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Bepannah Aashqui FF Tenth epi


Good morning my dear Lovely readers
Its amazing to have u back dear jasmine I missed ur lovely comments alot .Thanks a tonne dear arunima,sia,rimjhim,Anee all four of u make me feel so spl thanks alot.Dear Lavanya it diff from original track as adi n zoya here are friends n not enemies

Tysm silent readers

Recap-zoya doesn’t want to leave adi n go to mussorrie but she cannot hurt her parents Adi too doesn’t want zoya to leave But cannot stop her as he feels she will get more hurt in Mumbai
As zoya is about to leave mahi comes N apologies her she asks her to stay with them n save yash’s Co zosh events. Mahi is doing all this just for getting insurance money n house
Adi is suspicious about mahi’s changed behaviour n so is Wasim.Zoya agrees to stay back.An enraged Wasim leaves with Noor n Roshna

Zoya enters Arora house with mahi
She is about to touch madhu ‘s feet but madhu leaves
Zoya feels bad
Mahi-zoya maa is still in shock Pls don’t mind her .she will be fine in few days

Zoya-i can understand
Mahi-Let me show u bhaiyaa’s room I hope u will not mind staying there
Zoya (teareyed)-Mahi I would love to stay there
Mahi’s pov- she really is a big emotional fool who would love to stay in room of husband who had an extra marital affair only zoya can do it,good for me.

Mahi smirks

Zoya enters room
She looks at her n yash’s pics n gets emotional
Mahi looks on
Mahi’s pov-let her carryon
With her stupid Ness I should go n make maa understand.
Mahi leaves
Zoya is looking around n getting emotional

Adi is shown restlessly moving in his room
Arjun looks on.
Adi-yaar Arjun this mahi cannot have a change of heart . something is so fishy yaar.
Arjun -but bhai if zoya has made a decision what can we do
Adi- I know but yaar she is a big emotional fool n ppl like mahi know how to take her advantage
I guess I should meet her Tom n make her understand at least I should caution her This is least I can do but I know zoya has a habit to see only good in everyone she feels everyone is as good n nice as her.she doesn’t understand this mean world..

Adi goes on n on

Arjun smiles
Arjun ‘s pov-thank God zoya is back in bhai’s life at least he can think of something else apart from Bhabhi n all that.If it wasn’t for zoya bhai wouldn’t have cared about anybody He would have destroyed n ruined himself..Life n God are not that mean after all
It gave my bhai pain but also a ointment to reduce reduce this pain in form of zoya

Zoya is sitting near window
As sun is shown rising
Zoya hasn’t slept whole night
She is holding yash’s pic
Her eyes are welled up with tears
Zoya-yash I don’t know if I will be able to save ur dream I never done all this.i was in best law college in country.but I wasn’t interested in law in studies.N after adi got married I left college
I left without completing my degree.i don’t know how I will manage all this.
I wish I would have studied

Mahi calls out to zoya
Zoya comes
Zoya is about to take madhu ‘s blessings but she goes away
Mahi asks zoya to come

Zoya n mahi leave
Zoya is very nervous
Mahi observes
Mahi-calm down zoya am with u.everybody is angry. But u don’t wry . actually employees are angry but u don’t wry.even share holders have complaints but u just don’t wry.Financers are also questioning but……….

Zoya is getting more nervous hearing all this

Zoya-Mahi I never done all this

Mahi smirks -zoya am there Naa

Zoya tries to smile

Adi is searching his charger in his drawer
Suddenly he comes across
A file
He opens it
He is dumbstruck
Tears drop from his eyes

Zoya nervously enters office
Mahi introduces her to staff
One Employee-madam we have not got our salary from 3months when r u going to give??

Before zoya could answer
Other employee(very rudely )-we cannot work for free.Give us our salary only then will we work.

Zoya tries to talk to employees
But all employees are shouting yelling n accusing

Zoya is confused
Just then few shareholders n financers come

Mahi smiles

Shareholders too start questioning zoya

By now zoya has started weeping

Zoya -Pls listen to me Pls

One of the Shareholder-enouj of listening we want returns or else file for bankruptcy

Mahi is smiling

Zoya-Pls sir This company is my husband ‘s dream project.i…..I. …..I. ..cannot..

