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Bigg Boss OTT 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 16 8:AM
Everyone wakes up. Nishant asks Pratik how is there smoke without fire. Pratik says there can’t be smoke without fire. Nishant says so you are the fire? Pratik says we are not doing anything that would hurt any sentiments. Pratik says she’s married and I have the connection as well. Nishant asks Neha. She says we are two headstrong people trying to be friends. We are trying to figure it out. I had a problem. Nishant says you get better. Neha says to Pratik I make friends. You said a very bad thing about me. I am married. Akshara says so single girls have no respect? You call me his wife. Neha says I said sorry. Akshara says I was only joking. Neha says your joke is joke? Pratik says listen.. Neha says Milan and I are friends. It doesn’t matter who he is close to. Nishant says their connections are to be strong with each other. Pratik says like you are married.. Neha says if I make friends I stand with them. Everyone claps. Nishant says they might also have a connection outside. So it can be wrong.

1:30 PM
Moose dances. Moose sits with Pratik. She says why are you mad? He says I am not. I am sorry about my tone. He says it wasn’t right. She says why did you leave my hand? She kisses his cheek. Moose laughs. Akshara says I am seeing. Moose says your wife.

3:00 PM
Divya says if she says one day then what? connections exchanged? Akshara says he will poke. Milan says it’s been three days. It will be difficult to make connections from start now. Akshara says, poor guy. He asks Akshara would you change his connection? She says I won’t. We can be friends.

3:30 PM

Biigg Boss says connections are the most importatn in this game. Karan and Risdhima had to leave becasuse their connection wasn’t strnog. You have been together for two days.
You know everyohne now. You know
who is strrong and who is weak. Connections can help each other grow. The weak one can pull their connection back as well. Iff you don’t have a good connection, you can pull each other back. Thiinking that in mind, we are dissolving all connectiosn. Everyone is shocked. Bigg Boss says now you are all free. You can go ahead on your own and make a new connection for yourself. You can choose a new partner for yourself who can make your journey better. They all laugh andd say what a joke. Bigg Boss says this is your chance to choose your new connection. Previous connections were chosnen b y girls . So this time time they will choose their connection but men will finalize ift they agree or not.

Milan and Akshara write Nishant and Muskan’s names. Nishant says they are strong. So we want to save them. Bigg Boss asks them to leave. Akshara says you’re such a player. Akshara says let’s see what happens. Akshara says don’t tell them. Let them be in tension. Divya says tell us. Akshara says we are doing groupism now. Like you were. We aren’t like Pratik. We stick to what we say. Friends are more important. Milan says to Nishant we saved you. Akshara says don’t use that. She hugs Moose. Akshara says to Nishant don’t tell Pratik please. Milan says he will. Nishant says I will say you didn’t say anything. He says I am always clear. Nishant says no matter what happens I would always save you. They have never stood for me. So that’s decided. Whatever happens, is after that.

Pratik says to Neha Nishant will be saved. He is oversmart. Milan says we had choices. Moose and Zeeshan come too. Zeeshan says congratulations. Akshara says he’s smart. Nishant says I do what I say. I am telling you.. Captain’s race, I will make sure I back out. You fight fair. You decide what happens. Fight fair for this. You haev a strong place. Divya says yes.

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