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Santoshi Maa 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is facing her torture bravely.

Santoshi Maa 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nidhi comes to indresh’s house while indresh’s brother arrives telling his father that swati’s parents aren’t at their place & swati tells indresh’s father that I only told them to leave this place & go somewhere else because this fight & struggle is of me alone so you do not have to bother & his father tells his other son to search them if they have gone anywhere & clutch them but swati is pleading him. Indresh stops all of them to do anything & forces swati by blackmailing having poison bottle in his hands & telling her to sign the divorce papers or I’ll drink this poison & all are shocked to hear this so they all try to stop him but as he is about to drink then swati takes papers in wake of signing but throws the papers & squeezes the poison bottle from his hands saying I will not allow you to drink poison & also won’t sign papers then he forces her to drink poison & to close this long going chapter while his aunty shouts him saying yesterday you were saving her & now what are you upto so he says to make me free as she has made me mad.
Mata paravati is asking mahadev what kind of relation is this so mahadev explains why are you so surprised as human can do such big meditation to achieve his love then he can also go to such low behavior crossing all limits to end the relation but she asks this poison? & he explains about his example saying that when i had taken poison for you then you had pressed my throat for poison to not to enter into my body but she says here it’s swati’s life at stake & you are joking while mahadev tells her it’s swati’s faith she knows how to take out poison kind of act from his brains as she knows he won’t make her drink.
Swati pleading indresh & he throws the bottle while nidhi asks him what you did.
Mata paravati tells mahadev you taught me today how dedication & faith wins while mahadev tells her now to see ahead if nidhi’s evil wins or swati’s faith.
Swati tells indresh this is love while indresh’s father shouts her but she tells him too that I am right because this is love he knows that too because of which he threw the bottle & tells indresh that if you had taken this poison then all would had said see because of his women he did this & how lose he was while indresh is getting attracted towards swati’s talks but nidhi comes shouting telling swati to stop all this drama & you are doing this because he loves me but swati tells her what kind of love for which he took poison to drink because of you & nidhi shouts her saying not because of me but for you as you are harassing him in his life. Swati gives indresh promise of nidhi to not to take poison again & tells nidhi let’s see if he obeys your promise. Indresh’s Sister in law & sister are cursing her.
Swati comes depressingly crying in her room praying mata santoshi & asking her what has happened to indresh & why he is not understanding how much I love him & pleads santoshi mata to help soon.
Dev rishi comes to meet santoshi mata asking permission to talk but she tells him it’s time to give water to plants & you too help me in this.
Nidhi brings indresh in his room & he tells her my brains are hanged up now & needs massage so nidhi tells him I’ll bring oil for massage while devi polomi comes telling her let me calm your, my & santoshi mata’s pain & give you oil to clear pain of indresh & she tells her that this oil contains those materials by which applied the person will become like an asoor & can take life also of swati & polomi disappears while nidhi gets confused how I got this oil but thinks of going & doing massage of indresh & goes to tell indresh that this oil will make you calm now.
Devi polomi comes in indresh’s house pushing the door & indresh’s mother comes running asking who did this while she sees nidhi due to polomi’s evil working & asks her where swati is but indresh’s aunty shouts her asking why have you come now after giving her so much pain & she tells indresh’s sister to take her away & tells indresh’s mother to take me towards swati to clear your pain.
Swati is holding phone camera watching past old pics of indresh & her in happier times how they had got married while polomi arrives in nidhi’s form & starts forcing swati for signing papers even beating her & swati is shouting her asking what are you doing but she takes help of other people too in the house to hold her. Dev rishi is watching this & telling santoshi mata this is wrong as polomi has asoor evil powers while swati is only a human & now polomi herself is harming swati & giving her pains so swati needs your help so do something but santoshi mata tells dev rishi you haven’t yet completed your work of giving water to plants so to please do that first & dev rishi again starts doing his work but thinks confusingly what has happened to mata santoshi & only making me do this work but not thinking of her devotee?

Precap : While oil applying on indresh’s head by nidhi converts indresh into an arrogant human & picks up a knife while polomi is watching & dev rishi is pleading santoshi mata to do something fast to help & prove your support to your devotee & indresh comes to swati forcing for signing papers keeping knife on her neck but swati tells him cut my neck but I won’t sign & he is about to cut her neck?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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