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Siddhi Vinayak 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi gets Vin out of the Chawl

Siddhi Vinayak 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari asks the driver to take her to the chawl quick. He replies that the bridge was broken which is why he had to take the other way. She tells him to hurry up. I cannot wait to catch Siddhi red handed.

A guy delivers the stuff Siddhi had called for. She starts doing Vin’s makeup. Dadi laughs seeing it but Siddhi colours Vin’s face grey and makes him dress up like a hippie. He tries to know what she is up to but she does not tell him. Now no one can recognize you. He looks at the mirror. I am ready. What about you?

Rajvir asks Prachi how her birthday went. You spent it with your sister and parents. I am sure they must be really happy. She thinks how to tell him the truth. Gauri overhears them talking and eavesdrop. Prachi does not tell him anything about the fight. She cooks a

false story. Tai ordered a really big cake for me. I missed you a lot though. Wish you were here. She hugs him. Gauri is in disbelief. Rajvir offers to take Prachi out on a date. Prachi knows he wont spare her if he finds out the truth. Gauri thinks she has neither husband nor mney by her side. What is happening with me!

Siddhi too comes out dressed like a hippie. Dadi is impressed. Now no one will be able to recognize you. Siddhi smiles. She gets a call from driver. He shares that he is on Church Road right now. Vin guides him. Siddhi is worried but Vin holds her hand. Nothing can go wrong when you are with me. They share a hug.

Rajvir brings Prachi to a great restaurant. I am really proud of you for getting your sister on our side. He whispers that she did something good for once. She asks him if he said anything. He denies. Vin is in jail and your sister is on your side. I will become the next hero of Vin’s Production. He gets excited and everyone looks at him. Prachi mumbles that he looks like a monkey. She asks him to dream later and order food first. He gifts her fake diamond earrings. The tag is on the backside so she confronts him. She sits down but says you should have thought of class atleast! He tells her to drop it. You are the guest of the night today. Order food. She knows it well that he is just acting to love her. I know why you are buttering her. Rajvir thinks I understand her and her acting well.

Siddhi and Vin seek Dadi’s blessings before stepping out of the house. Dadi prays for their wellbeing. Manjari reaches Chawl just then. Vin notices a car on the road. He advises Siddhi to come from the front door. She agrees and prays that no one recognizes him. She collides with Manjari on her way out and calls her Ma by mistake. Manjari looks at her from head to toe suspiciously. Ma? Siddhi wonders if Ma found out that I hid Vin here. What did I do? She begins to speak in random broken English and so does Manjari. No Hindi, No English? Siddhi starts dancing and saying random stuff which scares Manjari. Don’t look at me like that. Siddhi teases her a bit before finally walking away. Manjari too heads upstairs.

Vin asks Siddhi if everything is fine. Why did you take so much time? He decides not to tell him that Ma came to Chawl. He asks her again and she speaks in African tone. It isn’t an easy task to make Superstar Vin Kundra escape safely. He hugs her sweetly.

Manjari is in Siddhi’s home. Dadi asks her if she had any work. Manjari denies. I thought to pick up Siddhi and Prachi on my way. I also thought of meeting Siddhi’s parents. It’s been too long. Where is everyone? Dadi shares that no one is here. Manjari deduces that Siddhi is indeed up to something. She made an excuse. Dadi asks Manjari again but Manjari diverts it to the hippie girl. Dadi asks her if she said something. Manjari enacts Siddhi. She ends up directly asking Dadi if Siddhi came here with Vin. Dadi denies. She left long back. Why would Vin come here? Dadi denies. Manjari asks her why she is here. Dadi lies to her about some docs. Manjari takes her leave. She is sure Pratima ji was hiding something. I must find both Siddhi and Vin.

Vin and Siddhi are at Chota Raju’s hideout. They try to make his men understand that they are producers. Chota Raju works in our films and we invest money. It’s his dream. They let them in but are greeted by Chota Raju’s wife (Deepa). Siddhi calls her Bhabhi. I know you are his third wife. Deepa asks the men about Vin and Siddhi. The guys share that they have come from Africa and want to cast Chota Raju in a movie. Deepa rubs her finger on Siddhi’s face and the colour comes off. Where did you get this colour from? Are you both spies? She throws water on their faces.

Precap: Manjari thinks Vin has escaped from shoot out but Shivam’s murder case is still due. Siddhi confronts her. I know what you are hiding. You are the one who shot Shivam! Manjari drops the plate in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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