan was not the only one looking at Isqhi, she was also looking at him the same way

Clad in a cream sherwani, with a dark blue brooch, which complimented her lehenga. Their family surely chose well. But the most alluring was his smile… which was only for her. My man she thought and came a step closer.

“Ahaan.. You.. “

“Isqhi .. You. “they said at the same time

“Haan.. Haan.. pata hai both are looking gorgeous…akhir choice kiski hai “ Karthik teased them “but we are getting late for the mahurat of your engagement. Let’s go”

They move to the dais, one the way Isqhi sees Shefali and winks at Karthik, he winks back.

They stand looking at each other. Masi gives the engagement ring, and Ishqi puts it on Ahaan.

Kaki gives the ring to Ahaan and as he goes to put it on Isqhi, ten other hands are placed Infront of him along with Ishqi.

Ahaan looks up to see Sonu, Kaki, maasi everyone had out their hand forward along with Isqhi, now he was totally confused, which hand was hers

He picked a hand and was about to put the ring when kaki said

“Meri shaadi hochuki hai Ahaan, tumse sagai nahi ka sakti” and they all laughed

He looked around but Isqhi had already moved to the dance floor

The song plays

“Catwalk wali baby hai teri chaal, backless suit vich lagdi kamaal” Ahaan comes behind Isqhi and she is surprised to see him dancing.

O kitthe chali jaandi aye.. Aha

O kitthe chali jaandi ae.. Oho

He dances the punjabi moves for her and she looks on

Enee vi nakhre tu kar na soniye

Enee Bhi nakhre tu kar na soniye

Dil mera tere laye dhadke

He comes to her… and puts her hand on his heart, showing her that his heart beats only for her and she smiles… and then he pulls her on the dance floor.. and they dance together

Ni aaj phir kitthe.. aaj phir khitte

Aaj phir kithe chali hai… morni banke .. morni banke

Aaj phir kithe chali hai… morni banke .. morni banke

The family joins too… and they all dance together. Ahaan seeing that Isqhi was busy dancing hold her hand pulls her towards him and put the ring in her finger.

“The first step to being Mrs. Ahaan Veer Malhotra” he says, and she smiles

He holds her hand and takes her away from the family

“AVM where are we going” Ishqi asks but he doesn’t reply.

He brings her to the hall and holds her there. She puts her hands around his neck

He comes closer and just hugs her tight. He was so happy today; he was engaged to the love of his life.

“Mr AVM, what are you doing”

“Romancing my fiancée” he says and comes his eyes.

She elbows him in the ribs and runs from there and comes to the hall.

She stands there and keeps teasing him by running around

“Wait here Ishqi.. I have bought you a gift, I will get it and come” he says and goes to his room

Isqhi waits in the hall and looks around. She was so happy today, she got engaged to the love of her life. The lights were shining more brightly today

“You are also happy na Maa… she says looking upwards” even though it was just the bright lights of the chandelier she was talking to.

She smiles and looks down; she hears a faint noise. But she ignores thinking its just coming from outside.

Ahaan is coming down the stairs when he sees Isqhi, and suddenly his eyes move to the chandelier falling from top

“Isqhi.. “he screams


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