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Beats Connection ft. #Riansh~Some things never changed~ By Aayu!

“Papa what is this, pls open this blindfold na pls”..

Wait for some more minutes, or I will send your surprise back.’

‘uff not fair I am waiting from yesterday evening, and u are saying you will send it back?’

‘So just be quite & have some patience’.

The winds are restless
Could that be why I’m hearing this call?

Is something coming?
I’m not sure I want things to change at all
These days are precious
Can’t let them slip away
I can’t freeze this moment
But I can still go out and seize this day.✧*。

Dad is going London for some months or some years, we really don’t know, mumma is sad with that..but I really want to enjoy some time with him before he goes, I was sitting in my room with a sad mood as I was really not getting good vibes and then papa came and blindfolded me and now is taking me somewhere I don’t where?
It seems to the entrance…

Yeah exactly! It’s entrance only..

And I removed my blindfold..

I ran and hugged him tightly…

Breaking the hug he take me to the living room on his shoulder…

I am really very happy!

Like an old stone wall that’ll never fall
Some things are always true
Some things never change
Like how I’m holding on Tight to you..✧*

I called mom as she would be equally happy to see him..

As papa & PaMu make them in the living room. They were exactly like #long_lost_budies.

I went towards mom’s room she was busy in her phone telling her patients some sought of exercise, and at that time she strictly has forbidden me to disturb her..

Waiting was the last option..
The person who was waiting for his surprise from yesterday evening when he has received the surprise he is waiting for her mom..

I am waiting for pretty long now I can’t.

I went towards her and tried to say but she totally ignored me..
Busy people..

I went out stomping my foot.

When I saw papa and PaMu were already busy with their old album, which they open every month when Pamu comes…

I went towards my room with a sad face.. There I got some gift on my bed..

I opened that box smiling..
Basket Ball!.

Some things never change
Turn around and the time has flown
Some things stay the same
Though the future remains unknown
May our good luck last
May our past be past
Time’s moving fast, it’s true
Some things never change..

He still remember my wish ..

I went downstairs running and saw their he was already standing there with a Bright smile as he already knew my reaction..

I ran and hugged him again….

‘So ready?’ he asked me and I nodded in yes..

‘Get ready to lose Kabir’ papa said as papa and mom make a pretty cool team but nothing is impossible me and PaMu are not less..

We all went towards the basketball court at the backyard.

Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder
And we’re all getting older
And the clouds are moving on with every autumn breeze
Peter Pumpkin just became fertilizer
And my leaf’s a little sadder and wiser
That’s why I rely on certain certainties
Yes, some things never change
Like the feel of your hand in mine
Some things stay the same..
Like how we get along just fine.✧*。

I saw mom’s smiling face she forgot that papa is not going be with us for few years, I just want to capture every moment….

I just hope at the end of the day papa manage to make mom up…
So he can go without any regrets…..

The game started all busy in making scores..

Papa’s team has already scored 9 baskets..
And we were still on 5..

Authors pov:-

The game was going smoothly vansh was passing ball to riddhima..
Riddhima see him with angry glares from which he frowned and tried to cheer her up…

He lose the ball as Kabir took the ball from him when he was busy gazing his wife..

He kneeled down and asked for apology…

The leaves are already falling
Sven, it feels like the future is calling
Are you telling me tonight you’re gonna get down on one knee?
Yeah bud, I’m really bad at planning these things out
Like candlelight and pulling of rings out
Maybe you should leave all the romantic stuff to me
Yeah, some things never change
Like the love that I feel for her
Some things stay the same
Like how reindeers are easier
But if I commit and I go for it
I’ll know what to say and do
Some things never change
Sven, the pressure is all on you✧*。

Kabir and Ridhan set aside and thought to leave the couple alone..

They went towards the kitchen and captured the icecream tubs..

The wind blows a little bit colder
And you all look a little bit older
It’s time to count our blessings
Beneath an autumn sky..♪

Entangling thier hand they went towards the sunset..



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Laviest_cool Thank you! For giving me idea for this..and helping me out.
Hope this was upto your expectations.The name for you is not like that…it’s really had a set of meaning..Well, the word PaMu means a charismatic,  cooperative,  intuitive and pleasing in nature..

I don’t know why I came  up with this name..But it sounds cool..


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