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Finally, my exams got over. Sorry guys, I told you that I’ll try to post atleast two days once. But, I couldn’t. My exams were very tough. I was so upset that I couldn’t do it well. Even now, I don’t know whether I’ll get my expected marks. Even now, it’s upsetting me. I even don’t know what I’m going to do next. Whenever I think about all this I’m getting upset. Finally, when I thought to come out of it I thought to continue my writing. Because, this makes me normal. And your comments have brought a smile on my face. So, I wrote this after a long time. Sorry, if I have disappointed any of you. My intention was not that. Hope you all will understand me. Please, do continue to give your support to me. Because, you comments show your support. And that support has made me happy. So, please do support me. Hope you all will understand me… 

Episode begins with.. 

SEJAL: Idiot, say or else sleep. Don’t just laugh like a mad.. 

KABIR: If you had seen it then, even you would laugh like this.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. Then tell us. Atleast, now we will laugh.. 

KABIR: I saw vansh and angre hugging each other. Usually, lover do such romance. But, here.. 

Before he could complete angre and vansh throws pillow at him, simultaneously. 

KABIR: Seriously, even now they both are doing the same thing. They always think, speak and do everything similarly. None can understand them. Only they can understand each other better. 

RIDDHIMA: I agree with this.. 

SIA: Me too.. 

SEJAL: Me too. 

ISHANI: And me too.. 

KABIR: See, now everyone is in my team. Actually, I wish and pray that at least at next birth one among you should be a girl.. ISHANI:So that they’ll atleast unite in their next birth.. 

KABIR: Ishani, even now you are the only block in their path.. Vansh’s route is clear. Definitely, I don’t think that there won’t be any block in his path in future too.. 

Vansh hits him.. 

RIDDHIMA: What do you mean? 

KABIR: Everybody knows everything. But, they act as if they can’t understand anything. Am I the only one who is speaking the truth from my heart. 

VANSH: Of course.. That’s true Kabir.. 

KABIR: Then, listen.. I’ll say another truth.. Even now you and angre can unite. That’s so simple.. Just a operation is needed. 

Saying so, he laughs.. Everyone laughs.. 

Angre and vansh hits him.. 

ANGRE: This time we won’t leave you.. 

VANSH: You can’t escape from us… 

Everyone laughs.. 

KABIR: Wait.. Wait.. 

VANSH: What..

KABIR: Hey, everyone laughed at you both. Everyone commented about you both. But, why am I alone getting these punches.. 

VANSH: Because, who shouted? 

KABIR: Me.. 

ANGRE: Who told them about us? 

KABIR: Me.. 

VANSH: Who started this talk? 

KABIR: Me.. 

ANGRE:Finally, who is the reason behind all this? 

KABIR: Me.. 

VANSH: Then, you have to get these punches.. 

They both again starts to punch him.. 


SIA: Riddhima, get ready. We have to go out by 9.00..


SIA: Riddhima, don’t tell anyone about anything. Don’t even tell anyone that we both are going out.. 

RIDDHIMA: But, why.. 

SIA: I’ll tell you later.. But, please do it now for my sake.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.. 

Sia goes.. Vansh who was standing behind them hears everything.. 

VANSH: What happened to Sia? Why is she so tensed? And what is she hiding from me? Let me go behind them and check.. 


Sia and riddhima leaves the house. Vansh sees them leaving and follows them. Sia brings riddhima to a cafe. 

RIDDHIMA: Sia, why have you brought me here? 

SIA: Riddhima, I’ll tell you. But, first you come in.. 

Riddhima and sia goes in. Vansh follows them. Sia comes to a table where already a man is seated there. 

SIA: Riddhima, he is rithesh.. 

She introduces him to her. 

SIA: Riddhima, rithesh is my childhood friend. We both studied together. But, after completing his studies he went to foreign for his training. He is a doctor. After long time, I met him six months back. We both again became friends. Now, we both are in love. We both love each other.. 


SIA: Riddhima, I know that this is bit decision. But, please trust me rithesh is a very good person. I want you to help me in my love. Just as you helped ishani.. Please riddhima.. 

RITHESH: Sia, one second. I thought that you’ll bring your bhai here. But.. 

SIA: No, rithesh.. Bhai won’t understand this.. 

RITHESH: But, sia even your bhai knows me. In fact, your whole family knows me.. In that case, what’s your problem? 

SIA: Rithesh, bhai know you only as my friend. But, he won’t accept my love. Moreover, he can’t understand this.. 

RITHESH: But, sia your bhai accepted your sister ishani’s love. In fact you told that he supported ishani and he too was a reason for the success of your sister’s love, right? 

SIA: Rithesh it’s all a different one.. He accepted ishani’s love because he knows angre very well. It’s not because of ishani. It’s because of angre. But, in my case it’s totally different.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sia, but at least you could try.. 

SIA: No.. Riddhima, I don’t have guts to speak to bhai. I don’t believe that he’ll understand me or support me. Please, I want you to do this for me.. Please.. 

Vansh who was hearing all this cries.. 

RITHESH: Sia, just listen to me once. You are wrong.. 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

SIA: Bhai? 

VANSH: Sia, what are you doing here? 

SIA: Bhai, I and riddhima just came out.. 

VANSH: Who is this? 

