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 Episode 16

@West coast

Preeti is shown rolling her eyes out . tears roll down her cheeks continuously . vicky panics looking at her .

Vicky – preeti..

He cups her face and puts her head on his lap..

Vicky – pree..preeti wake up..nothing will happen to u ..i wont let any harm touch u ..preeti please dear open Ur eyes. Preeti..preeti…

Vicky notices the snake mark on her leg and gets tensed . he realizes the remedy and goes down on preeti’s legs . her white smooth skin gets him mesmerized . Vicky looks at preeti with worry and concern . he presses his lips gently on her legs and sucks out the blood from her legs in order to take out the poison . preeti groans in pain . Vicky continues sucking on her leg . and spitting out the poison . preeti breathes heavily !

Tears roll down Vicky’s eyes .

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After a while …

Preeti is shown lying down a mat . Vicky is shown holding her with her head on his lap. His gazes wouldn’t leave her . a sense of responsibility awakened in his eyes for the first time . alia glared at him with disgusted eyes .

Sam – is she fine ?

Sanya – don’t know …

Paras and charles look on . anjali runs to preety and gives her water .

Anjali – preetu ..the bus is getting ready. We will soon leave. U will be so fine shona ..

Ahaan smiles. Akriti walks to wards preeti. She stares at her and then at vicky.

Akriti – cvicky ji, from last 2 hours u didn’t drink or eat anything . its really hot an d humid here. Plz drink some water .

Vicky remains numb and holds her face close to his . she hugs her .

Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Kaa
Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai
Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Kaa
Tujhe Chahta Koee Aaur Hai
Tu Pasand Hain Kisee Aaur Kee
Tujhe Maangata Koi Aaur Hai
Tu Pyaar Hain Kisi Aur Kaa
Tujhe Chahta Koee Aaur Hai


Alia walks away to a bridge , she smiles fadely looking  at a lock .


Vicky and alia are shown as teens . alia writes a few chits and places them in a lock. Vicky hangs it on the bridge .

Alia – but vick, this is not the lock bridge.

Vicky – our love doesn’t need that bridge baby

Alia smiles – vicky …u will always love me right ?

Vicky – I don’t know alia..but yes , u can lock me in ur heart like this lock !

Alia hugs vicky. Vicky smiles .

End of flashback

Tears roll down alia’s eyes .

She looks at the open sky and the sudden emptiness of her life ….


Kaun Apanaa Hai
Kya Begaanaa Hai
Kya Hakeekat Hai
Kya Fasaanaa Hain
Kaun Apanaa Hai
Kya Begaanaa Hai
Kya Hakeekat Hai
Kya Fasaanaa Hain
Ye Jamaane Mein Kisane Jana Hai
Ye Jamaane Mein Kisane Jana Hai


Vicky looks at preeti’s innocent face . he suddenly remembers alia . his grip on preeti loosens .



Teen vicky and alia are shown I school uniform . the library is shown . alia is shown walking by. Her hair has a thin purple streak. Vicky grabs her from back and pushes her towards the library bookshelf . he places her hand on on her mouth . alia’s surprise vanishes .

Alia – u scared me baby !

Vicky – I know I did baby .

Vicky smiles genuinely.

Alia – vicky ..why do u love me ?

Vicky – i..

Vicky holds her hand ..

Vicky – I love u for who u rae .slefless caring ,loving , sweet…pretty..ur freidnly, funny, smart. What can one one not like about u baby !

Alia smiles – u like my perfection I s it >

Vicky – hmm ….i do …

Alia – nothing is perfect vicky ..

Vicky – but them moment is …

Vicky smiled and placed his hands on her cheeks . he went closer and enveloped alia’s lips with his . as pressed his lips harder, alia pushed him away. Vicky was visibly shocked.

Vicky – alia..have u gone crazy ? what are u doing babe >

Alia – ur spoiling my lipstick vicky ! uff…I have work ..see u !

Alia walked away. Vicky looked on baffled .


End of flashback

Tu Najar Mein Hai Kisee Aur Ki
Tujhe Dekhta Koi Aur Hain
Tu Najar Mein Hai Kisi Aur Ki
Tujhe Dekhta Koi Aur Han
Tu Pasand Hain Kisi Aur Ki
Tujhe Maangata Koi Aur Hai
Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Ka
Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai


Akriti is shown walking under the barren trees. As she thinks of vicky . she comes across a lake and smiles to see her more pretty reflection.

Akriti – ur perfect vikcy. Bcoz u made me learn to love my imperfections !


vicky is shown sitting there..all left. Akriti comes..



Vicky is shown sitting there… Akriti comes..

Akriti – Vicky…

– Vicky – Hmm…

– Akriti – Dhanyavaad…!!!

– Vicky – Hmm?

Vicky stands up. Akriti holds his hand in excitement..

– Akriti – u have saved my respect and dignity. I owe u.

– Vicky – Wlc…

– Akriti – No really…

– Vicky – Yeah actually..

Akriti realizes their hands and moves away. She shys and leave …smiling. Vicky feels awkward..



akriti taps on his shoulder.

