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Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit SS Part 10

Summer Palace Part 10

Mehek:Tell us Sonakshi..is Rohit also a ghost?
Sona:No,Rohit is not a ghost.
Zoya:No,you are lying.You have a helper who is a spirit.He is a male.
Sona:I agree.I have a helper who is a spirit.But he is not Rohit like you think.
Drishti:If it’s not Rohit,then who is he?
Sona:He is one among our friends.
They all got scared and looked at each other fearfully.
Suddenly Shaurya’s eyes started glowing.All were shocked.Sonakshi smirked.
Mehek was shocked to the core:Shaurya…you?
Mehek remembered Shaurya saving her from the pool and telling her not to share the incident with others.
Mehek:Shaurya,that means you are the one who pushed me to the pool?That’s why you were around the pool when I fell into the pool.Then why did you save me if you wanted me to be dead?Did you save me so that you won’t be a suspect?That day you told me not to tell it to others.So that no one will doubt you?I think you planned a trip to this Palace to execute the plan to murder us easily.I am a fool to trust you and love you blindly.
Mehek broke into tears.
Suddenly a soul came out of Shaurya’s body and it turned out to be Karan.All were shocked.
Karan smirked:Relax Mehek…your Shaurya was possessed by me.

All were shocked.
Mehek embraced Shaurya emotionally.

They broke the embrace slowly.
Mehek:I am sorry Shaurya.I misunderstood you.
Seeing Mehek weeping Shaurya asked:What happened Mehek?Why are you crying and why are you saying sorry to me?

Without answering him Mehek cupped Shaurya’s face in her palm:Shaurya..are you alright?
Shaurya:Ya..but I feel strange.
Suddenly Shaurya saw Karan and got shocked.
Mehek:Karan had possessed you.

Shaurya was shocked.
Mehek:Yes Shaurya.Karan’s spirit possessed you.So we thought that you are also a ghost who wants to kill us.

Shaurya was shocked.

Asad:What is happening?Karan..after Sonakshi killed you,you turned into a ghost?
Karan smiled:No..I was always a spirit.That murder dram of Sonakshi killing me was done by me and Sonakshi so that no one will suspect me but Rohit.In the group photograph also my face was circled only to hide the fact that I am the killer in case if the photograph gets leaked.
They all were shocked.
Karan:Now we decided to reveal the truth as you all are planning to trap us with the help of that Panditji.
Shaurya:What is this?Are you both related to Uruvi and Karn?
Karan:No.Karn and Uruvi’s love story was fake.Your great grand father and great grand mother Uruvi used to love each other very much.There was no character named Karn in their life.Uruvi had a normal death.So her soul never came back to earth after death.This is the truth which the historians Tej and Andy told us.But we threatened them to lie to us that your great grand father killed Uruvi and her imaginary lover Karn and so her soul has become revengeful.So that whenever something unusual happens you all will think that it’s done by Uruvi or Karn.
All were shocked.
Drishti:Why are you doing this Sonakshi and Karan?
Sonakshi:I am not Sonakshi,but Simar.
Karan:I am not Karan,but Prem.
All were shocked.
Zoya:Why are you both after our blood?
Prem:Do you remember Jhanvi Bharadwaj?
All were shocked.

Flash back….

Drishti,Rakshit,Asad,Zoya,Aditya,Yug,Alekha,Aliya,Shaurya and Mehek ragged the new admission Jhanvi and laughed.Jhanvi was in tears.


Prem’s(Karan) eyes were wet.
He:She was my only sister..my pet.
They all were shocked.
Asad:But we had seen Jhanvi’s brother Prem Bharadwaj.But it was not you.
Suddenly Karan(Prem)’s face changed.It was another face.
They were shocked.
Prem:This is my real face.I changed my face and named myself Karan so that you all will not identify me.

All were stunned.
Prem:Simar and I were living happily with our pet sister Jhanvi.
Simar:Jhanvi was my sister too.She was very happy to join the college.But you all killed her happiness by ragging her brutally.

Flash back…

Jhanvi:Bhaiyya..how do I look in this dress?

Prem:My sister looks very cute in this dress.
Jhanvi:Thank you bhaiyya.It’s bhabhi’s selection.
Prem smiled at Simar:Though your dressing sense is weak,you always selects the best dresses for Jhanvi.
They laughed.
Prem:But why did you do shopping suddenly?

Jhanvi:Bhaiyya,I need to have the best dresses as I am joining a prestigious college.

Prem:But you are going to college to study,not for any fashion show.
Jhanvi:Bhaiyya…stop teasing me.Bhabhi..you make bhaiyya understand.
Simar:You won’t understand anything about girls Premji.
Prem:Girls in one team and I am out.
They laughed.

Jhanvi went to college with a lot of excitement.
Jhanvi rang up Prem and Simar.
Prem:Jhanvi…how was your first day in college?
Jhanvi cried:Nothing was alright bhaiyya.The senior gang ragged me.

Prem-Simar were shocked.
Simar:Jhanvi..don’t cry.
Prem:This is normal in college.It will be ok.
Suddenly Jhanvi saw Drishti,Rakshit,Asad,Zoya,Aditya,Yug,Alekha,Aliya,Shaurya and Mehek behind her and got shocked.
Jhanvi:Bhaiyya..bhabhi..I am cutting the call as the senior gang is after me again.
Prem-Simar were shocked.
Simar:Are they troubling our Jhanvi too much?
Prem:I hope not.You know that Jhanvi is very sensitive.She won’t be able to bear it.


