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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu breaks his TV

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu telling Amma that Rajjo likes a particular serial and until she watches it, she doesn’t feel peace. Amma tells that even she likes her serial. Happu says it was repeat telecast. Amma slaps her and tells that she will watch repeat many times. She slaps him again. Rajjo tells that this is the TV given by her mother in her marriage. Amma tells that she has spent so much money in marriage and that’s why your mother gave the TV, and it didn’t come free. Rajjo says then you have insulted my mother and Dhoomar Bhaiyya during the marriage. Amma says they deserve the insult. Rajjo says you had demanded radio, other things and then TV in the end. Amma asks her not to take Radio’s name and slaps Happu. Happu gets angry, lifts the TV and breaks it. Rajjo and Amma get shocked. Amma cries.

Kat tells Malaika that if father was mad to break TV. Malaika asks her to tell what is TV called? Kat says no, I just know the Simili. Malaika says TV is an idiot box, like you have become idiot after watching it. Kat asks her to shut up and says she is future Ms. World and asks how she will watch the contest. Malaika says it is ok, as you are not taking part. Kat says how I will watch the contest now. Kamlesh comes there and says hi to Kat. Malaika says even I am standing on your gate. Kamlesh says hi and laughs calling her future police. Malaika asks what is your future. Kamlesh says I am imagining how you will look as Police? Malaika slaps him. Kamlesh tells Kat that he has brought Jai prakash halwai sweet. Kat asks what is the good news? Kamlesh tells that he is opening the TV repair shop and wants to do something on my own feet. Malaika corrects him. Kat feels proud of Kamlesh and tells that they need TV mechanic. She asks him to take the TV and repair it. Kamlesh gets happy and says you are my first customer. Malaika is doubtful that if he can repair. Kamlesh says he can stick the wires with his saliva and laughs.

Kamlesh and Happu take the TV on the cart. Kamlesh tells that they don’t need to tie TV to the cart. Rajjo asks when he will give after repair. Kamlesh says he has to repair only this TV. Amma tells that she don’t trust Kamlesh and says if it gets spoiled. Kat asks them not to doubt on Kamlesh. Rajjo asks him to repair it. Kat gives assurance to Happu and says if Kamlesh doesn’t repair the TV, then don’t give him money. Amma asks what he will take if TV is repaired? Happu says I will not give him money, but his name will be famous. Rajjo says she will give him money. Kamlesh takes the TV. Kat says he is genius.

Happu calls Rajjo and asks her to give handkerchief. Rajjo tells that there is no handkerchief as she didn’t wash. She tells that she was not in a mood to wash. Happu tells that TV will be repaired soon. Rajjo says just as TV gets repaired, you shall get it fixed in our room and not in Amma’s room. Happu says ok. Rajjo gives him handkerchief and asks him to wipe his mouth with it, else he will look as Dracula. Happu says I thought you was silent when married, but you are burning torchlight.

Amma calls Happu and asks him to sit. Happu asks her to say. Amma tells that she called him to warn him and slaps him. Happu tells that he needs to go to Police station and asks her to come to point. Amma slaps him repeatedly and says she will tell him. Happu asks her to say. Amma asks which was TV’s place. Happu says that side. Amma says when it will be repaired, then where it will be fixed. She says bahu might have told you to fix it in her room. Happu says she didn’t say me anything. Amma says you both are young and have many means to entertain you, but I am old and asks him not to snatch her entertainment from her. Happu promises her and tells that he will make himself entertained. Amma asks him not to plan 10th child. Happu says ok. Amma slaps him and asks him to go. The kids stop him and emotionally blackmail him to get the TV fixed in their rooms. Malaika asks Happu to get the TV fixed in Kat and her room. She says if the TV is fixed in Dadi’s room then she will watch her shows and says if it is fixed in your room, then you will not get privacy with your wife. She tells that if the TV is fixed in kids’ room then they will watch something which they shouldn’t. Happu asks then where to fix the TV. Malaika says in our room. She says if you had watched the TV then you wouldn’t have got 9 kids. Happu asks her to go and thinks he didn’t watch TV, just his wife.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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