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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajawats live in a small house

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says Rani sa, it’s for a few days only. We will go back home after some time once everything is okay. Come in. Mausa says come in. A bird takes a dump on her. Rajeshwari screams. She asks a woman to clean it. The woman cleans it with a leaf.

Rajeshwari goes in. Mausa says this is my friend who helped me arrange this place. Rajeshwari says thank you for arranging this place for us. The man says we all know you. Vikram says Mausa ji you said this place is like a palace? How can we live here? Rani says the most important thing is that we are all together and okay. That’s the biggest blessing. Mausa says you are right. Rani says Rani sa I know you understand.. She says you don’t understand anything or should I call you Devi? These big words can make you feel better but won’t change the truth. You are the reason why we are here. Everyone is shocked.

Veer says Rani sa you can’t blame it on Rani. Rajeshwari says who else should I? She knew about Ranvijay. She could tell me. she was at home disguised as Devi. There were many chances, she could tell us. If she said the truth, you won’t have signed the papers and we won’t have been here. Right, Rani? Do you have an answer? Rani says Rani sa I wanted to tell the truth but whatever papa ji did, I was scared. One mistake could risk dad’s life. How could I risk his life? Rajeshwari says if you wanted.. Veer says enough both of you. Veer says if you want to blame anyone, blame me. If I read those papers this won’t have happened. I am the culprit, not Rani. Rani only tried to save this family and papa. She risked her life. What else do you want? I was the idiot who kept around that traitor. I am responsible. Rajeshwari says no you aren’t. He says don’t forgive me because you are my son. Be like you are to Rani. That’s my punishment. Veer goes out.

Scene 2
Rani says let me get water. Mausa says there’s no water. You can get it from the well. Rani goes out to get water. Veer sits and thinks about everything. Rani sees him. She picks the pot and says you’re angry right? You should be. You made a mistake but sitting sad won’t do anything. Punish yourself and move ahead. The water is finished. Please fill this pot. She smiles. Veer takes it and fills water from the well.

Rani looks at him. The pot leaks already. He breaks the pot. Rani says whose mistake is that? pot’s or yours? He says the pot was already broken. rani says exactly. He was evil. It’s his fault, not yours. Veer says how could I be such an idiot? I became so blind to getting my so-called dad back that I didn’t see his truth. Rani says that’s why because you only have good in you. He used you and fooled you. It’s his fault. My dad says you either win or struggle. You never lose. This is our test. We will struggle and fight to get back what’s ours. The entire family will fight together. Rani says we won’t cry, neither would let our family cry. We are together. That’s enough. Veer says let me check papa. That pot.. Rani says I will get another one.

Scene 3
The women look at Rajeshwari and everyone in awe. Rani scares them. She says what’s happening here? The woman says we made tea. Rani says why are you peeking in? Come in. They say really? Rani says yes. They look at the bags and Rajeshwari. Rani says don’t look around. this isn’t a zoo. Sit. Rani drinks the tea and says it’s so good. Rani sa, please drink. It will kill the tension., Rajeshwari looks away. The woman says your MIL looks cranky. Does she hit you? Rajeshwari says what is she saying? Rani says she is appreciating you. You look fit in this age. Rajeshwari says what do you mean by this age? The women excuse and leave.

Vikram calls his friend and says can’t you help arrange a place? I was there with you in everything. Kajri says tea.. I made it for you. He shouts I don’t want it. Go from here. Kajri gets sad. Rani says they are all upset because they are not used to it. I am.

Scene 3
Vijiya hits a staff man with a slipper. Veer comes in and says stop it. What are you doing? She says who are you to stop me? My name is Vijiya. Veer says why were you hitting him? So you will hit people who are weaker? She says if they don’t see their Rani sa with respect, I will hit them. Who are you to question me? With your house, your hospital is gone too. Veer is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer asks Vijya you can take your revenge. I have to meet my papa. She says I have a condition. Ask your Rani sa to beg me in my feet. After that I will let you meet your dad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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