Akriti – I know Ur upset. U’ve committed a blunder.

Vicky – I know. I lost them .

Akriti – u didn’t…they love u ….

Vicky looks on…

Akriti – ur important. Ur worth it . ull win it. One simple sorry and thanks can change the whole world. Trust me,

Akriti gripped his hand. And that’s when, vicky, amidst all the mess, found solace in that smile of hers. Maybe, a new story had begun.


Pyaar Mein Aksar Ayesaa Hotaa Hai
Koee Hasataa Hai Koi Rotaa Hai
Pyaar Mein Aksar Ayesaa Hotaa Hai
Koi Hasataa Hai Koi Rotaa Hai
Koi Paataa Hai Koi Khotaa Hai
Koi Paataa Hai Koi Khotaa Hai
Tu Jaan Hain Kisi Aur Ki
Tujhe Jaanataa Koi Aur Hai
Tu Jaan Hain Kisi Aur Kee
Tujhe Jaanataa Koi Aur Hai
Tu Pasand Hain Kisi Aur Kee
Tujhe Maangata Koi Aaur Hai
Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Kaa
Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai


Alia walks on . she holds her ring given by vikcy. She kisses on it . she bites her lips .



Preeti – aa…alia.. I

Alia didn’t waste a minute of explanation and slapped preeti. That’s when vicky’s shame and self estimation turned into anger.

He grabbed his pretty girlfriend’s hand and turned her around.

Vikcy – aaliaaa !!!

Alia shook in the roar of his voice.

Alia smirked – whats new, vick ? again the same saga. Its some same old bollywood triangle. A happy couple, a middle fdiddle, and she takes away the hero. And again u will shout on me for her. Im disgusted. !

Vicky – shut up for blo*dy gods sake. Look alia, our relation is baseless, as bcoz u don’t trust me at all. I was damn ashemed. I wouldve apologised. But u …

Alia- ur sorry wouldn’t take  my pain. Ur my ..u kissed her ..this time u didn’t unpurposely fall over her. U kissed out of urge !

Vicky’s eyes were red, and his lips shivered.

Vicky – id do anything u want;. But I kissed her. She didn’t.

Alia – oh plz. She would take the advantage. After all she lusts u. what else she could want but ur money and ur body. blo*dy gold digger.

Vicky had enough and pushed alia, who fell to the ground.

Tears rolled down alia’s cheeks .


Sochati Hoon Main
Chup Rahoon Kaise
Dard Dil Ka Ye Main Sahoon Kaise
Sochati Hoon Main
Chup Rahoon Kaise
Dard Dil Ka Ye Main Sahoon Kaise
Kashmakash Mein Hoon Ye Kahoon Kaise
Kashmakash Mein Hoon Ye Kahoon Kaise
Mera Humsafar Bas Ek Tu Nahin Doosra Koi Aur Hain
Mera Humsafar Bas Ek Tu Nahin Doosra Koi Aur Hain
Tu Pasand Hain Kisi Aur Kee
Tujhe Maangata Koi Aaur Hai
Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Kaa
Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai


Vicky leaves preeti’s head , and walks off there .

He goes to the lap of nature , and sits beside the lake. He closes his eyes for a moemnt of peace .


A beautiful palace full of hwite utains are shown . vicky is shown running behind alia . alia laughs and giggles in happiness. Vikcy runs behind her. He finally finds alia. Alia looks flawless . her back, all naked , her trresses falling delictaely. Her defined waist. Her preet long legs . her body hugging white dress. She ..her . his girlfriend rocked.

Vicky hugged her from behind . alia turned back.


And it was preeti. Vicky shocked .


Vicky’s dream broke. He startyed wlking in panic.




Alia stares at the sky….her head is shown on vicky’s shoulder, whos sitting on the green grass…she grabs his arm tight…

Alia – u know ..sometimes, just resting by you seems heaven to me…

Vicky – n that’s why I love u so much alia..ur so sweet….

Alia – love has no reason vicky..bt u know..when we’re together, n alone…

Vikcy stares at her..alia stares n blushes…she goes close to his lips…n suddenly spots

Alia goes close, n pecks vicky on his lips..it was wet peck..vicky caresses her waist, and grabs her neck to deepen the kiss…



vikcy looks at her milky thighs and gets turned on…he runs his hands on her bare thighs…

they get closer and closer…

tears start running from preeti’s eyes as she reminisces vicky and alia’s kiss…

vicky looks at her eyes, caresses her face and says “shh”


he hugs her tightly…preeti feels warmth and closes her eyes in his embrace…


he removes the hug….and smiles sheepishly..

vicky – no one loves me preeti, im a toy..toy for mum, dad, alia.;..

preeti emotionally sees his tears and nods her head in negative…

preeti – no vicky..i love u ..i really love u..its that u dont love me..but i love u …

vicky – u love me >>>

preeti – yeah..i love u ..and its not the beer doing it..i honestly love u …

vicky gets emotional and grabs her cheeks….


and starts kissing her….

his lips hungrily suck hers and she also reciprocates the kiss…his one and

goes to her belly and caresses it while rubbing on her navel..

they kiss passionately…


end of flashback

vikcy gets boggled and splashes water on his face repeatedly.


