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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky brings drugged Arjun home

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Arjun gaining consciousness in his car. He gets his mother’s call and picks it up. She says you have picked my call and gets happy. Arjun says I am in big problem, someone wants to snatch Nandu from me. Amma says I will make everything fine. Arjun says last time, when you had told Nandu’s secret to Ananya, she met with an accident and died. He says someone wants to snatch her from me, don’t know what will happen this time. He asks her to make everything time and says I can’t stay away from Nandu. He gets unconscious again. His Amma cries.

Ram apologizes to the guy’s family and says he can’t do the same mistake with my daughter again. He says you people are not right for my daughter. The groom and his father leaves. Ram tells Nalini that a big mistake was stopped. Pinky gets touched and touches his feet. Ram says I will not take any wrong decision for you. He keeps hand on her head and goes. Nalini says you must have felt good as your Papa supported you. She says I try to make everything fine, but nothing happens. She says it is very difficult to hide white black in the beard. She says I am that and tells that she has done something today, and made many people laugh. Nalini says it is wrong to go to meet Nandu or Arjun often. Pinky says it is not wrong, you know that. Arjun realizes about kitty party and calls Pinky. Pinky picks his call and asks where are you? Arjun says Pinky…if Nandu is fine. Pinky says yes and asks where are you. He faints and takes Nandu’s name in unconsciousness. A guy is going from there and asks Arjun if he is fine. He takes his mobile and tells Pinky that the man (Arjun) is drunk and unconscious. Pinky says she will come there and take him. The guy asks her to hurry up else he will call Police and leave. Pinky thinks to meet Nandu first. She asks Kalyani about Nandu. Kalyani says Nandu haven’t come till now. Just then they see her husband bringing Nandu from her friend’s house. Pinky asks Kalyani to inform her if Arjun is busy, but not to call Nandu sending her husband. Kalyani says ok. Pinky says I will take Nandu with me. Kalyani asks Pinky to trust her and leave Nandu with her. Pinky says ok. She thinks Kalyani’s husband is handicapped from his other leg last time.

Sarthak tells Ram that his mother is thinking she suffered from Covid and quarantine herself. Ram says it is good. Sarthak says she wants to say something though. Asha tells him something. Sarthak says Maa is saying that Tau ji is worrying unnecessarily for Pinky. Asha comes out wearing PPE Costume and tells that she brought the casserole from the kitty party. She says the arrangements was of that madrasi, and Pinky made the food when the groom’s family came to see her. Pinky comes to Arjun and asks him to open his eyes. Arjun asks if Nandu is fine. Pinky asks why did you get drunk? The guy returns Arjun’s phone. Pinky thanks him. Asha says I can’t understand Pinky’s behavior and helping Arjun. Nalini asks why she will do this? Asha asks if I am lying and asks them to see the truth with their eyes. Ram and Nalini see Pinky bringing Arjun to his house.

Kalyani searches files in Arjun’s cupboard. Pinky makes Arjun sit on sofa and says you are very much drunk. He says I didn’t drink. Pinky asks if your devotee have done this. Kalyani steals Nandu’s passport. Pinky sees Kalyani searching something in the cupboard and asks what is she searching. Kalyani says every corner shall be cleaned. She asks what happened to Arjun. Pinky asks her to make coffee. She takes Arjun’s shirt from the cupboard and asks Arjun to change before Nandu comes. Arjun takes the shirt. Pinky says do you know that we were in problem when you was in the party. Nandu comes there? Arjun asks if she is fine. Kalyani says he is drunk. Pinky asks if she speaks like this infront of kids. Kalyani says her father and husband were drunkard. Arjun says I won’t let anything happen to Nandu, she is my daughter. Nandu says yes. Asha tells Ram that Pinky has become like cut kite, what is going on between them? She says she shall have some limitations as she is a divorcee. Nalini says we trust her. Asha asks them to look into the matter. Ram thinks of Gagan’s words and asks Sarthak to bring Pinky from Arjun’s house. Nalini thinks what will he do with Pinky.

Precap will be added in night after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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