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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Bittu And Pappu’s Master Plan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Adi asking his friends whom to target now. Friend says whoever come in their way and seeing Netaji/Pappu asks to target him. Adi throws water balloon on Netaji. Bittu scolds them and says Pappu is 5-6 elder than Adi’s father and they should respect him. Adi threatens to throw water balloon on him. Bittu pleads not to as he is going for Bittu’s father’s important work. Zoya says they are nawabs and forgive whoever pleads them. Neta asks why did she throw balloon on poor citizen and suggests to throw balloon on an enemy. Bittu asks who is that. Neta says they need to find out their enemy and asks to think who is their enemy. Zoya says no child is courageous to become their enemy. Bittu asks if their principal is their enemy. Guddu asks how will they throw balloon on their principal. Bittu explains how to. Pappu asks if their principal is khadoos PA Avasthi. They nod yes. He says khadoos has come to a shoe shop, they should hide and throw balloon on him. Pappu asks to attack like they attack an enemy. Kids hide and throw water balloons on Principal. Principal shouts who is that. Kids run away. Pappu and Bittu record video and thinks principal will teach them a lesson and they will remember their father. They both walk to principal. Principal says don’t know who threw water balloons on him. Bittu says they have recorded the video and shows him kids throwing water balloons on him. Principal angrily determines to punish them and asks to send the video on his mobile. Bittu asks to dial his number on his mobile and by the time he reaches haveli to punish kids, he will receive the video. Principal starts his scooter and drives away murmuring he will make them a cock . Pappu jokes that they will here cock sound from haveli.

At haveli, Shanti is busy on her mobile when Mishra walks in and asks her to get him tea. She asks if he brought her earrings. He says its month end. She says he is lying since 3 months and angrily raises her hand. He stops her and offers her earrings. She gets happy and asks if he remembered her request. He shyingly nods yes. On the other side, Mirza brings make up kit for Sakina and in a poetic style says she will look more beautiful with makeup. She asks if she doesn’t look beautiful without makeup. He says yes and then says he was joking, she looks so beautiful. Inaam with Zoya enters and demand laptop and tab. Mirza asks Adi, Guddu, and Pooja demand touch watch, mobile, and laptop. Guddu says how will he get knowledge without mobile. Mirza says he will get mobile this month and watch and laptop next month. Adi asks why not this month. Brij asks them to have patience and not be in a hurry. Inaam asks Mirza that Zoya can have tab next month and he wants laptop this month. Noorjahan says Inaam is elder brother and has to sacrifice for his younger sister. Sakina says Zoya will sacrifice for her elder brother. Zoya tells Mirza that he can buy makeup kit for ammi, he doesn’t need anything. Guddu, Adi, and Pooja also walk away saying papa can gift earrings for maa, they don’t need anything. Brij says kids have become mature.

Principal walks to Mirza and Mishra family and complains that their children threw water balloons on him. Sakina warns him to stop alleging her children wrongly. Shanti also warns him same. Principal shows video. They both request him to forgive their children’s mischiefs. Principal says he suspended them from school and now then can do mischiefs at home. Paro messages in her social media group that Mirza and Mishra kids are suspended from school and there is a big drama in haveli. Shanti and Noorjahan warn Mishra and Mirza to do something and stop children’s suspension or else they will not spare them. They both get afraid and meet at a tea stall. Mirza asks when will problem go away from his life. Mishra says when he goes away from haveli. Mirza says earlier he was troubling him and now his children. Mishra warns not to blame his children. Mirza says his kids are innocent and are manipulated by Mishra’s kids. Bittu and Pappu pass by murmuring each one thinks his kids are innocent. Bittu insults them indirectly and says his children won’t be suspended. Mirza and Pappu ask how. Pappu says principal Avasthi is their childhood friend and if they order him, he will revoke suspension order. Mirza and Mishra get happy. Pappu and Bittu ask him to inform that they are sending Pappu and Bittu, and they agree.

Principal Avasthi punishes an obese student and orders him to mimic a cock. Student asks to demonstrate. Avasthi demonstrates. Student says his stomach is coming in his way and he will mimic cock after dieting. Avasthi scolds and sends him away. Bittu and Pappu enter holding hockey sticks and introduce themselves as leaders. Avasthi says he was waiting for them. They say Mirza and Mishra sent them to punish him and after brutally trashing him says Mirza and Mishra told they themselves will not send their children to his school. Avasthi writhes in pain. Pappu and Bittu think now principal will not allow Mirza and Mishra’s kids in school, hence they will have to get their children’s admission in different city and will have to leave haveli.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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