@next day

Princi calls all .

Related image

The students and the flames gang are shown gathered together . as far as I know, charles gadodiya and anjali sen , had gotten lost yesterday.

Sanya – sir ..anjali gadodiya and charles sen ..

Paras smirks . sam laughs . ahaan and saihan smile .

Principla – whatever . they both got lost in the woods and it would have resulted in more problems . they could have gotten in danger. This is ridiculous.

Preeti – but sir, how did this happen ?

Princi – exactly. Luckily one of our peons had spotted the culprit while mingling with charles’s compus .

Sanaya , sam , alia, and vicky get tensed. Paras starts sweating .

Vicky stammers – but who sir ..

Paras – mr. modi shall I need to announce ur deed, r u would accept it .

Anjali gets shocked . charles smirks .

Charles – I knew it. Who else can stoop so slow ?

Paras – sir I …

Anjali –  paras u..

Paras nods in shame .

Sanya – sir he ..

Principal- enough. Paras , u want to say something >

Paras – im sorry anjali ..

Ajali looks down in disappointment .

Image result for kunal nandini

Princi – anything else >

Paras – im sorry charles .

Princi – u better nod repeat it .

Charles chuckles evilly .

Everyone leaves .

Anjali – I didn’t expect this from you paras .

Anjali leaves .

Paras fumes . charles smiles .

  • Jija ji …sorry ex jija jee…
  • U…
  • .mr.modi …kis baat ka gusaa..kis baat ka itna garm…u wanted to distance anjali from me , but she is getting distanced from u , poor little wolf u are..blo*dy wrecked soul !
  • (glares )

Charles laughs and leaves .

@at night

A beautiful bonfire is shown . with two logs on both sides .

@other side.

All the boys are shown in white shirts, aprons, and in a messed state.

Vicky , and saihaan are shown I none side.

Image result for manik malhotraImage result for neil khanna

Vicky – I cant believe this, im cooking man..garlic brad and what not . i hope this tastes good. Ish ….

Saihaan laughs . he is shown pouring soup. Suddenly it falls on his arm .

Saihan – ouchh!! Ah…I ….

Vicky starts laughing – aye ..aye ..poor prince oberoi burnt his hand …lol

Saihan – now this is not funny .

Vicky – wait wait dear….

Vicky takes a packet of  flour and puts on saihan . sahan gets full white in wheat !

Saihan-  hey …ewww…hey ! vikrant mehrotri .what do u think u have done …

Vicky – I have made u whiter, princess….

Saihan throws another packet of flour on vicky.

Sanya , sam and alia are shown walking in their direction.

Sanya – aaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saihan screams –what ?

Sam laughs vigorously. Vicky smiles.

Samnya – alia , sam, lets run away …these are aliens ….

saihan – what …alien , who alien …

sanya – someone save me …

vicky – such handsome boys are looking like aliens to u ?

sam – mr. alien , plz don’t harm me , if u want u can take saihan and vikrant with u . just ,make sure u have enough sunscreen and fair and lovely creams !

sanya and sam start laughing. Vikcy smiles . alia nods in disappointment and leaves , vicky leaves behind her .

sam gets a call and leaves .

sanya laughs . she is about to go when, saihan holds her hand.

Related imageImage result for neil khanna

Sanya – hey ..u…

Saihan – im looking too funny right ?

Sanya nods – hmm.

Saihan – so u should look more cute ..

Sanya looks in surprise. Saihan smiles and moves closer .

Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Aa o… aa…

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)

Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

aa… o…

saihan grabs her waist softly and wickedly smiles at her. Sanya gives him a shy smile. He moves closer, and rubs his cheeks on hers. Sanya’s cheeks get painted by his flour or his love ?

meanwhile .

ahaan – sam

sam – yeah ahaan …so even u have cooked ??

ahaan – oh yes ..very well. Try this tuna fish …

sam – wow..i love tuna fish .

ahaan – specially made for u ..since we are partners …

sam – mm.. im surprised. Let me try .

sam takes a bite. Ahaan bites his lips mischievously .

Related imageImage result for vin rana

sams face and eyes become red . she starts coughing badly . ahaan lends her water .

sam coughs harder. Teras roll down her eyes .

sam – what is this, fish or a  peper cake ..

sam – spicy things for spicy people …

sam drinks water .

sam – u a*sh*le, what do u mean by spicy hmm > im hot I know that ..

ahaan – ur body is abnormally hot miss. U and hot …lol

ahaan walks away. Sam fumes .

@west coast

The beautiful bonfire is shown .

Anjali is hsown in a blindolf .

Anjali – paras pls leave me, im already in no mood for fun. What are u doing …

Paras – chill down sweets …im not harming u …

Anjali – please …

Paars – just a moment …

Paras takes of the blindfold. Anjali gets shell shocked . paras smirks  .


precap – The Mr. and Ms. sebastian pageant finale !

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