A financer speaks up-madam there is no future of this company stop wasting your as well as our time .n just file for bankruptcy. ….

Zoya looks at mahi for help
Mahi makes helpless face

Just then
A voice is heard
We will not file for bankruptcy. Give us just a month let us try.we are new owners our way of working will be different from Mr yash.maybe we can change position of this company n if we can save with from bankruptcy u too will benefit along with us.

Shareholders are discussing among themselves

Voice was of adi

Mahi n zoya are shocked to see adi there

One Shareholder- OK but just one month we want good results

Adi nods

Shareholders n financers leave

Zoya is relieved
Mahi seems frustrated
Adi observes
Mahi (in frustration )-How dare u take this decision on our behalf .This is our company….who are u??
Adi-Am Mr Aditya Hooda
Mahi interrupts -I know u r Zoya’s friend but u have no rights to intervene in company matters what will we do in one month they can sue us
Adi (calmly )-Miss Mahi Arora Am Co owner of zosh company ur Bro has taken a loan of 5 crores Rs from me.n I have to save this co .it has my money I have all rights to atleast try.

Zoya n mahi r dumbstruck

Mahi leaves in frustration

Zoya is very nervous
She nervously hugs adi
She starts weeping
Zoya-Thank God adi u came here I was …. I was ….

Adi pacifies her
Adi-Dnt wry zoya am with u

Zoya is still hugging him

Bepannah aashqui plays

Mahi bangs her hand on her desk adi looks on from glass while hugging zoya

Adi’s pov-i was right mahi can never change. Thanks pooja atleast due to ur cheating n fraud I can help my best friend.
I can protect her

Adi (calmly )-Zoya relax am with u

Zoya realises she is hugging adi she moves back awkwardly
Zoya (embarrassed )-Am sorry actually I never done all this…..
Adi interrupts -plus u left ur degree midway u just disappeared in second year n didn’t complete ur last year.yy zoya??

Zoya feels some intense pain- adi I wasn’t interested in that degree

Adi -as if I was but at least I completed n then pursued pilot ‘s training course

Zoya gets euphoric-Adi u have achieved ur dream ??ur a pilot

Adi nods

Zoya feels happy
Adi-There was no need for me to become lawyer my family has many Arjun n poo…..

Adi feels hurt

Zoya holds his hand
Adi feels peace as zoya holds his hand

Zoya-Thank God if u r with me I will be able to save this company
Adi looks into her eyes
Deep eye contact
Adi-but y u want to save it?
Zoya- it is yash ‘s dream project I cannot let his dream break
Adi-but zoya he was cheating on u..
Zoya-Adi he has fulfilled all my dreams I never did anything for him.i owe him

Adi looks on unconvinced
Adi’s pov-Am waiting for that day zoya when u will start living for ur self when u will do things for ur self. ..

Zoya looks into his eyes- adi u will help me right?For my sake Pls. If I can save this company I would feel good
Adi-Anything for u zoya.yes I will help u I promise u together we will face everything but not let this Co get bankrupt

They are holding hands
N looking deep inside each other ‘s eyes

Precap-Adi n zoya are working together they are sitting on sofa n going through some files
Zoya suddenly keeps her head on Adi’s shoulder she falls asleep
Adi looks at her romantically as he makes aside hair covering her face.

There is darkness everywhere in office
Adi n zoya collide
Zoya falls in adi’s arms.
He lifts her in his arms
N makes her sit
He lites a candle
Both look at each other in candle light

Adi gets some interns to work for company
Zoya feels tensed she tells adi that they need their experienced employees to work too

Zoya hugs adi in excitement n tells him that they have got contract of Dr Veer n Dr sanchi’s marriage from sdch..

Mr hooda sees Pooja standing in front of him

Pooja-papa I know everything I will tell adi n everybody

Regarding mahi’s character a surprise awaits u all ….

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