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Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 2

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Kunj tried every way possible to convince twinkle to help him with the studies but she ignored him as if he didn’t exist , this didn’t well with kunj and he started his mission of keeping an eye on twinkle so if by any mean he could find a weak spot so that he could blackmail her and she couldn’t deny him !!!

His this plan also seems to fail as he could not find a simple clue , her life revolved around very few things and very few people and he was sad as he could not find any weak point which he could use against her , upon that yuvi’s call everytime was making him worried !

It had been two days now and Kunj couldn’t remember the last time he chased after a girl for this long, provided it wasn’t for those particular reasons this time, but damn, Twinkle Taneja was one stubborn ass girl. He had been following her around, keeping an eye on who she meets and what she does in her free time just in case he found something that worked in his favour. God, now he sounded like a stalker! He was waiting for her at her locker once third period has finished when one of the guys from the team approached him.

“Hey Kunj, I won’t be able to make practice today, I’ve got an assignment that’s due tomorrow and I really need to work on it. I’ll practice twice tomorrow to make up for lost time, is that cool?”

“That sounds good to me Dhruv , I’ll handle Coach, don’t worry” Kunj reassured. The guy gave him an appreciative nod before leaving from there.

Turning back, Kunj found Twinkle standing there staring after his team mate and that’s when it all clicked together in his head. Seeing Kunj staring at her, Twinkle snapped out of her trance and spoke up, fed up of his behaviour.

“Seriously  Mr. Sarna, which part of leave me alone are you not understanding?” She spat out as she yanked open her locker door.

“I have a offer for you Miss. Taneja.” Kunj smiled at her.

“Not interested.” She simply declined, turning around, about to walk away from him once again.

“Dhruv Malhotra” Kunj grinned knowing too well that she would stop in her tracks, which she did.

“What?” Twinkle asked, taken aback by his sudden choice of words.

“Look here  Miss .Taneja, I’m a guy and I’m not stupid, I saw how you were gawking after him like you were a puppy and him your owner. You have a crush on him don’t you?” He pointed out, causing her cheeks to turn all shades of pink.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Twinkle quickly blurted out, spinning on her heels, ready to run as far away as she could from this very embarrassing situation. Kunj grasped her arm and spun her back towards him before she had a chance to make her escape.

They felt a spark between them when there body crashed ,for a minute they got lost into each other’s orbs as if time stopped for them , the moment between them was not intentional but it didn’t felt wrong but it felt different , a feeling they never felt before, but they let go of each other and that feeling or the sensation they felt in each other’s arms as they have a different topic to look on at that moment !!

“Not so fast. Now that your secret is out, I say let’s make a deal that works in both our favours”

Giving up on her facade of innocence, Twinkle crossed her arms over her chest, “What kind of deal?”

“You tutor me and get my grades back up and in return, I will help you secure a date with Dhruv Malhotra . What say?” He proposed. Watching her contemplate his offer, he had a feeling that this deal would be too good for her to refuse.

“I don’t need your help” She refused. SERIOUSLY? Kunj was close to banging his head against the lockers repeatedly at how obstinate she was.

“How long have you liked him?” He asked her once he’d composed himself, keeping his calm and trying to make her see his way. When she looked away and remained silent, he realised it was probably longer than she’d like to admit. “See, you need my help. Not everyone is as fortunate to have Kunj Sarna help them. Take the deal Taneja. You won’t regret it. I promise.” The sincerity in his voice must’ve done the trick because she exhaled a lengthy sigh.

“Fine. I help you out with your grades and you help me get myself a date with Dhruv. No pity date though, I want him to like me for who I am and not because, Kunj Sarna the Great suggested it, deal?”

The huge smile that adorned itself across Kunj’s face displayed his immense happiness. All he needed was to get 60 or above in this paper and then he could play in the all games he wanted to. He could finally play in the match at the end of the month and acquire a scholarship along with Yuvi so that they were no longer at the mercy of their parents. They would be able to get into University without having to ask for the money. And if getting Twinkle Taneja a date with one of his team mates meant that all his dreams would come true, then he accepted.

“You have a deal.”


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