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Jelous love

Author note:

It’s aN os on the current track of bepanah where was I’m puts forth the condition of zoya to meet A guy in Order to continue her job with the hoodas.

Zoya agrees reluctantly..

Now in my os:

It’s past 12…peace and silence lingering in the atmosphere and with an unbreakable long and uncomfortable silence sat both of them on the terrece veranda thinking about wasim words of zoya meeting and getting married to asfarth a professional currently working in Dubai …

Breaking the silence zoya excused herself in order to pick her phone .

On seeing the caller a tornado volcano tsunami earthquake and all the possible storms took birth in the angry bird hooda .and on seeing his facial expressions zoya was silently thanking Allah god that asfarth was in dubai or he wouĺd have met his end today for calling zoya in such an untoard time and that too spoiling their moment may it be quite silent angry joyous sad or any mood that moment was theirs just a different nd zoyas and someone had dared to invade their privacy which is unacceptable to him

After about 5 minster zoya retired and informed him that asfarth has invited her to attend a party tomorrow it was the occasion of the mehra aniverssary and zosh were the organizer adi to had got the invite and he decided to confront that asfarth there bidding bye both left for their respectI’ve work.

Next day evening …

Clad in a maroon floor length gown and heels completing her eternal gracious look and complementing her wine ish red lipstick and smokey eye there stood zoya at the party making every man breadth hitch .

Jaw dropping to the ground there stood the handsome hunk in a black three piece suit wondering or rather gaping at the beauty in front of him wandering what he had transformed her into with all of these thoughts he looked around and found zoya a little uncomfortable with all the lustful stares and the biggest cheapeda among them was asfarth even the siddique and hoodas were present all throughout the party wasim was feeling guilty for forcing zoya to love and agree for a relationship with asfarth who couldn’t keep his nasty hands to himself throughout the party touching zoya inappropriately by holding her waist brushing her hands waist pulling her for a forceful dance flaunting her to others etc which was observed by all but boiling the mr. Aditya . Hooda

Restricting himself till just touching would have served asfarth just the polite yer harsh words of wasim siddique but trying to forcefully kiss zoya called nothing but his own grave

Huffing like an angry wild bull there stood the handsome Aditya hooda shielding his girl by pulling her by her waist into his arms he asked asfarth to behave while zoya was still quite but this time it was a peaceful one as she wrapped her hands hugging adi as though in reflex now she was at peace

She knew now no one would look at her that way one look at her and they would pay for it with their bones or life

This was the only new development in their friendship or to say love his possessiveness and her talkative carefree attitude

Now she was no loneed scared . Shooting angry glares to him and Mr siddique he took zoya from the hug and made her face him what he did shook her for solid 10 seconds before responding as he fused or rather crashed his lips to hers marking her his

Realising her hands free they found their way into his hairs deepening the kiss more and the young public hooting and cheering for the couple

This was the clear indication to both the families that it marked the beautiful beginning of Zoya I. E zoya and Aditya

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