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Choti Sardarni 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Param starts getting jealous

Choti Sardarni 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Param says Meher mama please make me sleep. Meher says you play with Khushi, I will make you sleep. Sarab says it isn’t easy to handle kids. Robbie says to Harleen you have to use Param against Meher. He will be confused. Param will be full of poison. And Meher will have to choose one of the kids. Harleen says but how will I do this to Param? Robbie says that baby will take everything from PAram. We are doing this for his better. Harleen says Param asks mama papa to make you sleep. You were their number one. Param comes to room and sees Meher is sleeping. Param cries.

Sarab is also tired and asleep. Param cries there. He recalls what Harleen said. Param tries to wake Meher up. He puts his mattress on the floor and sleeps there crying. Param can’t sleep. He keeps waking up at night and says do they not care about me anymore? Am I number two now? Param holds Meher’s hand and sobs.

Scene 2
Ginni looks in Yuvi’s room and wakes him up with chocolates. She says your dadi made that laddu for me. yuvi wonders what to do. Yuvi says dadi mixed glue in the laddu. He laughs. Ginni gives him chocolate. Ginni vomits. Kulwant wakes up and says what is happening here? Kulwant comes to Rana and slaps him. She says is your wife pregnant? You only got married a week ago. What are you two?

Scene 3
Param wakes up and recalls what happened last night. Param is in bed. He says I slept in the bed. Meher says you sleep with me. Param says there was no space on the bed. You said you will make me sleep but you slept. I got angry. Meher says I am very sorry. I will sing you a good morning song. Param lays his head in her lap and says now sing. The baby starts crying. Meher is confused.

Kulwant says tell me how did this happen? Who broke this vase? Ginni says I broke it. Rana says I broke it. Ginni says do what you can? Jetto says mind your language. Kulwant says I will teach her a lesson. Kulwant says get down from the bed.
Sarab picks the baby and says don’t worry. He says he’s my partner. Meher says let me feed him. Param says papa can feed him. Sarab says only mama can feed him. Param says why? Sarab says because only mothers can. Meher takes the baby. Param says please sing me song mama.

Scene 4
Lalita films everything in the house. Meher recalls her friend gave her an earring. Meher says I will make Param his favorite dish. Param says I am bored. I want to go to Meher mama. Sarab says but she has to feed the baby. Param says you said he’s your partner and mama is mine. Why mama spends more time with him then? SArab says I am very powerful. Param says not more than me. They both play fight. Sarab says mama loves you a lot. Param says but if she loves the baby more than me? You can do her work then she will have time for me.
Meher cooks food for Sarab. Lalita says Meher please eat. Meher says I won’t. Param says mama tie my turban. The baby starts crying.

Precap-Meher says I make malai chicken for you. Meher says no you will eat this only. Param is angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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