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KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 37


Episode 37 ..
The Episode starts with AVNEIL going to their Neil lands Avni on her feet while she looked at the whole room which was decorated beautifully she smiled feeling his hands on her waist backhugging her
Finally he whispered in her ears while she smiled and turned towards him wrapping her arms around his neck ..

Yess finally Mr Neil khanna after so much we are together she said smiling while he smiled back and pecked her forehead ..

I missed you alott in those years when you were not with me but now you are finally mine and I’ll never let you go away Neil ended ..

Haan ??? Even I don’t want to go she said while they smiled joining their foreheads and mumbled I love you to each other ..
Next scene : @ sidhant room ::
Sidhant stood watching jasmine who was busy removing her jewellery and was irritated with her bridal wear he smiled standing at the doorstep and was completely lost in her with an unknown desire in his eyes 💖

suddenly he heard a loud thunderbolt he blinked and was back to senses…

What the hell I am even thinking no no sidhant you can’t think of her in this way she is so pure and perfect I can’t destroy her life she had made me debted of her by helping me to save mom and bring a Happiness on her face back I’ll never do anything wrong with jasmin neither will give her any chance to complain ..Neil was right I should listen to him ..

Flashback shows ..
Wedding day in morning sidhant was sitting thinking something deeply while Neil kept a hand on his shoulder ..

What happen Sid ?? He asked concerned
Nothing was just thinking how my life changed in a moment Sid said .
Hmm right what now ? You are really marrying Jas Neil asked .

Yes I can’t back off now sidhant replied biting his lips worriedly ..
But you know sidhant wedding is a big responsibility it’s about sharing your life with someone else your happiness your sorrow everything Neil ended ..

Haan i am thinking that only how to tell Jas about my past ??? It’s was so horrible what if I don’t something wrong with her ? No no Bhai I don’t know what to do … sidhant ended palming his face ..

Don’t worry sidhant just go with flow don’t hurt her if possible share your past with her asap ..Neil said ..
Yeah sidhant nodded ..

Flashback ends :::
I don’t know why you agreed to marry me so easily but I can’t risk to loose you I will tell you everything about my past when the right times comes till then I have to notice you …I promise to give you all the things which you deserved being a wife he murmured to himself and entered inside ..

Jas was still struggling with her hairs .. sidhant went behind her they looked at each other through mirror ..

Can I help ?? Sidhant asked ..Jas was still gazing him without answering ..

I am looking hell s*xy today right Sid said while eyed him ..

Huh whatever she again struggled while sidhant helped her she again looked at him and they share a eye lock …finally he freed her from her hairstyle leaving her hairs free ..she turned and looked at him while he was lost in her …

Even I am looking hell today right she taunted him while he smirked ..

You will never improve he said while she smiled …

Never she replied with tashan starting to go from there while he held her wrist pulling her closer ..

Arey where are you going ??? He asked while she was shocked with his sudden ..

To-cha..nge- she answered shivering with his touch while he smiled ..

I can help he winked while she pushed him..
Don’t even think of it okay I’ll not leave you she replied trembling ..

Think of WHAT ? And if you are referring to that then I dont want you to leave me too Sid winked at her
Huh shut up she said running inside washroom ..

Arey I was joking come back he said and laughed haha 😝 why she is like this babaji he said …

Jas entered in washroom her face fully red I married him that’s true but now what how this night will pass what if he really does something no no he can’t ..but why he can’t he will say he is my rightful husband ..arey but I just married him to know his side of story nothing else but stupid dimwit he didn’t know this I’ll sleep here only ..what in bathroom ahh babaji where I am stuck 😭😭😭😭

Jas thoughts came to halt when she heard him knocking ..
What happen she answered still not opening the door while he smirked naughtily ..

Wo …come out I need to talk to you Sidhant said ..
No no I am not coming out huh I WONT LET YOU DO ANYTHING UNDERSTAND she screamed ..while he was failing miserably to control his laugh ..

Omg miss Jasmin is scared sorry not miss it’s Mrs sidhant Gupta now hai na sidhant answered naughtily from outside
I am Jasmin and will remain that only Mr obssed Gupta she said again ..

Achaw you can’t changed this truth you married to me 2 times 😝 he said again poking and scaring her ..
Get lost she answered ..

Acha jokes apart Yaar don’t be scared I have something for you go plzz come out he requested in calm voice while she opened the door and came out slowly ..and saw him standing near a rack of clothes ..

You didn’t took clothes and went to change wah 👌 here are the new ones for one so take anyone you want and change this yucky heavy bridal wear of yours Sid said while she nodded selecting it ..

Sidhant smiled walk-ing toward bed resting himself as he is no mood to change his outfit as he was busy glancing his newly wedded wife …

Suno Jas said while Sid looked at her..
Say ? He replied ..
Who was that Lisa ?? She asked ..