Prem shed tears:After that you all ragged her again.
Simar was weeping:After that what we heard is she jumped off the building and committed suicide.
Drishti,Rakshit,Shaurya,Mehek,Zoya,Asad remembered Sonakshi’s bleeding dead body on the college ground.

Prem:We filed a case against you all.Hope you guys have not forgotten that.
Their faces became dull.
Prem:Since Simar was pregnant I kept her away from the court.So no one saw her.So you all did not even doubt that Sonakshi is actually my wife Simar.
Simar:But Aditya and yug’s grand father Omprakash who was the Judge created false proof and rescued all of you.But we were not willing to accept defeat.
Prem:We applied for an appeal against conviction at the court.So you people killed me and my pregnant Simar in a terrible accident.
Simar wept:You all did not even leave our unborn baby.
Prem:We were close to Shaurya’s uncle Dr.Shashank as he was our family doctor.He had made Simar’s paintings too.After death,as spirits we had visited him in his painting room.But since we were souls we got ignored.
Shaurya:Shashank Uncle had told us about his patient and the spouse who got killed.He also said that their souls visited him in his art room due to which aunty took him abroad.So that couple..i mean the spirits who were in his art room were you both?
Prem:Yes.But like everyone thought we were not locked inside that room.We knew that if you guys enter the room seeing the paintings you all will understand that your Sonakshi is a ghost.That’s why when Asad tried to open that room we gave electric shock to him.Otherwise that room has no problem.There is no spirit there like everyone believes.
Simar:Actually this body belongs to my twin sister Sonakshi.She joined your college.But I possessed her body to take revenge on you all.
They all were shocked.
Mehek:That means Sonakshi is another person who actually exists?
Simar:Yes.But she does’nt know that her dead sister is in her body now.
Sonakshi does’nt even know that her friends were the ones who were behind Jhanvi’s death.
They were surprised that Sonakshi is another person.
Prem:I changed my face and named myself Karan to join your college for revenge.Purposefully I made friends with you all.Sonakshi loves Rohit.But it’s Simar who exists in her body now.So I was jealous to see Sonakshi with Rohit.But Rakshit and Drishti thought that I love Sonakshi seeing my jealousy.I did not deny it also.Since it was Simar in Sonakshi’s body I stopped Rohit from getting cozy with Sonakshi once(By knocking the door in episode 6).Because if Simar had stopped Rohit from romancing her,Rohit would have suspected her.So I distracted Rohit.Otherwise I have no feelings for Sonakshi.She is just my wife Simar’s sister for me.
All were stunned.
Prem:It was me who pushed Mehek to the pool and attacked Zoya. I killed Aliya.
Simar:I only killed Aditya and Yug.It was I who killed Alekha and attacked Drishti.

You all may be wondering how it was possible as I was with you all at the same time.Because we spirits can be at different places at the same time.
Prem:You guys even thought that it’s a human being who tried to kill.It was an illusion created by us.We made you feel that the killer can be a human being to deviate your attention from ghosts.
Simar:Drishti felt that the killer was a human being.Because I used Sonakshi’s body to kill Alekha and attack Drishti.
All were stunned.
Rakshit:Rohit..he was not even involved in ragging.Why don’t you spare him?

Simar:We know that.Rohit is innocent.My sister Sonakshi loves him a lot.So we will not harm him at all.We have just kept him in captive.So that he will be away from the criminals like you.
Drishti:We saw a group photograph of ours where all our faces were circled.Why was Rohit’s face circled there?
Simar:You failed to notice one thing.Rohit’s face was circled,but it was white in circle.It meant that he was spared as he was innocent and pure like white.But you all were circled by black ink.Because you all are evil like the black poisonous serpent.
Simar roared in scary voice:So we will not leave you all.Just like you guys forced Jhanvi to die,we will kill you all.
They all became upset.
Simar:Since Drishti,Mehek and Zoya are wearing amulets we can’t kill them now.But we can kill Shaurya,Asad and Rakshit.
They all got scared.
Mehek:You both are misunderstanding us.We swear.We did not plan any accident to kill you both.
Drishti:That day we ragged Jhanvi.But we were just making fun of her.But she took it seriously and cried.But we really regretted ragging such a sensitive innocent girl.When Jhanvi was talking to you both over the phone we went near her only to apologize and not to rag her again.

Zoya:Yes.We swear.We did not rag her again.We had apologized to her.

Rakshit:And we made friends with her.She was very happy too.
Shaurya:We really don’t know why she committed suicide.
Asad:We are not the reason behind her suicide.It is something else which made her commit suicide.

Prem:Stop it.How much will you guys lie?
Simar:Without wasting any time we should kill them.
Their eyes started shining.

All of them got scared.
Shaurya:What if there is some truth which one of us know?
They all stared at Shaurya.
Shaurya:Before killing us give us one last chance to prove our innocence.Otherwise you may regret killing innocent people.
Shaurya:Aditya and Yug’s grand father Om Prakash Bhalla only saved us.Somehow I feel that there is something more to it.He may be knowing some unknown truth which no one else knows.My mind says so.
Asad:I think Shaurya is right.Something is hidden somewhere.If we investigate more truth will come out.
Drishti:So please ..before killing us let us meet Justice Om Prakash Bhalla once.
Prem:How can that liar prove your innocence?
Mehek:Please just once….
Zoya:We really have hope that we can make him spill out the truth.
Simar:What if he has no truth to say and you all are the culprits like we think?
They all became dull.
Shaurya:First please come with us to meet him at the Bhalla house.Then you can decide.
Prem:Ok.We will give one last chance.After that no excuse.
Their lips shivered:Ok.
They went to the Bhalla house.

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