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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori and Tiwari’s romance in open

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari, Angoori, Vibhu in Tiwari’s house. Angoori and Tiwari getting romantic and singing for eachother. Vibhu looking them in anger and says to Angoori your vegetables are chopped.

Anu talking on phone with her friend Meenal saying don’t compare Vibhu and Anuraag they are totally different and mocks Anuraag. Anu talking about Vibhu how he became a looser now. Vibhu come. Anu says I was talking about horse who is not able to win the race. Vibhu says you have horse you didn’t told me. Anu says why are you sad what happen did someone eve tease Helan. Vibhu says atleast think of her age. Anu says just look how she dresses old people in our locality cannot control themself from teasing her. Vibhu says please stop talking like this I’m upset because of something else, Tiwari is so cultureless he invited me to his house and he was busy doing romance and kissing Angoori. Anu says if he was kissing Angoori then what. Vibhu says he was kissing her in front of me. Anu says so you are his uncle or Angooris brother because I want to understand if a husband is kissing her wife what goes in your pocket. Vibhu says there some moral values and ethics. Anu says some heavy words, do you follow these ethics and moral value, as a husband you have to do job earn money help your wife but what you do nothing.
Tiwari and Angoori come to Anita’s house and greets them. Anu greets them too. Angoori greets Anu and Vibhu. Vibhu says hwy did you came here. Anu says these are our guest don’t react like this show some love yo them. Tiwari says from word love we got to know we are so romantic and they both start kissing eachother. Angoori says let me talk them and says to Anita and Vibhu that you are guest for tonight. Vibhu says we will not come. Anu says we both will be there. Angoori and Tiwari start dancing and leave.

Prem, Tillu, Malkhan and Pelu sitting near tea stall. Prem says before opening a business I first understand that then open it. Tillu says for that wha we have to do. Prem says for me you have to do survey. Malkhan says what kind of survey. Prem says you have to check what kind of toothpaste they use. Tillu says if someone says no. Prem says then enter in there bathroom. Tillu says you meant to say we should enter there bathroom and check. Malkhan says ok its about job so we will do but what about side effect. Tillu says imagine if you are bathing without clothes then. Prem says I’ll beat you. Tillu this is side effect. Prem says this is your headache I just need survey. Malkhan says okay but how much you will pay us. Prem says I’ll give you money and even keep you permanent in my job but you need to do work with loyalty. Tillu says no need to worry we do bad things with loyalty. Malkhan says okay we agree. Prem say go and wear something else you should look sales man of big company. Tillu says can you give us some advance. Prem says I’ll give first start the job. Tillu and Malkhan leaves. Pelu give him slip written which toothpaste do you use. Prem says why. Pelu give another slip saying because your mouth smell.

Angoori in her house singing and keeping dinner on table. Tiwari come and says something romantic to Angoori. Anu and Vibhu enter and says to Tiwari till the time we are here you will hold your horses. Tiwari says welcome. Vibhu grabs Tiwari and says to him till the time I’m here you will not touch Angoori. Tiwari says so who will I touch Anu. Angoori and Anu sitting on dining table. Anu says what are you discussing come here and sit. Vibhu and Anu discussing and Tiwari and Angoori goes under the table. Anu and Vibhu looking for them and hear kissing soundand look under the table Anu says how romantic. Vibhu gets angry and says come outside you are insulting your guests. Tiwari come out and says what are you talking. Vibhu says you are doing all this in purpose to tease me. Angoori says now a days Tiwari is getting romantic. Anu says he is very romantic person. Vibhu gets angry and says I’m going and leaves. Anu goes for Vibhu and Tiwari and Angoori goes under the table.

Anu in her bedroom thinking about Tiwari saying he is so much romantic. Vibhu says he is not romantic. Anu says why are you angry you always have excuses but see how romantic he is. Vibhu says how should I react then. Anu says look at romance element cant you be like him. Vibhu says we are not teenager anymore Tiwari is mad he has lost his mind. Anu says yes a mad person can only do like this. Anu and Vibhu start arguing over being romantic or not. Vibhu goes to sleep.

Tiwari in his bedroom calls Angoori. Angoori says you go to sleep I’ll be there in time. Tiwari says how can I go to sleep without loving you. Angoori says no romance today. Tiwari says are you scared of my love. Angoori says I’m scared the way you love me because you have become wild. Tiwari says come I’ll not do so much. Angoori says no I’ll not come. Tiwari says you will sleep in bathroom. Angoori says yes and closes door. Tiwari says she is scared of my love and I want this only.

Saxena and Gupta in Saxena house. Saxena giving massage to Gupta. Gupta says to Saxena you have magic in your hands. Saxena says I was in Bangkok and use to give message to men disguised as lady and my lollipop message is famous. Gupta says can you give me lollipop message too. Vibhu knock on door and cgets in. Gupta says you came inside that’s okay but don’t ask for money. Vibhu says did I ever ask you for money you arr the one who asks for money from everyone, I’m having gas inside my stomach. Gupta says I have medicine for you but its 4000rs per tablet. Saxena says to Vibhu you don’t have that kind of money you should blast yourself from that gas. Gupta says to Vibhu that medicine has sude effect too whoever eats thisgets bad smell for long time for atleast a month. Vibhu says okay give me pill and I’ll give you money. Gupta asks Saxena to give Vibhu pill from drawer.

Saxena sitting in his hall with his snake champak and asking him to bite and says you are retired you don’t have that poision now. Tillu and Malkhan knocks on door. Saxena says who is this. Malkhan and Tillu gets in and introduce themself. Saxena says what do you want. Tillu says we would like to know to you clean your teeth with toothpaste. Saxena says now I clean my teeth from acid. Malkhan says what do from your toothpaste. Saxena says I infamous crows. Tillu says how you do that. Saxena says whenever someone is eating I out toothpaste in there food from height and people think crow did this and they abuses them. Malkhan says do you have any anger from crows. Saxena says my grandfather didn’t left any money for me but old people told say that in crow our ancestors are found. Malkhan says this means we can find our ancestors too. Saxena says yes my grandfather come and sit daily. Tillu says so where did you grandmother sit. Saxena says to them get out and bring out his snake Champak. Tillu and Malkhan run away.

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