Sidhant sighed getting up from the bed and moving which she stood numb ..
Firstly don’t get scared with me I ain’t a monster he said and continued she was my I should say I was a casonova so she was one of them but I left my all bad habits long back and I don’t know how she came that day he kept his point calm and he said moving closer cupping her face


Go Change and then sleep he said again moving 2 steps back while she hummed in response and left taking a nightdress sidhant went from there …

Jas came out after sometime she didn’t found him anywhere and went towards bed I have to find out everything soon she thought moving towards and slept being tired ..

After sometime sidhant feeling sleepy came back to his room he changed soon and came on bed and saw Jas sleeping on one side of bed he smiled ..

Now where I’ll sleep man he murmured and went on other side of bed not before making pillow border Jas twitched in and turned to his while he kept on seeing her admiring her soon sleep took over him too ..
Next morning :::
Avneil room :::
Neil was sleeping peacefully while Avni who went to get freshen up comes and sees him she slapped her forehead I asked him to get up long back he said five minutes still sleeping she said and moved towards him ..

Neil baabu wake up your five minutes still not over yet ??? She said ..
Arey just 5 mins I’ll wake up then let me sleep you kept talking whole night he murmured ..

No no wake up Neil it’s too late see she said while he frowned ..
Huhuh why you wakes up so early I am toh saying you also sleep he said while she nodded in no ..

Don’t you even think she said while he pulled her beneath him ..
Why not he asked tucking her wet hairs behind looking so fresh he winked ..

Huh let me get up Neil it’s too late let’s go down I am starving she said ..
Even I he said while he hits him on his arm don’t be a spoil boy now get up she ended ..while he was busy pecking her cheeks ..she pecked his lips while he looked at her side eyed …

She pushed him slightly and came out of his clutches ..
Avni ..
Bad move Neil ended ..while she laughed ..

Now get up ok it’s too late she said moving towards dressing table ..
Acha huh he said and got up from bed and hugged her ..

Good morning Mrs khanna he whispered while she gripped herself more and rested her head on his chest ..
Good morning Mr khanna she smiled ..while Neil went to freshen up ..
@ Sidmin room ::
Sidmin were sleeping peacefully while jas kicked him in sleep sidhant wake up and looks at her ..

What the hell she kicked me he said …may be out of tiredness huh 😏what’s the time he looked at watch ..uhu I have work also today huh he said and went to get freshen up ..

After sometime he comes back and sees her sleeping still scattering everything the pillows was on floor from which he made border his blanket was hunging half on bed and from other half she was covering herself ..

Such a weirdo she is sidhant murmured moving towards dressing table ..while pillow came beneath his foot he picked up and throwed at jasmin she pushed pillow aside and slept turning other side .
I woke up from her kick and she huh khumbkaran ki Nani he was gelling his hair properly while his gaze was still towards bed ..Jas phone started ringing but still she didn’t woke up ..

Ab toh uth jaa meri maa sidhant murmured ..
Kahi dar ke maare mar to nai gayi ..what rubbish I am saying she just pushed pillow aside huh sidhant though again and went towards bed ..

Jasmin Jasmin wake up he said while she didn’t move ..
Enough now he said and took his phone he played a horror ringtone and kept it near her ear …she heard it and snatched his phone in sleep throwing it on floor while sidhant was shocked and looked at her wide eyed ..

Kkn Kahi ki abhi batata Hu Sid said and pulled her blanked he picked her in bridal style taking her in bathroom and throwed in bathtub slowly while she open her eyes shocked and got up quickly and found him smirking at her ..

Why you did this Haan she said while he smirked morning romance is fun he answered gritting his teeths what you think Haan such a kkn you are he ended angrily ..
What is kkn now ? She asked ..

Khumbkaran ki Nani he muttered while she eyes him sternly ..
Whatever now I am awake na go she said ..

Huh he said and left downstairs ..
She too gets freshen up and sees her phone it was Avni miss calls she ran downstairs and sees everyone already awake ..

So sorry she muttered ..
No need beta come join us for breakfast Sakshi said while NeSid too comes there and joined them for breakfast while Khushi was teasing both NeSid and they were making expression of shut your mouth ….

I am going back as my semester is still pending Khushi ended ..
Arey you will go back again so soon Neil said ..

Haan Bhai it’s last semester then I’ll be back home ..
Huh it’s really bad as soon as you will come back we will get you married sidhant smirked telling her ..

While Avni and Jas was admiring them and was missing their devil’s soon sidhant was done with breakfast ..

I have some work I’ll join you all later on he said while Sakshi nodded and he went from there … jasmin too got a message ..
I have signed for another movie before our wedding and just now I got a message from the director to meet him Jas said ..

Oh it’s so good you go Jas Sakshi said ..
Okay aunty Jas replied ..

No aunty now okay she said while jas smiled awkwardly and left from there ..
Screen freezes
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