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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sati keeps 16 Mondays fast for Mahadev’s Darshan

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Subhadra getting scared seeing the lion coming there and signs Sati. Sati turns and looks at the lion. Subhadra asks Sati to run and she runs from there. Sati looks at the lion and smiles. Prajapati Daksh shows Sati’s kundali to a Rishi and asks him to tell about her. Rishi tells that Sati will marry a prince. Subhadra comes to the Palace and tells that Sati’s life is in danger. Daksh and others come to the jungle area. They see Sati coming with the lion. They witness Adi Shakti and says this means she is Shiv Shakti. They see her as a goddess. Daksh gets angry and says he can’t hear her daughter’s name with Shiv. Sati comes to him and asks why he have hatred towards Shiv. Daksh tells that he hates him and that’s enough for her to know. He says if you want to hear then listen. Anjani tells Maruti that Daksh hates Mahadev as his Bhairavnath’s avatar behead Brahmadev’s 5th head. She says there is one more reason for this. She says before the birth of Sati, Sapt Rishis have organized Maha Yagya. Brahmadev, Mahadev and other Devs come there, but Daksh couldn’t come there. The Sapt Rishis tell that they can’t wait anymore now. Brahmadev says don’t know why Daksh couldn’t come, we shall start the havan. Mahadev says if we shall do havan without Daksh. Brahmadev says yes. Mahadev says ok I will do the ahuti. They start the yagya and do the havan. Daksh comes there and asks why did you begin the havan without me. He says now this havan is destroyed as an aghori of crematorium ground has given ahuti. He asks how can they let him give ahuti. Brahmadev says time was wasting up and that’s why we asked him to give ahuti.

Daksh asks him not to say anything and says he doesn’t know how to welcome me. He says he has snake mala in his neck and ashes on his forehead. He says he feels disgusted with him. All the Gods get angry. Brahmadev thinks what did you say Daksh? Nandi gets angry and says you will be punished even if you are prajapati Daksh and challenges him to fight with him. Mahadev stops Nandi and says this is havan place and not a battle field. He ends the havan and goes from there. Daksh fumes in anger.

Anjani tells Maruti that Brahmadev was worried for Daksh and thought Mahadev could kill Daksh. Daksh tells Sati that Shiv insulted him on havan day. Prasuti comes there and asks him to calm down. Daksh tells that Shiv had beheaded his father’s 5th head and fumes with anger. Sati thinks Mahadev has done wrong with her father. Anjani says Daksh was egoistic and asks if Sati wanted Mahadev to apologize to her father. Sati searches Mahadev and asks him to give him darshan. Brahmadev thinks now I got the idea to save Daksh from Mahadev’s anger. Sati crosses the pond and waits for him. Brahmadev comes to her. She greets him and asks if he knows where is Shiv? Brahmadev says Shiv is Aghori and very magical and only few people can break his magic. He asks her to present milk to his Shivling for 16 Mondays. Sati asks why? Brahmadev says it will be soothing for him as he had drank poison during samudra manthan. Sati agrees to present milk to Shivling on the mountain and thanks Mahadev. She pours milk on the Shivling for 16 Mondays and asks Shiv to come infront of her and give her whatever she asks for. She waits for him to come and calls him. When he doesn’t come, she gets upset and cries. She says it is all illusion, no human will present milk on the Shivling. She is about to go, when Mahadev appears behind her and calls her. Sati looks at Mahadev.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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