SIA: Bhai, he is my friend rithesh.. You know him.. Don’t you remember him.. My school friend. I met him just here.. 

VANSH: Enough sia.. How much will you lie to me? Please, don’t hurt yourself. Because, definitely you’ll feel guilty when you think of all your lies. Till today, you haven’t lied to me.. 

SIA: Bhai.. 

VANSH: Enough, sia. I heard everything. I heard everything which I should have heard. Now, let me tell you one thing. Your bhai vansh might be strong. But, emotionally he is a fool. You could have told me, right? Why did you thought that I won’t support you? Why did you thought that I won’t stand with you? Today, you have hurted me.  Your thought about me is hurting me. Why do you want someone to talk to me for you? Haven’t I even given that right to you? Today, I’m hurt because I couldn’t gain your trust. I just wanted my dear ones to be happy. I did evrything that I could to make you all happy. I even did something which you couldn’t even think of. But, you all have hurted me. Today, you have even joined that list.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

VANSH: Enough riddhima.. I don’t want to hear anything. Please, leave me alone.. 

Vansh cries and leaves.

RIDDHIMA: Sia, unknowingly today you have hurted him. This is the truth. I don’t know that why failed to understand him. Vansh accepted ishani’s love not because of angre. He has don’t everything because he wanted ishani to be happy. In that case, why will he not accept your love? Why did you failed to understand this? Vansh is the best son, best bhai and best friend. He understands everyone. But, why couldn’t you understand this? Please, dont ever think to hurt him. 

Saying so, she goes. Sia cries.. 

RITHESH: Sia, this is why I always used to tell you to think before you speak. Your words might hurt the person in front of you. Today, vansh is hurted. You have mistaken him. 

SIA: I don’t want to hear anything.. 

RITHESH: Atleast, now listen to me once.. 

SIA: Rithesh, first I have to see bhai. Please, come with me.. 

RITHESH: Okay.. Come let’s go. 

Riddhima informs angre and others about everything. She asks everyone to search for him.. 

Angre, sia, ishani, Kabir, sejal, riddhima and rithesh search for vansh. But, they couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally, everyone reaches AR Mansion.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I couldn’t find him anywhere.. 

ISHANI: Riddhu, even we searched for him everywhere.

SEJAL: Where will vansh be? 

SIA: I have done a big mistake.. 

SEJAL: Sia, now everything is over. Please, don’t blame yourself.. 

RITHESH: I told her many times. In fact, vansh knows me before itself.. Vansh knows about our love. 

SIA: What? 

ANGRE: Really.. 

RITHESH: Yes.. Six months back, the day after I met sia I went to see vansh. I told him about my one sided love for sia. I told him everything. In fact, he supported me and trusted me. He understood me and he helped me in confessing my love and making sia to agree. He knows everything. 

RIDDHIMA: But, why didn’t you tell this before? 

RITHESH: Vansh doesn’t want me to tell this. He wanted sia to tell this to him. He wanted to surprise her. He wanted to see her happiness. Infact, he had been waiting for you to tell him. He wanted to surprise you by giving his approval. But, everything got spoiled. I haven’t seen such a brother like vansh. He is the bestest. But, today we are the reason for his pain.. 

ANGRE: Not only you.. In fact, all of us here is the reason for his pain. We all have hurted him. Inspite of that, he just wanted us to be happy. He has even hurted himself for all of us. But, today he is hurt. I don’t know where he is. I just want him to return. 

RIDDHIMA: But bhai, where must he have gone? He could have at least shared about this to us, right? 

ANGRE: How will he? To whom will he share? Just think, at least any one of you have tried to understand him? No..  You all showed your pain, fear, anger on him. He beared all that. But, you all forget that everything has a limit. Do at least any one of you know how he lived his life in these six months? No.. You all thought that he is normal, he accepted everything. But, no.. Only I know how he lived that.. Riddhima, whatever he has done in these two days was not true. He acted as if he has changed, as if he was angry. Because, he wanted you to become normal. Do you know, that day he came with a belief that he’ll get his love. He respected your decision and lived a life of pain for six months. But, even then he didn’t want anyone to know about that. Now, I just want vansh to reach home safely.. 

Just then, vansh comes home. Everyone sees him and gets shocked.. 

RITHESH: Vansh, what’s all this? 

ISHANI: Bhai, why did you do this? 

SIA: Bhai, it was my mistake. But, why did you do this? 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, have you gone mad? 

SEJAL: Bhai, where did you go? 

KABIR: Vansh, I’m seeing you like this for the first time. Why did you do this? 

Angre remains silent. Vansh sees him and goes near him. 

ANGRE: Vansh, I know why you did this? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you anything. But, this is not right. But, I’m happy that you reached home safely. I don’t want you to speak anything. Better come with me. 

Saying so, he holds his hand. Vansh stops him. Vansh moves back.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, no.. Don’t do this.. 

Vansh smiles.. 

PRECAP: Vansh faints. Everyone gets shocked. 

Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made. Guys, I’m once again sorry if I have disappointed or hurted any of you. I couldn’t post. I’m sorry for that. Hope you all will understand me. But, as I’ve said, hereafter I’ll post regularly. Because, I have planned to reach the 100th episode of this ff and the 50th episode of my another ff by July 17. So, I’ll post according to that.. Finally, once again sorry guys.. 


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