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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 27

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Episode begins with.. 


Vansh and riddhima gets ready to go to their office. Riddhima thinks of the meeting incident that happened and about virat’s words. 

RIDDHIMA: I have to find the truth.. 

She goes down. Uma and others comes home. Riddhima sees them and gets happy.. 

UMA: Mom, how was your trip? Did you all enjoyed? 

UMA: Yes.. But, next time you too should accompany us.

She hugs angre, sia, ishani, chanchal and sejal. She welcomes everyone. Just then, she notices rudra. Rudra was about to hug her but she backs off. Angre notices this. Just then, vansh comes there and he too notices it. He hugs everyone. 

RIDDHIMA: You all sit. I’ll get some water for you all. 

Saying so, she goes in.. 

ANGRE: (thinking) What happened to her? Why am I feeling that she is not normal? No.. No.. May be I am overthinking. 

Just then, riddhima comes and gives water to everyone. Rudra looks at her. Riddhima notices him and ignores his look. Rudra was about to take the water from riddhima but, she keeps the plate down and goes aside.. 

RUDRA: What happened to riddhima? She had not even spoke a word to me. Is she alright? Does she have any problem? Let me ask her. He sees riddhima standing near the dining table. He goes near her to speak.. 

RUDRA: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima turns and sees him. 

RUDRA: Riddhima, what happened to you? Why are ignoring me? Are you okay? Is everything fine? 

RIDDHIMA: I need to go.. 

Saying so, she goes.. 

Angre comes there and stops her.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened to you? 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, please.. Please, don’t ask me anything. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened to you? 

RIDDHIMA: I’m fine.

ANGRE: But, why are you behaving like this with dad? 

Riddhima looks at rudra and goes without answering.. 

ANGRE: Dad, you don’t worry. I think she must be in some tension. I’ll speak to her.. 

RUDRA: This is why I asked her not to involve in this company issue. At least now, speak to her. She don’t have any need to work.

ANGRE: Dad, enough.. Again you started.. Please don’t speak about this. This company is riddhima’s dream. She can handle everything. Even you know this. She had already proved this to you. What’s your problem in this? Please, don’t do this.. First try to understand her.. I know that she shouldn’t have behaved like this to you. I’ll speak to her. But, please don’t talk about this company matter again.. 

Saying so, he goes. Vansh who was standing there hears everything. 

CHANCHAL: So, angre shall we leave? 

ANGRE: Yes mom.. 

UMA: You all can take rest and go home by tomorrow, right? Why do you want to leave immediately? 

RUDRA: No, that’s okay. 

UMA: Please, don’t be too formal. Even this is your house. You all can stay here and take rest.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, even I too thought about the same thing. By staying here, mom shall spend some more time with ishani, right? 

RUDRA: Okay.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I have an important work at my office. I have to go now. I’ll be back within 2 hours.. 

UMA: Okay.. But, make sure that you be here for lunch.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay mom.. 

Riddhima goes. Vansh looks at her. She ignores him and goes.. 

VANSH: (thinking) What happened to her? If she shows her anger on my mom then, there is a logic. Because, she is angry with me. But, why is she ignoring her dad? She is speaking nicely to my mom. But, she is showing her anger on her own dad? And why does aunty and uncle want her to leave the company? What’s going here? 

Just then, angre comes there.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, are you alright? 

VANSH: Yes.. 

ANGRE: Okay.. 

Angre goes.. Ishani sees angre.. 

ISHANI: Angre, shall I ask one thing to you? 

ANGRE: Tell me, ishani.. Why are you asking permission like an outsider? Don’t do like this.. 

ISHANI: Angre, I noticed Riddhima ignoring uncle. What happened? Do you know anything? 

ANGRE: Ishani, even I was thinking about the same thing. I don’t know why. I even tried to speak to her. But, she ignored my questions. She didn’t answer to me. I want to know the reason for her anger. I thought of asking vansh, whether is everything okay between them. But, how will ask him. It won’t be right. So, I didn’t.. 

ISHANI: Don’t worry.. I’ll speak with him.. 

ANGRE: Thank you ishani.. Really, you are a big support for me. You understand me and support me in all my difficult situation. Thank you for that.. I have got the world’s best wife.. 

Ishani smiles.. 

ISHANI: Angre, shall I ask you something.. 

ANGRE: Just now I told you not to ask permission like this. This is the last time. Tell me.. 

ISHANI: Angre, shall I continue my modelling work.. 

ANGRE: Wait, when did I ask you to stop your work? Why are you asking my permission? 

ISHANI: Angre, uncle and aunty. Will they allow me? Will they accept my dreams? 

ANGRE: Ishani, don’t think about others. I’ll give you full right to do everything. Because, I know you. I love you. It means I love your dreams too. I respect your dreams. So, don’t think that I won’t accept your dream or your job. I love this ishani. I love you the way you are. Don’t change your self or your dreams for anyone. I’ll stand by you. I’ll support you. Until I’m with you, you don’t have to answer anyone or you don’t have to think about others. And I’ll always be with you. 

ISHANI: Angre, my problem is not you. Mom told me that she done want riddhima to work. I don’t know why. But, she was upset. When I asked her the reason, she said that she don’t want riddhima to take unnecessary stress. 

ANGRE: Mom? Which mom? 

ISHANI: What!! 

ANGRE: I mean your mom or my mom.. 

ISHANI: Your mom.. 

ANGRE: This happens everytime. But, I don’t why that again this topic came now. Long time back dad and mom were totally against riddhima for taking over the company’s control. Only I supported her. But, now why is this problem rising again.. I couldn’t understand anything.. 

ISHANI: Angre, don’t worry. I’ll speak with bhai. We’ll sort out everything.. 

Saying so, she was about to go.. But, angre holds her hand.. 

ANGRE: Ishani, when I support riddhima and her dreams then, why did you think that I won’t support you? Don’t worry. Just focus on your career. Don’t think about others. I married you to support you and keep you happy. Not to break your dreams. If you succeed in your career then, I’ll be the first to be happy. So, don’t think about others. I’ll handle them. 

Ishani gets happy.. 

On the other hand, riddhima while driving the car thinks about the meeting and the diary and the photo she got in that suitcase. Unknowingly, a woman comes in front of her car. Riddhima somehow manages and stops the car. She gets down and finds that the woman is the same one whom she was about to hit on that day when she was driving her car fastly to go for that meeting. Riddhima sees her and gets shocked. 

RIDDHIMA: You are the same one.. But, you were pregnant right.. Now.. 

The lady pushes her and runs from there. Riddhima chases her and somehow catches her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Why are you running from me? 

LADY: I don’t know anything. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t ask you anything. Now, I understood.. So, you acted like a pregnant lady, right? But, why? 

LADY: You must have seen someone.. It’s not me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t act.. 

LADY: I’m saying the truth.

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. I have already filed a police complaint. Now, they’ll get the truth from you. They all have been searching for you. You are the main culprit, right? Now, the case is over.. 

LADY: Main culprit? This is not fair.. I’ve just done what I was asked to do. I did all that for money. My work was just to act like fainting. I didn’t do anything else. Sorry…  please, don’t call the police. 

RIDDHIMA: Then tell me, who asked you to do all this? 

LADY: A tall man came to me and gave the money and asked me to act like that. I don’t know anything else.. I told you everything that I know.. 

RIDDHIMA: Who is that person? Do you know him before? 

LADY: No.. I haven’t seen him before… . 

Riddhima asks her to get into her car. 

PRECAP: It was all my plan.. Finally you got caught.. 

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