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RadhaKrishn 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Empowers Draupadi

RadhaKrishn 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun/Parth tells Yudistra that it is clear that Duryodhan is attending swayamvar along with trickster Karn; he thought Karn is a true warrior, but by supporting Duryodhan in lakshagrah fire incident, he proved, he is as evil as Duryodhan. Bheem angrily says he will wrestle with Duryodhan and tear him into pieces, and Arjun will kill Karn with his arrows. In palace, king Drupad serves feast to Krishna and says Draupadi’s swayamvar is happening because of Krishna. He asks Krishna about his favorite sweet. Krishna says he likes kheer. Drupad says he didn’t order to prepare kheer, but ordered a rice and jaggery sweet. Krishna says even if rice is cooked with love, it would become kheer, remembering Radha. Drupad apologizes and says next time he will order kheer.

Yudistra says it may be Madhav’s trick to call Parth into swayamvar as there is wrestling competition in swayamvar instead of archery, they can’t trust a stranger. Bheem says Duryodhan is coming and he wants to wrestle with him. Yudistra asks why they are so influenced by Madhav, they are not going anywhere.

Drupad says in swayamvar, wrestling and portraying one’s power is the best way to select Draupadi’s life partner. Krishna says he should leave the decision to Draupadi. Draupadi says she doesn’t know anything about it. Krishna says she should try and its her right. Drupad orders to portray all the weapons and let Draupadi choose her favorite weapon.

In Hastinapur, Dhritarastra asks Duryodhan if he is going to Panchal with his army and all weapons. Karn says there is no need for that as there is wrestling competition and Duryodhan is an expert wrestler and anyways Panchal is their friendly neighbor and there is no risk there. Shakuni says Karn doesn’t know anything about politics, Duryodhan is Hastinapur’s future king. Dhritarastra asks him to visit Hastinapur with his all his weapons. Karn says there is no warrior left who can withstand as Arjun is dead. Shakuni says maharaj’s suggestion is right as he wants Karn to be ready always to protect his friend Duryodhan, he should obey the king. Karn says he can sacrifice his life for his friend. Duryodhan says who can dare to take Karn’s life. Dhritarastra asks Duryodhan to return soon with his daughter-in-law Draupadi. Duryodhan says his order will be fulfilled. Shakuni says this father-son’s love will be written in gold words in the history. Kunti performs Duryodhan’s aarti and prays for his safe return. Shakuni thinks Draupadi swayamvar is just a means, this way will lead to Bhisma’s death via Shikhandini.

Shikhandini tells Draupadi that all the weapons are ready, she should select one. Draupadi says she doesn’t know anything about weapons. Shikhandini suggests her to select mace/gadha as it is used in wrestling. Draupadi says even then she is confused. Shikhandini says she should ask Krishna who put her in this dilemma. Krishna enters and asks if they are talking about her. Draupadi says what is the reason behind choosing weapon. Krishna says he wants her to choose the love of her life as weapons depict the person’s personality, etc. Draupadi says she loves Mahadev most and nobody can take his place. Krishna suggests her to imagine which weapon depicts Mahadev; she has not seen Mahadev, but can imagine him; she should select one weapon which would depict her love for Mahadev. Draupadi says he is right, which is the weapon which depicts love. Krishna asks her to leave it to heart, it will lead her to the right weapon. They walk to Drupad. Drupad asks Draupadi to look at all the weapons carefully and select the weapon as she has to spend the rest of her life with the person who is expert in the particular weapon; he asks Drishyadhumna to help his sister. Drishyadhumna shows her spearhead first which is lord Kartikeya’s weapon. He next shows her lord Parashuram’s weapon and explains its specialty. He next shows sword which even Narayan used. He next shows dand and katwar, then gadha/mace which is used by hanuman ji. Draupadi walks to bow/dhanush and asks him to explain about it. He explains that it is the most difficult weapon to use as its user should know to hit the target sharply, even Mahadev uses it as it is very sharp in its target. Draupadi remembers Krishna’s words and informs Drupad that she chose bow. Balram tells Krishna that Draupadi chose the weapon Krishna wanted. Drupad announces that there will be archery competition in his daughter’s swayamvar and the person who will be her life partner will be a great warrior like Mahadev.

Pandavs hear announcement that there will be archery competition in Draupadi’s swayamvar as it is princess Draupadi’s decision that her life partner should be the great warrior like Mahadev. Parth thinks Madhav’s all words are true, someone purposefully spread the false news about wrestling competition to call Duryodhan and Arjun here, who must have done it?

Precap: Krishna describe about love at first sight which will start at Draupadi’s swayamvar and the one chosen will be his charioteer.

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