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Santoshi Maa 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update – Santoshi advises swati to do vatasavitri fast to save indresh.

Santoshi Maa 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Brahman giving advise of doing havan & indresh’s mother is pleading saying I repent of my mistake & indresh’s father tells her if you wish to repent then go & slap swati & tell her to go away from here so she goes & slaps her as her parent’s are shocked seeing this.
Indresh is feeling uneasy on bed while nurse sees & comes informing his parent’s & tells ward boy to call doctor as swati too tries to run to see indresh but his father stops everybody including swati saying nobody will come & only I’ll go & see him while indresh’s uncle feels happy.
Devi polomi also says now nobody can stop indresh dying & laughs happily.
Swati comes to pray mata santoshi in her temple & pleads mata for indresh’s well-being while santoshi comes advising her to do that one fast which can save your indresh.
Devi polomi says no fast can save him & in which intuition are you, addressing santoshi, which could not save anybody from yamraj who itself has given me his kundli & she laughs.
Santoshi advises her to do vatsavitri fast which can save your indresh & dev rishi also advises which can be done tomorrow also while santoshi tells her we’ll arrange materials for fast & she prays mata santoshi in her temple as santoshi itself blesses her.
The lady doctor is medicating indresh to make him calm & he becomes calm as she tells nurse I have given required medicine by which he’ll get sleep. Devi polomi comes & enters her body & she gives injection to make him die & laughs happily also getting released from her body but lady doctor feels every time what is happening to me too in such a way.
Devi polomi sends her helper to go & see what is happening about indresh.
Santoshi is explaining swati with a story of a couple who did fast for sun god.
A couple is praying for sun god to get a child for them & he comes to bless them while dev rishi is discussing with sun god can this happen & sun explains him accordingly & goes to bless them to gift child. A child was born in form of girl daughter named as savitri & after she growing big she roams around in a jungle & finds a wood cutter & thinks what he is doing & he makes a sofa of cane & brings his parent’s to sit on it while the girl is surprised. His parent’s asks him what is this & he tells them this is seat of a king & maharani & they tell him to not to bluff but he explains them that I want to serve my parent’s & this is seat none other than a seat of king & maharani for me who are sitting on this as you are my king & maharani & he tells them I’ll go & arrange food for you & he goes while the girl feels saying so he is serving his parent’s.
Swati’s parents are discussing about how swati is facing all troubles but her father tells them to let’s go & see how indresh is first.
The girl goes to meet that person & he asks who are you & she describes him about her status as rajkumari & tells him that I am here to search a rajkumar for me & has found in you but he asks her how can I be your rajkumar as I wish to serve my parent’s then she explains him that a person who can take care of his parents with such dedication he is none other than my rajkumar to become.
Santoshi explains swati about her story saying they got married with each other but this was not seen by some evils so yamraj arrived for him to take away. Santoshi asks swati what you learnt from this then she says if you love somebody with complete dedication then any evil too is helpless against his evil acts towards dedicated person to harm.

Precap : Yamraj sends a helper to kill that person who got married with that girl savitri as the same thing happens with swati about indresh as that person gets killed & indresh too loses his power & bends his neck.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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