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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ahana slaps Mishka

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prisha shouting Saransh and waking up. She sees him and cries. Rudra gets the broken project. She asks how did this happen. He says ask me who did this. She asks who. He shows the footage. They get shocked. He says we got the thief caught red-handed, come we will see her. He shouts Mishka, come down right now. Balraj asks don’t you have any work. Ahana asks what’s all this commotion, Mishka is sleeping. Rudra says tell her that its time to wake up. He shows the cctv footage to them. They see Mishka going to Rudra’s room and ruining the project with a bat. They get shocked. Mishka comes and asks why did you call me, I m sure Prisha did something. Ahana slaps her and asks how can you do this. Mishka asks what did I do.

Prisha says you destroyed Rudra’s homework, his model, it got recorded on cctv camera, everyone has seen it, including me. Rudra says I m sure that she had switched off the alarms and cut my uniform. Ahana signs Mishka. She acts and scolds Mishka. She asks Mishka to get out of the house. She slaps Mishka to stop her. She says whatever dad did with Prisha and Saransh, Rudra is such a kind man and let us stay here, you cheated Rudra, just you did this, not anyone else, you can’t stay in this house, come on. Mishka says stop it, I m sorry, leave me. Ahana takes her. Mishka says you have… Ahana says Rudra can forgive you. Mishka runs to apologize to Rudra. She says I m very sorry, don’t throw me out. Rudra says its okay, you can stay here. Mishka says thanks. Ahana says no way, you can’t forgive her. Rudra says she has realized her mistake. Rudra says it was Prisha’s idea to find the truth, now its your decision to realize who is family and who is outsider. He thanks Prisha. Ahana thinks how shall I defeat Prisha.

Prisha asks Mishka to tell the truth, why did she do it. Balraj says you are asking this, you don’t understand why, Mishka was going to marry Rudra and he ran to marry you, he left her in mandap, remember, now he is going to study in this age, fool, Mishka did this because of you, so that he stops his foolishness. Rudra says yes, he is right, pandemic, global warming and floods are also because of you, am I right. He asks Balraj how can he blame Prisha for everything wrong. He says come with me, they don’t want to see the truth. He holds her hand and takes Prisha. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…

Ahana apologizes to Mishka and takes care of her cheek. Mishka says you have hit me so hard. Ahana says so sorry, your pretty face of yours was seen in the footage. Mishka says I did good acting right. Ahana says Prisha will feel sorry, it was her plan to put cctv footage, I will take revenge. Mishka says no need to make any plans. Ahana says all my defeats will turn into victory, just wait and watch. Prisha gets the new sim delivered and signs on the papers. She goes and calls Vasu. Vasu asks whose number is it, why did you get new sim. Prisha thinks I can’t tell you about the message. She says there was a problem in old sim. Vasu asks about Rudra and Saransh’s online classes. Prisha says Mishka is troubling Rudra, I will talk later. She ends call. She calls her patient and asks her to save her new number. The lady says I was going to call you, I feel some weakness. Prisha asks her to take medicines on time. She ends call. She says now the blackmailer can’t contact me. She gets the message on new number. She gets shocked.

She reads, will Saransh’s truth change if you change the sim, I can tell him anytime that he is an illegitimate child. She says who is he, what does he want. She calls the number and asks who are you, why are you after my child, tell me. She hears his modulated voice. He says you can’t identify my voice, you can never know me, I know everything about you, I will tell Saransh that he is an illegitimate child. She says no, you can’t do this, what enmity do you have. He says I will call Saransh. She worries and says I will tell Rudra, we will find a solution together, but I will need to tell him that Saransh is Mahima’s son, I have to do this alone.

Vasu checks messages. She gets shocked and asks who is sending this. Prisha cries and says someone is blackmailing me. Rudra sees chandelier falling and shouts Prisha. He runs to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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