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chapter 15 : confrontation !!

firstly so sorry i was not updating for a week or more got busy in studies but now will be posting regularly !!

the chapter starts with kartik waiting in the park sitting on the bench .

kartik pov

i dont know what is going to happen . what had happened in these 5 years that vedika wants to tell me ?and why did she tell like kairav is away from naira i know that i have the custody but i will never stop naira to meet kairav she is his mother and i can’t snatch that right from here

kartik pov ends

kartik thoughts were broken when vedika sat beside him and tapped his shoulder

vedika : kartik !!

kartik : oh vedika finally you came

vedika :yeah umm i am sorry i am late

kartik : no problem

vedika ; so

kartik : soo actually i wanted …to ask you what had happened in these 5 years and where is naira and why has kairav changed so much ? he doesnt ask for naira nor does he calls her ? what is happening because there is something i know you guys are hiding from me .

vedika : kartik see i came here only for kairav. tumne mujhe uski kasam di thi that’s why i am here nothing else but remember that me bieng here doesnt mean i will ever forgive you .

kartik : vedika i am listening please tell me what had happened with naira in these 5 years and why is kairav so changed?

vedika : then listen  kartik kairav doesn’t like talking to naira anymore , he doesn’t love her now , he doesn’t like calling her mumma now  he hates her and this is just because of you . you are the cause for everything till now for naira sufferings ,for kairav’s hatred , for naira’s bad health for naira’s fake smile everything !! its your fault. its legit your fault that my friend naira she suffered for 5 long years !! are you happy now ? that’s what you wanted right !! kairav hates her !! he hates her so much . do you even know what is it like to have a son ? do you even care what a mother goes through when her child doesnt talk to her ?no you don’t kartik you don’t because the truth is you can’t even measure the amount of love that naira has for kairav. you dont even know that !!  you know nothing kartik nothing . you dont know how much care , how much mehnat it takes a single mother to raise up a child . just because of you kartik today naira is alone . just because of you her own family did not trust her . (now holds him from collar) why did you do that haan ? why did you ask her tht question? yiu claimed to love her na  then why did you not trust her ? why couldn’t you listen to her pehle ? why kartik why did you do that to her . she loved you from her whole heart, she trusted you everytime but yet you either blamed her or questioned her !

kartik : vedika you…

vedika :  i am speaking right kartik ..the truth  you don’t believe me na , would you like to listen it from naira’s mouth ? wait i will call her  you stay quiet

kartik : vedika see

before kartik could speak vedika called naira . naira was in her clinic at that time

vedika: hello

naira : hello

vedika : naira where are you now?

naira :  i am at clinic  clinic why ? kairav he is alright na?

vedika : he is compltely fine you okay right ? and why did you got to clinic?

naira :  i am fine vedika and i went to clinic actually i took the job back in goa. now i have to stay here so i thought to take it back

vedika : naira why are you doing like this? come back here we will make kairav understand he will understand 100%

naira :  see vedika if we will have to make kairav understand then we will have to tell him the truth . he just knows half truth  (broken voice) that i separated him and ..kar..tik  from the family from everyone else  and actually it is the truth right . i know its half truth but i can never tell him the whole truth . he ha..tes me now and i dont want him to hate kartik ever. kartik will take care of him na , i know it he is the best father he will take care of kairav and give him a good raising . see i dont want kairav’s health to worsen. maybe  seeing me he may get panic attacks or something nd i really don’t want that. it’s better for him to stay in udaipur  and me..in goa . tum bas pls kairav ko dekh ti rehna aur agar koi problem ho toh call me . i have to go i have a patient to attend bye

vedika : bye

kartik was numb hearing the conversations . he was guilty that  because of him kairav hates naira . he was shcoked that naira still trusts him , she trusts him that he will take care of kairav. the words of naira -“he is the best father “”he will give him a good raising ” , these words was ringing in his mind . he silently got up from there and went with teary eyes .



hey guys!! back after a long time!! next chapter tomorrow!! bye

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